What is the difference between a men’s shirt and a shirt

A man’s shirt is once an undergarment, which over time has been transformed into an independent item of men’s wardrobe. This moment has been counted since 1960. An over shirt has some differences from a shirt, but in the clothing industry, the differences between them are increasingly leveled.

What is a chemise

Even those who are forced to wear a suit and all other attributes of the classic style on duty are not always aware of the difference between the two concepts. And sellers in specialized stores do not study the terminology in accordance, leaving the right to choose a name for the client.

A man’s shirt is an underwear that is worn under a jacket, jumper, pullover (not under a turtleneck sweater). It has differences that do not allow you to call it a shirt, but for a layman in such an assortment there is not much difference. And some people who are not familiar with the intricacies of etiquette simply ignore the main difference between a shirt and a shirt. Although it is considered indecent to wear a shirt without outerwear — a jacket or pullover, some office workers take such liberties.

Sleeves with cufflinks
Shirts are thin products with two loops at the bottom of the sleeve, and they are fixed on cuff links.

In addition to this, the main difference, there are others — the shape of the collar, cuffs, width and hem, fabric, colors. However, in modern fashion this line is gradually being erased, and the transition from one textile product in mass garment production to another occurs gradually and becomes less and less noticeable.

Shirt or shirt?

To navigate what kind of men’s wardrobe item is required, you need to learn one simple truth: everything that is fastened on the cuff with a loop and a button is called a shirt. Shirts are thin products with two loops at the bottom of the sleeve, and they are fixed on cuff links. This attribute of everyday business or formal wear is not worn on its own. Anything that is buttoned up is called a shirt.

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Fashion trends allow the shirt as an independent wardrobe item, especially in warm weather. She may be:

  • sports;
  • made of dense fabric and even jersey;
  • Hawaiian;
  • polo;
  • with an oblique collar or stand;
  • soft collar, not adjacent to the neck.

There are no restrictions on age and profession, there are some nuances in relevance:

  1. For example, you should not wear a Hawaiian shirt to work, unless a person works as a lifeguard on the beach, but for outdoor recreation it is ideal.
  2. Stylish shirts, equipped with attributes of a relaxed style, can be decorated with additional elements — two pockets, embroidery, prints, snakes, braid, cartridge loops and other attributes. They are put on to work where there is no stipulated officialdom.
  3. The men’s shirt does not have any details preferred by modern fashionistas — it is wide and long, because it is tucked into classic-cut trousers, and is covered with a vest and jacket on top.

Shirts can be fitted, but even in pastel colors, with a solid collar and one flat pocket, they cannot be called otherwise, because their cuffs are always fastened with a button, and not with a cuff link. They can be tucked into jeans or non-classic trousers, but can be worn outside. It remains only to decide whether a shirt or shirt is required by the type of activity or professional affiliation.

The cloth

The shirt is sewn from fine natural fabric. Its main purpose is to create a layer of natural fiber between the human body and a lined jacket:

  • when it is worn under a jumper or pullover made of natural or synthetic fibers, its function does not change;
  • length is needed to tuck into trousers and not be afraid that it will come out;
  • a solid collar and tight cuffs are designed to wear a tie close to the neck and the presence of the edge of the cuff, with a cuff link protruding from under the cuff of the sleeve.
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All that distinguishes a shirt from a shirt is the absence of restrictions. The fabric can be patterned, dense, synthetic or natural, fastened with hooks, buttons and buttons. Bright shades are not uncommon, but the costume option is usually white, beige, gray, blue, black. And only recently, faded shades of light green, lilac, pink or peach began to be allowed. Now fashion trends allow the use of fabrics in a thin, unobtrusive strip or in a very small, discreet cage under cuff links.

How to wear

The difference in these two attributes is not only in the color and thickness of the fabric. The fundamental difference is in the pure utility of the shirt, in the variety of cuts. It can be longer or shorter, with a different number of pockets, with additional decorations, tucked in or worn out.

Men's shirt in different wearing combinations
How and with what to wear a man’s shirt.

To wear in this way a long, thin, wrinkled shirt with a solid collar and cuffs is a sign of ignorance, ignorance of certain rules. In some social circles, it is also a sign of inappropriate origin and bad taste. Glossy magazines write that you can wear a shirt with rolled up sleeves and an open collar. But this is either the result of the incompetence of the author of the publication, or an unfounded claim to knowledge of modern fashion, with a complete lack of information about the intricacies of business and ceremonial etiquette.


In the opinion of an amateur, a shirt and a shirt are about the same things, so the term is used incorrectly, especially if a person rarely has to wear things of a classic cut and style. However, the first one can also be different — to be fitted or loose-fitting, with a French collar (in fashionable slang — shark), sharp, fastened on small buttons or a stand.

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When it comes to a shirt as an independent item of a man’s wardrobe, only personal preferences are taken into account. In the everyday version, it should be comfortable, comfortable, not impede movement and not threaten with constant tearing of buttons from a stretched bar.

Variety of styles of men's shirts.
The shirt has a greater variety of styles than the shirt.

Some people manage to wear a T-shirt underneath, creating a kind of jacket. There are also fashionistas for whom shirts are a way to emphasize their pumped up triceps. They prefer to buy a thing not by size, so that the distance between the fabric and the skin is not the prescribed 8-10 cm, but 1-2 centimeters.

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