The sexiest men’s perfume that turns women on

A man’s wardrobe can consist of expensive suits, chic watches, high-quality handmade shoes, but … If a man smells of cheap perfume à la «triple grandfather» at the same time, he doesn’t need this wardrobe, not a single woman with a normal sense of smell, will not look in his direction. Knowing some secrets of the constituent perfume, you can choose the sexiest men’s perfume.

The opinions of experts in choosing a perfume for men often differ in many respects, but they are similar in one thing: the scent of perfume should be harmoniously combined with the natural smell of the body and please the man himself.

Fragrances that attract women

The sexiest men’s perfume that attracts women is the one that makes a man confident in himself, and for women it is associated with courage, masculinity, determination. Traditionally, these are the aromas of tobacco, leather, alcohol, citrus fruits, sweets.


The smell of tobacco will evoke associations with the Wild West, Westerns and courageous sexy men, creating the image of a brutal macho, a cowboy. Tobacco notes are present in almost all masculine fragrances, in the form of warm undertones on a woody base.

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The smell of expensive leather will make a woman feel comfortable next to a man in a stylish and powerful car. Leather fragrances in perfumery stand out in a separate class. Leather class scents are often paired with tobacco notes.

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The aroma of long-term alcohol will snatch from the memory of respectable influential men from closed elite clubs. Alcoholic notes are very popular in the perfume industry. Producers imitate the smell of absinthe, expensive cognac, light champagne.

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The scent of citrus and sea breeze will bring dreams of white beaches and blue lagoons on uninhabited islands. Citrus aromas are based on oranges, grapefruits, bergamot. These are fresh, light, invigorating top notes of perfumes.

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The smell of sweets with vanilla, cinnamon, almonds will create a warm home comfort that women dream of. A perfume based on the smell of sweets, delicious, seductive and inviting. They are used in gourmet fragrance compositions.

Popular fragrances with pheromones

Recently, the perfume industry has been actively producing fragrances that include pheromones, substances that stimulate the opposite sex. The human body itself produces pheromones, but in order to enhance natural sexuality, it is worth choosing a perfume in which they are included. Do not hope that, having perfumed with such a perfume, women will fall at the feet of men in stacks. Pheromones are very volatile, and only act at extremely short distances. We can say that this is a «melee weapon». Its effective use will be at parties where a lot of people and close communication are expected.

Don’t spray too much perfume on your body. People around you may not share your passion for fragrances.

Perfume with pheromones should be applied in a small amount point wise to open areas of the body and with high blood flow: cheekbones, earlobes, wrists, elbow and knee bends.

Important! Do not use perfume on your clothes. The oils that make up the perfume can ruin it.

Famous perfumers all over the world create the Sexy Life perfume line. Christian Dior, Chanel, Hugo Boss and many others in the race for the sexiest perfume, invent breathtaking and maddening fragrances with pheromones.

Christian Dior Homme Sport, Christian Dior Fahrenheit, Chanel Egoiste Platinum, Givenchy pour homme, Lacoste Essential — many women call these fragrances ideal.

Choosing a sexy scent

Among the loud, persistent, sexy and exciting male perfume, it’s easy to get lost. An incorrectly chosen scent will alienate a woman, make a man sexually unattractive and unpleasant for her. It is unlikely that a respectable person, perfumed at a social event, with the scent of a teenage series, will delight.

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To understand all the variety of men’s fragrances, it is worth learning a little more about them.

Amber Sky, Ex Nihilo

Ex Nihilo recently launched a new unisex fragrance, Amber Sky, which opened the Babylon collection. The fragrance combines the traditions of the past and the avant-garde of the present, the ever-hurrying West and the languid, unhurried East.

Photo 6

Composition, notes:

  • basic: white cedar, tagua, vanilla, sandalwood, amber;
  • top-end: beyskaya pear, coriander;
  • heart: geranium, nutmeg.

Amber Sky evokes surprisingly conflicting feelings. On the one hand, exciting notes of coriander and geranium, on the other hand, warm vanilla and sandalwood, and the splendor of amber completes all this, which runs through the entire trail of aromas with a thin thread and keeps the woman in sweet anticipation. This perfume is suitable for young boys and middle-aged men.

Dior Homme, Christian Dior

The house of Christian Dior has opened its new line of fragrances with the unsurpassed Dior Homme, which has become the standard of masculinity and elegance. French chic, restraint and mystery — these are the words of Dior Homme.

Photo 7

Composition, notes:

  • basic: leather, Haitian vetiver, patchouli;
  • top-end: bergamot, lavender, sage;
  • heart: cardamom, amber, cocoa, iris.

About Dior Homme, we can say that this is a noble Provence, thanks to the notes of iris, sage and lavender. The woody scent of patchouli and vetiver gives the scent a firmness. A touch of leather adds respectability. The perfume is suitable for men of all ages.

French Lover, Editions de Parfums Frederic

French Lover has become a classic from the famous perfume brand Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle. This fragrance will not knock women off their feet, it will not excite the imagination with its sweetness. This is the perfume of a balanced, confident, sexy and luxurious man.

Photo 8

Composition, notes:

  • basic: Haitian vetiver, white moss, oak moss;
  • top-end: galbanum, red pepper;
  • heart: white cedar, angelica, incense.
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French Lover is a brutal classic charm for middle-aged and elegant men.

Kingdom of Dreams, LM Parfums

Kingdom of Dreams by LM Parfums from the Intimacy Collection can be classified as a unisex fragrance. There are no halftones and digressions, the perfume is filled with unbridled sexuality and dreams, dreams and fantasies.

Photo 9

Composition, notes:

  • basic: amber, musk;
  • top-end: nutmeg, patchouli, red pepper;
  • heart: Moroccan cedar, vetiver, patchouli.

Kingdom of Dreams ignites desires and feelings, stirs up the blood and takes you into the world of sweet delights. A scent for the real macho.

Black Afgano, Nassomato

The men’s perfume Black Afgano by Nassomato belongs to the unisex line, but due to its unique composition on representatives of the opposite sexes, it reveals itself in completely different ways.

Photo 10

Composition, notes:

  • basic: incense, Oud oil;
  • top-end: cannabis;
  • heart: coffee, tar, tobacco.

There is no scent similar to Black Afgano in the world. This is a stunning fireworks display of smells, crazy in its dynamics and perception. Men with a strong character, avant-gardists with a free heart will appreciate Black Afgano.


  • Pardon, Hindu Grass, Narcotic Venus — Nassomato
  • Essential, Challenge Black, 12.12 — Lacoste
  • Dune Pour Homme, Higher Energy, Fahrenheit Parfum — Christian Dior.

Advice! Perfume has the highest concentration, it is advisable to use them in the cold season. Lighter eau de parfum will be appropriate in the autumn-spring period. For summer, toilet waters with the lowest concentration of aromas are suitable.

Do not forget that for different life occasions and situations, you should choose your own perfume: romantic and elegant for dates; fresh and tonic for sports; lightweight and unobtrusive to work with.

A correctly selected scent will complete the complete image of a man and will not leave indifferent any woman. A man who decides to find the only sexiest male scent that attracts the fairer sex has a difficult task of choice, but it is worth it.

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