All about citrus men’s perfume: fragrance with sourness

Men’s fragrances, fresh, invigorating perfume is appropriate to use not only in the summer. In autumn, when the smells of ripe apples and yellowed leaves are in the air, it will not be superfluous to mix them with a slight amount of chilling freshness to dilute the autumn still life. These include citrus men’s perfume.

Of course, men choose toilet water, not relying on the change of seasons like women. But, with pleasure, they replace the empty bottle with a new one, perhaps not with the latest innovations, but with a familiar, favorite flavor. Today we’ll talk about what features, varieties has a similar flavor.

Features of citrus aromas

By the name of the composition, one can guess that the dominant role of the components is occupied by notes of grapefruit, lime, bergamot, as well as orange, tangerine. All of them are contained in different proportions and combinations. If such words are spoken about a perfume: “invigorating”, “cool”, “fresh” or “light”, be sure — this indicates a citrus aroma.

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Throughout the history of perfumery, citrus fragrances have always been in high demand. This is understandable, since in such toilet water the most successful sound of smell: unobtrusive, fresh, uplifting, invigorating. Thanks to the citrus note, the overall impression of volume, bright light is given.

Who is citrus perfume suitable for?

The right scent is that happy moment that many people yearn for. The dreams inspired by the spirits are very similar to colorful and elusive butterflies. After all, even the most sophisticated outfit requires at least a little eau de toilette. This is the only way to make a perfect, complete wardrobe, add charm and charm.

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Citrus men’s perfume contains the essence of various fruits with the addition of the aroma of their own inflorescence. The choice of cologne is a serious matter, rather subtle. It is important to do this correctly to emphasize the character of a person.

  1. More suitable citrus aromas are intended for people who are cheerful, positive.
  2. Fresh, light perfumes are suitable for special occasions, as well as for sports, leisure and office.
  3. They are often used by dynamic men who prefer an active lifestyle, wearing bright colors of the wardrobe.

A man who acquires a citrus scent is irresistibly attractive, elegant, has his own personal charisma, constantly striving for perfection.

  1. Selected light notes will be suitable for a successful businessman who follows the changing fashion, but does not mind adjusting the fragrance on his own with his chosen scent.
  2. Citrus eau de toilette will be a great inspiration for a sensual man who is ready to become a seducer, and also to change his place of residence at any time, although it is on another continent.
  3. Suitable for a man who shows his individuality, enthusiastic, active, who always wants to learn something new.
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Rating of the best fragrances

Perfumes that are of high quality are considered the most expensive — these are fragrances of the «Lux» class. Only natural ingredients are used for production. Masterpieces are created only to order, very often only in a single copy, and their price reaches hundreds, sometimes even hundreds of thousands of dollars. More men use perfume compositions, which are 85 — 90% high-quality ingredients, the rest contains synthetic substances. These perfumes belong to class «A», but this fact does not affect the durability of the fragrance.

Allure Homme Sport

Eau de toilette, which expresses a uniquely bright, fresh smell, characterized by passion, unobtrusiveness. The fragrance is extraordinarily seductive, awakening and pushing for romantic adventures. The creators tried to embody and combine the charm of two worlds: spiritual and physical. Modern sports men who achieve their goals, have willpower, natural beauty and charm own this perfume.

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Personalizing its chosen ones, the fragrance opens up different facets. On the one hand, a fresh citrus shade, sensual, on the other hand, amber-musky accords appear, accompanied by spicy notes of Madagascar pepper, and end with woody notes of cedar and vetiver.

The bottle is stylish flat and rectangular, made of frosted glass. On top of it is a black lid, framed by a metal hoop in the middle.

Fly High Man

This perfume promotes freedom, like a bird flying high in the sky. Boundlessness, which no one wants to change, sensuality, cheerfulness is conveyed with this fragrance. The main thing in the arsenal is sincerity and a charming aroma.

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The top notes of this perfume are the basis, expressed in the tart-sweet smell of blackcurrant, basil and ripe juicy mandarin. The middle notes add the coolness of the coastal wave, which are pierced by an accord of flowers and intoxicating saffron. The final composition includes noble aromas of forest moss, mighty cedar and heliotrope.

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Homme Cologne

This perfume can be called the most magnificent example of modern classics, as it is light, refreshing. It is a floral-woody fragrance with hints of powder and with the addition of citrus rhythm.

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This fragrance combines the classics of modernity and masculinity, adding elegance, impeccable style, practicality, sophistication, excellent taste along with perfection. It conveys a complex character and at the same time refinement, determination, tenderness. Due to the lightness of the aroma, it is used by modern knights, who consider nobility as the norm of behavior.

For reference! The bottle is made of glass, its shape is slightly elongated to emphasize the softness of character combined with an elegant fragrance.

AQVA Amara

This is a novelty that presents an unexpected fragrance with a new page, more refined than its predecessor. This gave the fragrance a luxury. The perfume carries an inimitable character, a special style of a charming man, its top aquatic notes capture the scent with the abundance of the Mediterranean. This indicates the presence of many Mediterranean ingredients inside the perfume. The fragrance is an original creation, bold, which leaves a long trail of scent, as well as a pleasant imprint on the body.

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Calvin Klein One

Perfume is suitable for both a strong male and thin, sensual women. He managed to show himself and will appeal to many who have become connoisseurs of this fragrance. It’s safe to say that Calvin Klein «One» was the first unisex scent to be recognized and also appreciated. It combines sophistication, sexuality, as well as style and gallantry.

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The very first notes convey the fruity sweetness and freshness of an exotic country, combined with a citrus accord. They convey a strong character, temperament, the mood of a citrus paradise, opening in the smell of mandarin, lemon and papaya. After that, the middle notes are followed by delicate violet, spicy jasmine, iris and delicate rose. This cocktail gives sensuality and extraordinary tenderness. The final notes are mighty cedar, sandalwood, amber and oak moss. A trail of woody-balsamic accords of amber stretches, coniferous sound of forest cedar and moss.

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Lanvin «Éclat d’Arpege Pour Homme»

This is a sophisticated citrus extravaganza. It will be appreciated by those who prefer fougere aromas. The smell is bright, dynamic, original, accompanied by a long citrus trail and can exalt the character of a strong man with a strong-willed character who will not resist anything to take everything from life.

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Delightful fougere freshness, notes of bergamot ringing in the air for a long time, morning freshness of rosemary, violets — this is all what the aroma of toilet water is saturated with. He can awaken morning strength, give freedom, lightness. These life-affirming top notes of citrus blend into a hearty note of tart jasmine. The deepest notes are the aroma of sandalwood, white cedar, they also complete the whole composition, giving it nobility.

Dolce and Gabbana

Perfume is designed for a dynamic, energetic, unpretentious man, but in which romance and nobility are manifested. The aroma emphasizes not only originality, but also gives energy, physical strength to the owner. Sufficiently pronounced woody-spicy notes are more suitable for mature men who are self-confident, know what they are doing, where they are going.

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Contains a perfume blend of ingredients. The initial ones are: lemon, ripe and juicy mandarin, flavored with bergamot. Middle notes contain cardamom, delicious lavender, pepper, bitter wormwood. The final notes that leave behind a loop are cedar, sandalwood, iris, and musk.

Giorgio Armani «Armani Black Code Pour Homme»

A magnificent masculine fragrance, personifying wealth, striving for heights and popularity. The owner will not throw words into the wind, always evaluates his actions.

Perfume will not leave you unnoticed, be sure to emphasize magnetism, charm, style. The sharp tones of bergamot, combined with lemon, are softened by the aroma of anise, soft skin, turning into a tone of bitter tobacco.

Advice! Suitable perfume for romantic meetings, social events, fun parties. The bottle is spectacular, the color of dark moss. In the cold season, you can use it every day.

It is important to remember that perfume, like clothes, decorates, gives individuality. It can change when the mood changes, or if you change your style. But, in any case, it is appropriate, regardless of the brand or pricing policy. The main thing is to approach the choice responsibly, reasonably.

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