What kind of headdress to wear with a coat for a man: a hat, a hat, a cap?

Mostly young people prefer jackets or down jackets of various models, the reason is that they do not know how to wear a coat according to all the rules because it requires a special wearing etiquette and not everyone is familiar with it. In this article, we will figure out what kind of headdress to wear with a coat for a man.

A few recommendations on choosing the model and style of the coat and what accessories they are combined with will greatly help to diversify the men’s wardrobe in the outerwear department. One of the most important nuances is the headdress. Many men, not knowing which head accessory to choose for a particular coat model, decide not to wear them at all. Quite in vain — a properly selected head accessory gives the image originality and originality.

With what headdress to wear, a man’s coat, depending on the style?

With the onset of cold weather, men who have made a choice of outerwear in favor of a coat are thinking about what head accessory to wear it with. For lovers of stylish hats or caps, advice — pick up felt or velour black, maybe gray if it’s a hat, and if you choose a cap, then it should be made of wool or leather.

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Late autumn or winter should be chosen. Pay attention to the hat and scarf sets. Let them be discreet tones — beige, gray, brown, black or blue shades.

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A coat in a free style, casual style will look good with a bright one. But there will be only one bright accessory in such a bow. Choose a scarf in the color of the coat.

Images with hats

What hats to wear with a coat? A coat with a head accessory, the right knowledge, it is this skill that will help create a unique, complete image. Let’s understand a little.

  • Hat with ear flaps — at first glance, as if an echo from the nineties. But modern stylists are unequivocal in their statement, this hat is now in trend. The national piece of clothing, better than any other hat, will warm you in the most severe frosts, and modern designers have tried so hard, working on styles and various materials, that now in boutiques and on websites of fashionable hats, you can find models made of leather, fur, textile options and products from suede.
  • Knitted hat — More suitable for guys and young people. However, this is a trend, not a rule. You can choose a thin, knitted model, or knitted, hot. The main thing to remember is how organic the hat looks with a coat and how original the finished image will be, considering the individual proportions of the figure and of course the shape of the face.

Advice! Do not match a thin, tight-fitting hat with a strict coat with broad shoulders — this will create the illusion of a small, comical head.

Stylish hats

Coat and hat, how to choose the right one so that the hat under the coat looks original and emphasizes the taste?

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The most versatile model trilby. Traditional brim, ribbon and two dents on the crown are the most common and versatile models of classic hats. The perfect combination is a classic, light coat and an elegant felt hat.

Important! Match coat, head accessory, scarf, gloves and briefcase in the same color scheme.

What is unacceptable?

Choose a head accessory with a classic coat carefully and thoughtfully, follow a couple of important tips. Stylists warn — to avoid the variegation of the image, with a bright pattern on the headdress, a plain coat is best. Or vice versa, wear a coat with an original print or a bright pattern, paired with a plain hat. Do not combine these two parts of the wardrobe so that they compete in the number and brightness of patterns. The head accessory and coat must be in monochrome, they must match both in shape and color.

Photo 5

If you choose a hat with fur, wear it only on the coldest winter days. The choice of fur is yours, but do not forget about the style of the coat and how harmonious this choice will be. The color scheme certainly matches the coat, for example, in black, the dark tones of the fur and the coat will perfectly complement each other, creating a classic, correct look.


For men, a headdress with a man’s coat is a sign of intelligence, good taste, and impeccable style. Men need to learn how to create images that will attract attention and leave a good impression of themselves. This is the key to success in the business world and among the fair sex!

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