What is a selective male perfume and what are the different fragrances?

Niche perfumery is vastly different from what mass marketing offers. Selective men’s perfume is a combination of unexpected solutions with the work of the best perfumers, which is a distinctive feature of such fragrances. Many are accustomed to the fact that in the store, you can pick up a luxury perfume for yourself, since almost everyone has their own favorite.

But, not everyone is familiar with the selective line of perfumes, which in its composition is quite complex and expensive at a price. Those who have used it at least once have appreciated it. You can find the most suitable aroma for yourself, because a lot of effort has been put into this.

What is selective perfume

Selective perfumery is not just fragrances that have become branded thanks to advertisements with show business stars that dazzle on the covers of magazines. This can be called the art of creating fragrances, the philosophy of perfume notes that unfolds on the human body. In another way, it can be called the creation of an individual product by perfumers with a rich history, sensitive to the needs of modern people.

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There are several main differences between this type of perfume and others:

  1. Unusual… The composition contains unusual raw materials, the aroma of which surprises, makes you fall in love, shocks, it will definitely not leave anyone indifferent. Such notes are very rare — it is the smell of a new car and honey, wet tobacco and frosty wood.
  2. Naturalness… Elite perfumery contains exclusively natural ingredients of high quality. This takes into account the place of growth, the year of the crop of the product used in the manufacture of the aroma. For example, the orange blossom is purchased from North Africa, Morocco or Algeria, and the essence of the bakout tree is sourced from Indonesia. Selective masculine perfumes require loyalty, if not fanaticism, from the manufacturer. You can compare the selection of raw materials with winemaking.
  3. Packing… It practically does not differ from the usual bottles for us — it is a strict classical form. The label is often signed by hand, can be decorated with rhinestones, but each perfume has its own number, as well as a certificate. Some of the bottles are made of valuable natural wood, leather or crystal. Such bottles are often collected.
  4. Place of sale… Niche fragrances are not geared towards a large production stream. Often the volume is limited by the availability of raw materials, which are obtained per year. There is a single piece of perfume available for sale. To get the scent you like, you have to sign up in a queue. They are ordered by those who are passionate about refined scents. It cannot be seen in regular stores. Selective perfumery is dedicated to small boutiques that create a halo for piece goods.
  5. Advertising… You will not find it on the pages of magazines, the popularity rating is growing due to the selection of raw materials and the unusual aromas. Each individual perfume has its own legend, the manufacturer represents for whom it was created. Ancient aromas are recreated exactly, observing the recipe and technology.
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Varieties of selective perfumes

Niche fragrances for men were created as an alternative to mega brands or commercially win-win craft and sophistication. Traditions play a big role in this topic especially in Italy, France and England.

There is also Japanese cosmetics, which have a separate history. French perfumes are more sophisticated, English uncomplicated and intelligible, Italian unobtrusive, without any special delights.

Woody scents: Fil de Soie

It is a family of spicy and woody aromas with top notes of sage and basil. It is characterized as a dreamy and moonlit scent with notes of cedar, sandalwood and patchouli. The final note is aromatic suede.

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In this fragrance lies the richness of silk, a huge flow of forest freshness, with the addition of a sense of dizzying flight. Woody notes, spice interspersed with suede — this is a poem of elegance, sophistication, and, of course, masculinity. At its peak, an unusual composition stands out, which combines light aniseed notes intertwining with clary sage and basil. All together emphasize the strength of a masculine character, mystery and ease.

Arboretum by Le Prince Jardinier

This niche men’s perfume personifies an autumn walk in the forest with the rustling of autumn leaves, the smell of bark and moss. The clean air of the end of autumn, a little bit tartly inspired the master to create such a masculine scent, permeated with the coolness of the forest with an admixture of thick notes of pine and oak moss.

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These scents are combined with a large evening city, traffic jams, which adds romance, which is appreciated by the fairer sex. this perfume is the most attractive of all autumn options, ideal for creating a mood of romance and seduction after a hard day.

Important! The aroma is emphasized by firmness, determination in the character of the owner. The top notes are mandarin, and the trail is balsamic fir.

Aromatic Fougere: Fougere Bengale by Parfum d ‘Empire

This fragrance emphasizes the sensuality and mystery of India, emphasizes the fern accent, symbolizing dynamic speed, love and mortal combat. The composition begins with notes of classic lavender, which is reminiscent of the old aromas of England. Gradually, a note of green tea opens, transporting the owner to India, where the history of several nationalities is mixed.

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The scent maintains the scent of humid jungle, Bombay’s many-sided market. This is the brightest perfume with a strong spicy sillage. A tobacco accord adds strength and courage, and a ginger sweetness adds emancipation. At the end, vanilla notes and a patchouli scent appear. The main notes of the perfume are ginger, tonka beans, lavender, oak bark moss, tobacco and mint, patchouli and pepper.

L’eau du prince jardinier

A distinctive feature of the masculine scent is a bright charismatic disposition, inner strength, emphasizing the firm core of the owner. Isabelle Dowen is the author of this composition. Perfume with an elusive, but at the same time persistent masculine scent. Top notes of citrus, woody notes are smoothly woven into them.

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A unique elegance is expressed, which can be captured in the mirror freshness of the forest in the early morning. A modern, sophisticated, impressively optimistic scent can cheer you up. Lovers of such a perfume are real conquerors who do not pay attention to the opinions of others. They are inherent in performing extraordinary deeds — these are trendsetters that move the force of progress.

Oriental flavors: Martine Micallef

This is the best male selective perfume that belongs to the woody-spicy family. Perfectly complements the image of a confident and successful modern man. This composition is part of a luxurious composition created especially for men in France. She emphasizes such traits as charm, elegance.

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Caravelle Epicee by Frapin

This oriental scent has long fascinated with a tart and exotic shade, which carries away into the unknown or even magical world, which is sung in various legends or tales of the Old Testament civilization. This perfume is based on this leitmotif. The result is a fairly persistent, tart smell created for men.

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He has absorbed the best prototypes of captivating spices, a sweetened aroma, stunning, subtly alluring, which simply tempts, it is simply impossible to resist him. Shows the image of a temperamental man from the East, stirring up the female imagination. The beauty and energy of such conquerors, skillful seducers, conquers the hearts of women, playing subtly on their heart strings. The aroma reveals notes of chili pepper, caraway seeds, as well as subtle shades of guaiac wood with an overflow of patchouli. This is a real oriental scent!

Citrus aromas: Eau de Gloire by Parfum d ‘Empire

The perfume contains the wild charm of the forests of Corsica, honed by the traditions of the emperors’ perfumery. This is the best selective perfume for men. The perfumer put into it: valor, nobility and glory of a strong half of humanity.

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Photo 9

He suits strong and domineering men who always achieve their goal in their lives. This is truly a magnificent royal scent that has become the embodiment of Napoleon’s passion and taste. The main composition of the composition includes: oak moss, lemon. You can also hear the aromas of leather, tobacco, immortelle, licorice, anise, as well as tea, lavender, rosemary, bergamot and myrtle. This perfume will complement not only a daytime look, it will add charm and chic for an evening ensemble, ease.

Great for late fall use and unfolds unusually in early spring. In one bottle, it was possible to combine not only tastes, but also the adventures of the famous emperor.

Acqua di Sicilia by Santa Maria Novella

This citrus scent combines top notes of bergamot, lemon, neroli and tangerine. Heart notes are rosemary, Bulgarian lavender, cloves. The top notes are the notes of Siamese benzoin — this is an elegant aroma, unforgettable. Suitable not only for men, but also for women.

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A rare perfume that emphasizes the individuality of the image, the originality of almost every person, as it is endowed with a universal sound. It carries adventure, exoticism, which is not always present in our life. Expresses the free spirit of sophisticated Sicily, gives life bright colors.

Perfume cost

While niche perfume manufacturers aren’t chasing big sales, the price tag is high for the most part. This is explained by the composition of natural ingredients and a high level of quality. Each of the selective brand has only a few outlets in the world. Therefore, it will not be possible to buy even elite perfumery in a store. For a purchase, you should contact the online store.

A short conclusion, as a conclusion from the author

The creators of elite perfumery take a guideline on the needs of consumers and present on the shelves what people can see. After all, their main goal is big sales. Selective perfumes are aromatic masterpieces that are created by professionals in their field, regardless of the desires of the audience and fashion trends. We can say that this is art for the sake of art.

Each individual bottle contains a flight of fantasy of one of the genius. Even if there is no target for a specific audience, such products find their customers. True connoisseurs of unusual perfumes, high-quality and incomparable aromas acquire niche products. In this way, they can emphasize individuality, excellent taste and indicate their belonging to the circle of the elite.

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