Popular colognes for men: a selection of the most famous

To choose a men’s cologne, a man does not necessarily need to understand all the intricacies of the compositions and accents of the fragrance. In fact, it will be enough to study the top-ranking of the most popular perfumes over the past decades, as well as choose the most optimal scent from the proposed list. Most often, the time-tested and experience of millions of consumers of colognes are in demand.

To create a list of the best men’s fragrances, experts took as a basis the time period from the 70s of the last century and the present moment. Many of the brands and brands listed in the top-ranking have become unshakable classics, but there are also such scents that have distinguished themselves by their specificity, originality and novelty of compositions. In any case, each noted cologne for men has managed to adequately prove itself sweat to the whole world.

The most popular colognes of different years

Initially, after its appearance, perfume was considered an exclusively female tool for attracting attention, and today it has become an integral attribute of the male image. With the help of a properly selected cologne, a man will be able to emphasize his status, character and disposition, as well as a sense of style, even in details. The top list of men’s colognes from leading experts in this field includes the following brands:

Egoiste platinum, a global brand Chanel. This popular men’s cologne from the 80s has been at the forefront for over 15 years, and was once a scent of Dandy players. And true connoisseurs of expensive, high-quality fragrances believe that this is the best creation of the Chanel brand. Today, the composition is considered a neoclassic of men’s perfumery.

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Eau de Savage, brand This brand and perfume embodies masculine brutality, impudence, rebelliousness and even a certain savagery. The world star Alain Delon became the face of this sexy scent, so every owner of this scent can consider himself a true seducer of women’s hearts.

L’eau D’Issey pour Homme, by Issey Miyake. Since 1994, after its appearance, this fragrance has become a real bestseller among other competitive perfumes. The scent is fresh and unobtrusive, and today this fragrance is released in the female version due to the huge demand.

Tsar, Van Cleef & Arpels… Initially a jewelry brand, and today a representative of an expensive and high-quality men’s cologne, he topped the top lists of the best fragrances from 1989 to today. The composition is immediately remembered for its woody and spicy notes, as well as the aroma of jasmine, cinnamon, moss and cumin.

Bvlgari pour homme… Today, the recognized popular men’s cologne is dearly loved by representatives of both sexes. It may be an unshakable classic, but many mistakes it for the modern trendy scent of recent years. The unique cocktail consists of enchanting musk, fresh aroma of Dargil tea, aromatic spices and spices. But the heart of the composition is the aroma of black pepper, as well as notes of guaiac wood.

212 Men, brand Carolina Herrera. Topping the popular colognes for men in 2000, this fragrance is due to its originality and innovative solutions from the developers. The masculine scent is complemented by floral notes atypical for the strong half of society, while the cologne remains masculine and brutal. Inspired by the success, the manufacturer also produces an after-shave cologne for men with a similar composition.

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Givenchy Pour Homme Blue Label… Givenchy brand created a new bestseller, but already in the 2000s. This is a true energy cocktail with citrus motives, watery and airy notes, as well as woody accents.

L’Homme, Yves Saint Laurent. Almost all opinions of connoisseurs agreed that this cologne is a reunion of the primitiveness and savagery of a man with modern morals and his values. A balance between sophistication and brutality, a combination of spicy, floral, amber and woody notes.

Fahrenheit, a global brand Dior. Since the 90s of the last century, the fashion house Christian Dior has been producing men’s fragrances. Since then and until today, this fragrance is considered a masculine classic, since we are talking about a truly masculine scent without sweet, floral and other controversial for the male Equipage inserts.

Crew, the Hermes brand. The fashion trend and the demand for vintage touched men’s colognes as well. For true connoisseurs of vintage and retro, this fragrance is the perfect solution. There are citrus aromas, tobacco motif, woody notes. This trendy scent is best suited for the winter period.

All the listed manufacturers have become world-famous among and thanks to the listed successful men’s colognes. The recognition of leading experts alone can become the reason for the preference of a man in favor of a particular brand.

How did the cost of colognes differ in different years

Men’s colognes became widespread at the end of the 19th century, since then many well-known manufacturers and brands have been producing perfumes of all kinds of compositions and compositions. And the first thing that men pay attention to when buying a cologne is how much does a man’s cologne cost, and then the manufacturer and the fragrance itself. Therefore, you need to understand that the following factors directly affect the price of a perfume:

  • the composition of the cologne;
  • exotic components;
  • durability and multicomponent;
  • brand pricing policy;
  • country of origin.
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At the very origin of popularity, almost all the listed colognes and perfumes were relatively inexpensive, especially if we consider those that appeared in the 70s and 90s of the last century. Today, due to the accumulated experience, the enormous popularity of brands and the image “developed” over the years, many modern fragrances cost several times more.

All of these popular colognes for men have become representatives of unshakable classics and legendary «names» in the world of men’s perfumery. What is the Chanel brand and its best creation for the male half of society — Egoiste Platinum.

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