Types of men’s jeans: features of models and successful combinations

Jeans are comfortable and versatile men’s clothing. Initially, thick cotton trousers were sewn as a work uniform for farmers. Later they gained popularity among loaders, sailors, gold diggers and cowboys. Today, denim is the staple of a casual wardrobe. The consumer can choose from many types of different men’s jeans. When buying, they pay attention to the combination of three parameters — Fit, Cut and Rise.


The «fit» badge on the jeans label tells about the silhouette from the waist to the knee. Possible tight, slightly tapered, medium fit, loose and wide models.

Skinny fit 

These are skinny, hip-fitting jeans. Thin denim with a high elastane content is used for production. Synthetic fiber provides good stretch and comfortable fit.

Connoisseurs of neutral casual looks choose monochromatic models — classic blue, black, brown, gray. Those who seek to try on fashion trends will like:

  • shortened models with folds;
  • jeans with slits at the knees;
  • worn trousers;
  • models with metal fittings — buttons and spikes along the bottom edge, along the pockets;
  • jeans in bright colors or with a camouflage print.

Initially, skinny was marketed as a female model, but modern brands also offer male options that suit slim young people. It is better to refuse such models:

  • owners of imperfect legs;
  • men over 40;
  • people with a stocky figure;
  • men with a height below 165 cm.

To balance the figure, choose a voluminous top. Skinny jeans are harmoniously combined with coarse-knit sweaters, loose plaid shirts, basic white T-shirts. Skinny is not worn with tight-fitting T-shirts, turtlenecks, formal shirts.

Men's bows with skinny jeans

To balance the figure, for a stylish look with skinny jeans, choose a voluminous top.

The best shoes for tight jeans are sneakers, loafers, moccasins. For the cool season, shoes with massive soles are suitable.

Slim fit 

This is a form-fitting but not skin-tight model. These jeans are considered more versatile than men’s skinny jeans. Slim fit hides small defects in the figure, but is not suitable for people who are overweight. Slim fit jeans are successfully combined with:

  • tapered polo;
  • basic t-shirts;
  • fitted blazers;
  • shirts (including a classic silhouette);
  • bombers;
  • trench coats;
  • short leather jackets.

Men in jeans slim

Slim fit hides small defects in the figure, but is not suitable for people who are overweight.

Suitable shoes for skinny jeans — sneakers, trainers, moccasins.

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Regular classic fit 

Classic men's jeans

This is a basic option for any height and build.

This is a basic option for any height and build. Regular fit is straight and loose jeans. They hide any flaws — both excessive thinness and fullness of the legs. They are worn regardless of age. Classic fit models are sewn from dense denim with a minimum amount of synthetic additives (up to 5%). Such jeans keep their shape well and fade slowly.

Classic jeans are harmoniously combined with:

  • semi-fitted T-shirts and polo;
  • plain and checkered shirts;
  • blazers;
  • pullovers and knitted cardigans.

There are no restrictions on the choice of shoes for such jeans.

Relaxed fit 

This is a loose fit, but not baggy. Relaxed fit — jeans of a relaxed silhouette, with a natural, slightly casual fit. These are comfortable models for those who, above all, value comfort and convenience.

Wide jeans, contrary to common misconception, do not hide excess weight. Fat men will look even larger in them. Overly thin and short men should also refrain from them. Relaxed fit is ideal for taller people with powerful, muscular legs.

Men's Relaxed Fit Jeans

Comfortable models for those who, above all, value comfort and convenience.

A voluminous top is matched to loose-fitting jeans. T-shirts, pullovers, sweatshirts, hoodies look spectacular. Any casual footwear will do — moccasins, sneakers, lace-up boots.

Loose fit 

The widest option of all styles of modern men’s jeans. These are baggy, sloppy, rapper pants. Their distinctive features are low pockets and long legs that cover the shoes. Loose fit jeans are often decorated with bright details:

  • scuffed;
  • patches;
  • thorns;
  • stripes.
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Option for the most daring — loose fit jeans in bright colors. Emerald, terracotta, orange, red, sky-blue look spectacular.

Men in jeans luz fit

Distinctive features — low pockets and long legs that cover the shoes.

Baggy trousers will balance the proportions of the A-line when the bottom is naturally oversized. Model does not fit:

  • thin;
  • low;
  • unnecessarily complete.

Loose fit jeans are the staple of streetwear and sportswear. The ideal top is loose sweatshirts, baggy T-shirts, oversized jumpers. To successfully complete the image, choose bright massive shoes — basketball sneakers.


The designation «cut» characterizes the silhouette of a part of the trousers from the knees to the hem. The synonymous name is «leg».

Tapered cut 

These are denim trousers with tapered legs. They will suit the owners of slender legs without obvious flaws. The ideal shoe for this style is not too bulky, closed. Men can safely choose moccasins, loafers, plain sneakers.

Straight cut 

Classic version with straight leg. Suitable for any body shape, in harmony with different types of shoes. Solid straight cut jeans are an easy replacement for casual pants. They are combined with a blazer, shirt and classic shoes.

Boot cut 

This is the name of the models flared from the knee. This option is suitable for men of short stature with wide hips. The cut successfully hides the voluminous pelvis and balances the figure.

Varieties of men's jeans

Types of jeans models with narrowed, straight or flared trousers from the knee.

Boot cut — a cut of jeans that is in harmony with any top. You can safely choose:

  • polo;
  • shirts;
  • blazers;
  • turtlenecks

The only condition is a tight-fitting or straight cut. Oversize models should be avoided.

Shoes for flared jeans are chosen depending on the situation. Classic shoes, neutral moccasins, and sports sneakers look equally good.

There is a boot cut-like fit — flared leg jeans. These are models that are extremely flared from the hip or from the knee. It was they who were popular in the 60s among representatives of the hippie subculture.

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Rise is a concept that characterizes the fit of jeans at the waist, or their height. Manufacturers offer several options. Choose types of jeans depending on the characteristics of the figure.

High rise 

These are men’s casual jeans with a high waist. Their belt goes down to the level of the navel. The high waistline is not suitable for everyone. The style is ideal for tall, thin men. There are no specific recommendations for choosing a top. You can wear polo, T-shirt, turtleneck. High-rise jeans are combined with shirts, provided that it is worn out.

Medium rise 

The name implies that these are jeans with a medium rise. They are located on the hips or slightly higher, but their upper edge does not reach the navel. Medium rise is an option for any shape and height. This is a classic in harmony with sports T-shirts, loose hoodies and tailored jackets. Mid-rise jeans can be tucked into shirts. In this case, they are decorated with a belt.

Low rise 

This is a specific model with a low rise. Their belt is located 3-4 cm below the navel. The top line runs along the border of the hips or slightly below. Low rise jeans are not suitable for adult overweight men with a tummy. This is the choice of slim athletic or skinny young people.

You need to be careful when choosing a model with a low waist. When buying, they are guided by several rules.

  1. The slimmer the figure, the lighter the shade. Skinny young people can afford white, beige, blue jeans.
  2. If you require to visually stretch the silhouette, then get slightly flared jeans with a low rise.
  3. Short options with cuffs along the bottom edge are not suitable for men of short stature. This model is exclusively for tall ones, as it visually cuts the silhouette in the ankle area.

Low rise jeans are suitable for lovers of comfort and a relaxed lifestyle. They are combined with informal tops — wide plaid shirts, T-shirts with or without prints, jumpers and cardigans.

Styles of men's jeans

A good choice will correct the figure, hiding flaws and highlighting the merits.

All jeans styles have their own nuances. It is necessary to choose the ideal model not only taking into account fashion trends, but also relying on personal parameters — height and physique. A good choice will correct the figure, hiding flaws and highlighting the merits.

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