Men’s perfume with a woody smell: choose toilet water

Men’s fragrances of perfume differ significantly from women’s not only in composition, but also in durability, accents and notes. The most sought-after perfumes have a strong and brutal aroma, thanks to which only the best sides of a man are emphasized. These are men’s perfumes with a woody scent, these notes give the owner warmth and balance, rigor and elegance, dryness and self-confidence.

The best specialists are working on the creation of such fragrances, using the smells of trees such as sandalwood, patchouli, juniper, cedar, vetiver, fir, pine and much more as the main accent. It is these plants that have persistent esters in their structure, so the aromas are persistent and pronounced. Complement the perfume with citrus, spicy and lavender notes. And experts have compiled a list of the best brands of perfumes with woody notes.

Features of Woody Fragrances

As mentioned earlier, the woody smell of men’s perfume gives the owner a sense of self-confidence, warmth and balance, moral calm and a certain severity. The modern perfume industry is constantly developing new fragrances and smells, creating a huge number of different types of perfumes for men. But it is the woody note that is most valued, as they are distinguished by attractiveness and sexuality.

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Most often, woody perfumes are compared with perfumes containing pheromones, since they are similar theoretically of action. Modern manufacturers of perfumes with pheromones often mix exciting components with tree esters, achieving a double effect. Experts note that such smells are actually somewhat specific, so not every man may like it.

For reference! The most popular men’s perfumes with woody notes from famous brands are combined with herbs, leather and tobacco notes, exciting musk, spices, citrus or floral notes.

Who are these fragrances for?

In fact, woody perfumes, although they are popular and in demand, are not suitable for every man due to their specificity. Experts first advise paying attention to the time of year and the season, for example, floral or fruity fragrances are more suitable for the warm season, and woody ones will give warmth and comfort in the cold season.

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The creators of the perfume note that the woody fragrance will be in perfect harmony with a man of a balanced and calm disposition. If the aroma is supplemented with tobacco notes, it is better to use it for businessmen with entrepreneurial acumen. Woody-herbaceous aromas will emphasize the best aspects of the character of a strict and courageous person, hiding his any emotional experiences.

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For romantics and men searching for a soul mate, specialists create woody-musky scents that attract attention from the opposite sex. Woody-spicy aromas are suitable for connoisseurs of home comfort, friendly gatherings and romantic dates. But eau de toilette with a woody aroma and floral notes is in perfect harmony with a man who is egocentric, emotional and strong in character.

Popular perfumes with woody notes

Today, many manufacturers of men’s perfumes create fashionable and unique woody fragrances that are appreciated among the strong half of society around the world. And to make your choice easier, experts in such matters have compiled a list of the best woody fragrances for men.

Chanel egoiste platinum

Almost all experts agree that the Chanel brand offers the best woody fragrances for both sexes. Chanel Egoiste Platinum fragrance consists of 3 accents — woody, musky and floral. Top notes are lavender, rosemary, petitgrain and neroli. Then you can feel the smells of clary sage, galbanum, geranium and jasmine. The bottom tier of the fragrance will be sandalwood, amber, white cedar, oak moss and vetiver.

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This fragrance is only for connoisseurs of nature and naturalness from the creators of Dean and Dan. Manufacturers use the northern appeal of the fragrances of the forest of Canada as a basis, even the packaging of such a perfume is made of red alder. A branded product for connoisseurs of high quality and durability.

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Cedre by Serge Lutens

The manufacturer takes cedar as a basis, which is fragrant with its esters. As a result, you can feel the depth and richness of the perfume, which is softened by a hint of tuberose. To make the fragrance sexy and attractive, musk, amber, cloves and cinnamon are added to it. Thanks to this rich composition, the fragrance gives a feeling of comfort and warmth.

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Wild Forest by Armand Basi

Thanks to this smell, a man can enjoy the texture and all the facets of an endless wild forest. The fragrance has no age restrictions, it allows any man to reveal his potential. A refined oriental accent will transform a man in the perception of others.

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London for Men by Burberry

The fragrance is reminiscent of the old days and peculiarities of London, emphasizing the impeccability of English style and fashion. This fragrance is ideal for a gentleman with an elegant style of dress, and an amber-woody fragrance with additional components will cause admiration from the opposite sex.

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Herve Leger Homme by Avon

A man with this fragrance will be a real dream for any woman who needs stability, masculinity and sensuality in a partner. The rich composition will allow any man to feel like a millionaire, and woody notes will reveal their facets on the skin of the owner.

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Big Pony 4, Ralph Lauren

This fragrance is ideal for men with an impeccable sense of humor and unshakable optimism. In addition to the woody aroma, enchanting notes of grapefruit are added here, which harmoniously echo the whole woody chord.

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Declaration by Cartier

Although this is a men’s fragrance, numerous women have appreciated its rich and versatile composition. Woody notes and additional compositions emphasize the sensuality of a passionate nature, so the manufacturer recommends it to open and loving men.

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Original Santal, Creed

If you try this fragrance, you can plunge into the mentality and color of India, since the woody base is sandalwood from this country. Additional supplements will help get rid of fatigue, bad mood, consciousness will expand with new facets. In addition to wood components, the composition is supplemented with orange tree extract, which increases vitality.

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Pour Homme by Givenchy

The manufacturer created this fragrance for the modern version of a gentleman, a rich, complex structure that will transform any man into an aristocrat. At first, the fragrance will give the owner’s notes of grapefruit, mandarin and coriander, then you can feel the woody plume of vetiver, and at the end, the fragrance will give the man olbanum and cedar scent.

It is difficult for a man to choose a woody perfume, since high-quality and worthy perfumes have several levels and notes. To feel their depth and gradation, you need to try to apply a small amount of scent on the skin. Woody aromas are specific, but experts advise experimenting, enjoying the charm and warmth of natural smells.

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