Top 5 brands of men’s tuxedos

Men’s tuxedo — clothes for real gentlemen. This wardrobe item is able to transform any man. But for this you need to competently combine the tuxedo with other details of the suit, otherwise, instead of an elegant look, you will get a funny and ridiculous look.


Not everyone knows exactly what a tuxedo is and how to wear it. Also, not everyone knows the origin of this garment.

Initially, the word «tuxedo» meant a jacket that has satin or silk lapels, designed for smoking men going out into the world. The birthplace of this jacket is England. The British believed that a real gentleman should not throw ash from a cigarette, so while smoking, ash fell on clothes. But, besides the lapels, this wardrobe item has other distinctive features.

Tuxedos are single-breasted and double-breasted. A wardrobe item of the first type can be either with one button or with two or three; the rest of the elements are no different from the classic English sample.

Men in tuxedo

If the official invitation states that the uniform assumes a black tie (one of the categories of the modern dress code), then you should come in a tuxedo.

The second type of garment can be fastened with two or four buttons. A distinctive feature of a double-breasted tuxedo is the lapels with pointed ends, and framed pockets, welt.

It is also customary to divide tuxedos into two groups, depending on the shape and shape of the collar:

  • with a pointed, or classic English, collar;
  • with a shawl collar with smooth, soft contours.

A tuxedo is a jacket made of fine, expensive wool. The following materials are most often used for manufacturing:

  • Velours.
  • Velvet.
  • Jacquard.

You can wear a classic tuxedo only on special occasions. As a rule, it is sewn to order. If a man acquires a ready-made version, which frequently happens, the item of clothing must have the following features:

  • Intense black color.
  • Silk or satin lapels.
  • Buttons covered with the same material.

This is what a classic English tuxedo looks like — a «smoking jacket».

Men in tuxedo

You can wear a classic tuxedo only on special occasions.

When choosing a particular variety, you should pay attention to the fact that the jacket is combined with other wardrobe items, fits well in figure and height. The tuxedo’s chest should be half open and rounded. The collar is sewn from a beautiful velvet material. Unlike a traditional jacket, a buttonhole is made instead of a pocket. It is considered bad form to wear a tuxedo in the morning and afternoon. Men wear it only for formal receptions, which begin after seventeen o’clock.

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Where and with what to wear

A real man should not only know what a tuxedo looks like, but also be able to wear it correctly. Men can wear a tuxedo for festive events, for example:

  • Wedding.
  • Anniversary.
  • Going to the theater.
  • Performance at a concert (clothing for performers and entertainers).

You need to combine a tuxedo with a white shirt with a stand-up collar. In no case should this wardrobe item be worn in combination with thin turtlenecks. A classic tie will not fit such an ensemble; it is replaced with a bow tie. The only valid accessory is the Cummerbund.

Man in tuxedo
A tuxedo shirt is worn in white with a stand-up collar.

Tuxedo trousers should only have stripes. It should be noted that this jacket for men is always sold separately, not as part of a suit.

A black shirt worn with a white suit looks unnatural. This combination should be avoided.

When to wear it is not recommended

At events with official protocol, men may only wear a black tuxedo. Other appearances involve a lot of freedom. For example, the following options are valid:

When choosing what to wear, you should carefully read the official invitation to the event. If it indicates that the uniform assumes a black tie (one of the categories of the modern dress code), you should come in a tuxedo. In all other cases, this outfit will not work.

Man in tuxedo

It is considered bad form to wear a tuxedo in the morning and afternoon.

At a wedding, unless otherwise agreed, you can wear a tailcoat instead of a tuxedo.

You cannot wear a tuxedo if the format of the event assumes a casual style. In this case, it will be regarded as a violation of the dress code

Fashionable Images

It’s easy to create a trendy men’s look using a tuxedo. The most interesting options are presented below.

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Jacket in deep blue with black lapels. The bow tie and trousers are made from the same fabric. You can put a black scarf in the buttonhole. This look is perfect for a wedding or stage performance.

A dark gray men’s tuxedo, a white shawl in a buttonhole and a light gray tie in a classic shape in a small cage or strip. The ensemble is complemented by trousers of the same tone as the jacket. Only a white shirt with a high collar can be worn.

A classic black tuxedo jacket and the same pants with stripes. A crisp white shirt and a black bow tie bring the ensemble to life without looking boring. Such a suit well emphasizes the dignity of a man with a sporty physique, and makes overweight gentlemen slimmer.

Tuxedo Shoes

Tuxedo shoes are worn only of smooth leather, without perforation, and in no case varnished.

When choosing accessories, remember that a man in a tuxedo should never wear a trouser belt. The pants are fastened with two buttons using a sash made of fabric to match the jacket or slightly lighter.

It is permissible to use only narrow straight trousers with silk (satin) stripes. They are sewn from a material similar to the fabric of a jacket. Pants for a suit must be without cuffs, this is required by the official style.

You should not buy ready-made knotted bow ties, such an accessory looks ridiculous on an adult man; such a gentleman resembles a boy at a New Year’s party. The owner of the tuxedo must tie the bow tie himself. It can only be replaced with a tie at events that do not involve an official protocol.

You should choose a sash and vest for a suit, focusing on the color and material of the lapels. These accessories must match the shirt with trousers and waistcoat (if available).

Man in tuxedo

You should choose a sash for a suit, focusing on the color and material of the lapels.

In order for the cuffs on the shirt not to move, it is necessary to fix them with cuff links made of precious or semi-precious metals.

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Boots and socks for such a suit should be chosen only in black. Patent shoes must not be worn. Men’s shoes with decorative perforations or other similar decorative elements are not welcome.

If the gentleman is overweight and has a protruding belly, instead of a cummerbund, you need to choose suspenders. They visually slim and help hide visible flaws in the male figure. The color of the suspenders should match the color of the shirt.

Tuxedo Accessories

The tuxedo is worn with a bow tie, and the sleeves of the shirt are fixed with cuff links.

Gentlemen of athletic build look spectacular in double-breasted tuxedos. Men of solid build, on the other hand, should choose the single-breasted version, because it visually stretches the figure.

Top 5 brands of tuxedo manufacturers

When buying, you should give preference to well-known, time-tested brands. Below is a ranking of the top 5 most fashionable brands. You can vote for 1 of your favorite brand.


A characteristic feature of this brand is the use of expensive natural materials that do not cause allergies and do not accumulate static electricity. It is known that a tuxedo for men of this brand is available in the wardrobe of Russian President V.V. Putin.

Alexander amosu

Menswear produced by this brand has a long lifespan thanks to the use of advanced technology and heavy-duty fabrics. The average cost of a tuxedo is 8 thousand dollars, but there are also models of economy class for 3 — 5 thousand dollars.

William Fioravanti

The average cost of a tuxedo is $6. The signature tuxedo is characterized by a deep cut that draws attention to the shirt or (if available) to the waistcoat.

Kiton k-5

This brand is characterized by a variety of colors and a wide range of sizes. In particular, the company produces men’s suits, tuxedos, size + for gentlemen of solid build.

Stuart Hughes

This brand is very popular due to the variety of styles. In addition to tuxedo suits, accessories for them are produced: a tuxedo vest and bow ties.

Men in wedding tuxedos

The tuxedo is the perfect outfit for a wedding.

Shoes and accessories should be carefully selected for an elegant men’s outfit, otherwise it will not work to create a complete image. Do not be tempted by cheap products: they will not last long. Distinguishing a tuxedo from a time-tested brand from a fake is not difficult, just look at the quality of tailoring.

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