Winter jackets for men down to minus 30-40 degrees: the warmest models

To survive the harsh winters, it is important for men to choose clothes made of high quality natural fabrics, since only they can keep warm and breathe even in frost down to -40 degrees. Not every man understands quality things and brands of manufacturers, in connection with which stylists and other experts have compiled a rating that has collected the best winter jackets for men.

The list of the best jackets for winter included not only foreign, but also domestic manufacturers, who are in no way inferior to competitors in quality and thermal insulation characteristics. But there is still a difference between thermal qualities, design, prices, so it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with each model and brand in detail in order to find the best option.

How to choose a jacket for men in severe frosts?

Down jackets are cool winter jackets for men if they are made from high-quality natural materials and also include reliable insulation. Stylists advise designating for yourself in advance by what criteria the degree of reliability and quality of the jacket will be assessed, this will greatly facilitate the selection process.

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To date, manufacturers offer several options for heaters with special markings, namely:

  1. The badge on the down label indicates that the jacket is insulated with natural goose, duck, swan or eider down. It is this kind of down that has high heat-saving qualities. Normally, the composition of the insulation should be at least 80% down, the rest of the percentage — it can be a feather or something else.
  2. Fill Power is a measure of the density of the down or its compressibility, which is the most important quality indicator. A good down jacket will show 550 Fill Power and more. To visually check the quality of the down jacket and down filler, you need to twist it into a tube. The better it is compressed and the faster it returns to its original position, the higher its reliability.
  3. Made in China — there is a stereotype that this label speaks of a craft or a low-quality product. In fact, China produces high quality factory goods, the cost of which is in no way inferior to the brands. Today, many good winter jackets are made in China.

Models of very warm men’s down jackets

As mentioned earlier, a good quality men’s winter jacket will be made from high quality fabrics, supplemented with natural fillers to increase thermal insulation properties. When choosing a jacket, you should give preference to time-tested brands and manufacturers. Top brands based on the latest reviews and recommendations from designers and stylists are RedFox, Canada Goose, Dry Factor and many more.

BASK Dixon

The Russian manufacturer offers many models of jackets that were created taking into account the weather conditions and the severity of Russian winters. The BASK Dixon model is a good quality men’s winter jacket that can withstand frost, even down to -80 degrees. Such unique temperature characteristics are due to the presence of double layers of down bags inside the jacket.

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The insulation alone contains about 1 kg of natural goose down, while previous models of jackets, which withstand about 40 degrees of frost, consist of 430 grams of the same down. The down jacket got its name in honor of the village on the shores of the Arctic Ocean, Dickson. For the first time, the models appeared on sale only in 2017, and experts immediately dubbed the jacket an extreme model of unique quality.

Bask Alaska V2

Quality jackets for severe frosts must have reliable natural filling, like the Bask Alaska V2 model. The top of the jacket consists of a membrane fabric with «breathable» and wind and moisture protection characteristics.

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The hood has a convenient adjustment system due to the top flap and a cord. The high collar with Polartec® trim provides reliable protection from wind and frost, as well as the profiled sleeves. The jacket also comes with warm cuffs-half-gloves with holes for the thumbs, a windproof skirt with a belt tie.

Arctic frost fur

The best company of men’s jackets for harsh winters, according to most experts, is Joutsen; the Finnish-made Arctic Frost Fur model deserves special attention.

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A distinctive feature is the cropped cut, as well as the stylish design of the down jacket, corresponding to the urban style. Inside the jacket, the filling consists of a large amount of goose down, the down jacket is equipped with several comfortable pockets.

Usque parka

The Danish brand of men’s jackets Geoff Anderson also boasts reliable and warm jackets, a striking example of this is the Usque Parka model, recognized as the warmest model. On top of the jacket is a high-strength membrane fabric, complemented by a water-repellent impregnation.

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A special feature of such a jacket is considered to be a large amount of goose down inside the jacket, as well as reliable protection of the FP 800 and a windproof skirt inside the jacket.


Expensive jackets from the Canadian manufacturer Quartz Nature have been leaders in the market for the warmest down jackets for many years. But the warmest option is still considered the Vostok jacket model, which has been developed by leading experts for a long time taking into account the harsh winter conditions.

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On top of the jacket, there is a high-strength fabric with a water-repellent impregnation, which protects the jacket from getting wet during the draft. The jacket is complemented by two zip fasteners, a windproof skirt, and the filling is a goose down with special protection FP 750.

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Among domestic manufacturers of warm jackets for harsh winters, the Sivera brand occupies a leading position. After testing, it was found that the jacket can withstand low temperatures, soundly sewn from four layers.

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Namely, the first outer layer with a waterproof impregnation and a fabric that is a blend of polyester and cotton. The inside is filled with goose down with FP700 protection, lined with high-quality long-pile fleece.


Jackets of this brand are famous for their unique heat-retaining properties, and the manufacturer is the Russian company BASK, which was mentioned at the very beginning.

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High-quality fabric with a special membrane that protects against wind, frost and precipitation is responsible for the reliability and warmth of the jacket. The model has several internal pockets, reinforced elbow inserts to extend the life of the jacket. The filler is thick and high quality goose down.

Snow mantra

In the ranking of the top 10, the leading position is rightfully taken by this model of a jacket from the brand from Canada Goose. Experts note the high quality of tailoring and materials used for the jacket, in addition, this is a true brand that has no analogues and copies.

Such cool jackets are now worn by polar explorers who protect themselves from frost and cold for a long time. For each item from this manufacturer, the temperature regime that the model can withstand is indicated, but it is the Snow Mantra model that is recognized as the warmest and most reliable jacket.


The indicated companies of men’s winter jackets are distinguished by a reliable goose down filling, which reliably protects a man from low temperatures, wind, precipitation and other weather conditions. The Canada Goose brand is rightfully considered the leader in terms of quality and thermal insulation characteristics, and the Snow Mantra model, widely used by polar explorers in the North, is recognized as the warmest jacket.

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