What perfume do male celebrities use?

Men’s perfumes emphasize the style of a representative of the stronger sex, make him sexy, attractive in the eyes of women, emphasize the character and charisma of their owner. Every self-respecting man keeps branded perfumes on the shelf in the bathroom, and celebrities generally take their selection very seriously. What perfume do male celebrities use?

Men’s perfume can be found in the collection of celebrities, how much is this pleasure, and how to choose the scent correctly for the stronger sex, it is worth considering in more detail.

Celebrities and perfume

Famous singers, actors, athletes choose expensive, branded perfumes that distinguish them from the crowd, emphasize originality and sense of style. Having considered what perfumes are used by world celebrities, an ordinary consumer will understand what it takes to always look stylish, to be a real macho in the eyes of his beloved girl.

George Clooney (Creed «Green Irish Tweed»)

World-famous actor George Clooney uses Creed’s Green Irish Tweed. This perfume for men combines fresh floral notes with a light wood scent. Thanks to the Florence iris, the scent of perfume is divine, it gives freshness and brightness, intrigues, hangs in the air, attracting the attention of everyone around. The admirer of this fragrance is not only the famous actor, but also such famous men as Robbie Williams, Richard Gere, Clint Eastwood.

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David Beckham (Aventus by Creed)

Operating with the phrase «world sex symbol among men», the name David Beckham comes to mind. From his charm and masculine attractiveness, women all over the world go crazy. This celebrity wears Aventus by Creed perfume.

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This is a French eau de toilette that combines chypre and fruity notes. The aroma clearly traces notes of bergamot, red apple, black currant and Indian pineapple. This composition is complemented by a light aromatic shade of birch leaves, jasmine, patchouli and rose, and the final note is the aroma of vanilla, musk and oak moss. This heady scent is just the perfect highlight of the character and charm of the celebrity.

Pay attention! By choosing these particular perfumes, a man will be able to emphasize his unique style, draw attention to himself, and emphasize his character.

Alec Baldwin (Habit Rouge)

Stylish men’s perfume Habit Rouge is chosen by celebrity Alec Baldwin. This fragrance clearly conveys the natural notes of forest freshness, emphasizes the natural beauty of a man. The aroma is ardent and extravagant, gives off warm woody notes to the air, suits this celebrity perfectly.

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Will Smith (Vera Wang Men)

Celebrity Will Smith uses the spicy and extravagant scent of Vera Wang Men. It is full of notes of mandarin, nutmeg and anise. You can smell sandalwood and tobacco in the air, which betrays masculinity to the owner of this perfume, makes him a real man, brutal and self-confident, but at the same time stylish, caring and loving.

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Hugh Jackman (Timbuktu by L’Artisian)

Hugh Jackman liked the Timbuktu by L’Artisian branded perfume for men. The perfume is based on the scent of East Africa. The fragrance is unique and original, combining floral and fruity notes that attracts the attention of the opposite sex.

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Leonardo DiCaprio (Wild Tobacco by Illuminum)

The eau de parfum Wild Tobacco by Illuminum was enjoyed by the delicate and sensitive actor Leonardo DiCaprio. She successfully combines notes of cedar and walnut, emphasizing that a man is a real gentleman.

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Matthew McConaughey (The One by Dolce & Gabbana)

Matthew McConaughey liked The One by Dolce & Gabbana for real men. He even is the official face of this fragrance, advertises it, advises everyone. The aroma is distinguished by notes of freshness, emphasizing the uniqueness and individuality of a man.

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A masculine scent should always be fresh, to intrigue women. That is why famous men buy branded perfumes, no matter what the prices of famous fragrances are. Actor Carrie Grant uses Colonia by Acqua di Parma to attract attention, Colin Firth chooses Gray Vetiver by Tom Ford. Every actor, singer or football player is looking for exactly the option that will reflect his attractiveness and inner world.

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Winter and summer perfume — what’s the difference and how to choose?

Perfume for the stronger sex is a universal thing, but in order to always smell attractive, you need to select a separate summer and winter men’s perfume. 80% of men do not understand what is the difference between these fragrances, and it is this topic that should be expanded deeper. The difference between a winter and summer perfume for men is as follows:

Winter fragrances for men Summer eau de toilette and perfume for the stronger sex
  1. The scent of perfume is warmer.
  2. Fruity and floral notes, spice aromas are felt.
  3. The smell is plume and dense, which makes it more resistant to frost.
  4. The perfume contains a large concentration of essential oils.
  1. The scent of the perfume is more refreshing.
  2. The lack of a large percentage of essential oils in the perfume, since in the summer the perception of aromas is already improving.
  3. Citrus, woody, herbal notes should be felt, which refreshes and cools in summer.

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Considering these factors, it should be said that there are differences between the winter and summer aromas. For the cold season, aromas of spices, perfumes with a high concentration of essential oils are suitable, in summer you need to choose something less concentrated, light, refreshing.

Advice of professionals

Famous brands of men’s perfume cost a lot, and therefore, in order to choose the right option, you should listen to the recommendations of experts. When choosing a perfume for men, experts recommend following these tips:

  • determine for what purpose perfume is bought (for a date, work, for everyday);
  • buy perfume only in specialized stores;
  • when choosing, do not pour out all the aromas on yourself at once, because then it will be difficult to figure everything out;
  • when choosing a perfume for the first time, use the services of a consultant in the store, who will look at everything with a professional look and help determine what exactly is needed.

Every man, not just a celebrity, should afford to smell expensive. And knowing what perfume male celebrities use, you can simply make an excellent choice, always staying on top.

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