The whole truth about men’s skinny jeans

The male half of humanity, like many women, is trying to keep up with the times. And in the XX century, you want to look in line with fashion trends. Among all clothing items, jeans were especially popular and this trend is still relevant. Modern models are striking in their variety. Not so long ago, men’s skinny jeans became the focus of attention.

The appearance of men’s jeans of the new series is largely dictated by rock performers. Fans of American rock vocalist Iggy Pop and The Rolling Stones imitated their idols and adopted the fashion for skinny jeans, and also in a torn style. A lot of metal rivets have become a highlight of the clothes.

The new style has become widespread among representatives of the Emo youth subculture, metrosexuals and people, the creative profession. Later, contemporaries became interested in skinny fashion. But who exactly is this style suitable for? How to choose the right combination with other garments? And actually, what are these men’s skinny jeans? More on this further.

Features of Skinny jeans

The main distinguishing feature of the new Skinny direction lies in the tight fit of the body, in particular the legs, and there is a narrowing near the shins. In this case, the fit of the jeans is different:

It is desirable for men to pay attention to the second option. The length depends on fashion trends, the season and the density of the material. That is, skinny jeans reach to the ankle, and even the heels. If necessary, they are cut to the desired length.

When walking, there should be no folds or creases. Ideally, when the jeans wrap around the legs, starting from the hips and ending with the heel of the shoe. Skinny Fit jeans material acts as a second skin.

Skinny with jacket
Fit and slender young people have practically no strict restrictions regarding the choice of models and experiments with colors and textures.

It is impossible not to notice one interesting fashion trend — decorative stitching on jeans, rhinestones, decorative elements are losing their relevance. Instead, grunge is now gaining strength. These are scuffs, torn edges, cuts. Global brands are actively promoting the style of minimalism with artificial aging. In order to avoid being faced with fakes, many men make their choice in boutiques, where clothes from famous manufacturers come.

As a material for the manufacture of jeans, cotton is used with the addition of synthetic fibers, due to which the fabric is well stretched.

Varieties of models

Skinny jeans, due to their fit, already look daring in themselves, which does not prevent them from drawing attention to themselves. Not only women’s wardrobe contains a wide variety of options for the beautiful half of humanity, men also have their own «reserves», albeit in significantly smaller quantities. Young fashionistas now have a lot to choose from.

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Printed image

Most men try to avoid attention by not choosing clothes with patterns. However, a pattern on jeans can be beneficial to emphasize a masculine look when the legs are too thin. Camouflage will give the image more brutality and visually improve the relief.

Skinny with print
Camouflage will give the image more brutality and visually improve the relief.

It should be borne in mind that printed men’s jeans do not correspond to a restrained image, and therefore are suitable for connoisseurs of a cool street trend and bright youth outfits.

Black shade

Admirers of monotony have such an approach on a special account. Black skinny jeans will not compete with classic blue jeans. However, this does not prevent them from being the most popular among men of different ages. This option is comparable to clothing, regardless of its color.

Thanks to the tapered cut and black tones, a pronounced slimming effect is formed.

Gray color

This color has not lost its popularity. For the summer season, a light tone of denim is suitable for a man’s image, but in the off-season and in winter it is better to wear dark-colored clothes. Due to the marble skinny effect, an optical illusion is created that the legs are increased in volume.

Skinny gray
A gray tint creates an optical illusion that the legs are increased in volume.

Most light-colored models have a shorter fit with raw edges. For the summer, this is the best option.

Torn style

True connoisseurs of extravagant clothes will be happy with a torn style and it is not a sin to appear on the street in such jeans. Men of mature age love this taste, but it is worth taking into account that it does not always suit them.

Torn jeans are the prerogative of young people, older fashionistas should pay attention to models that have scuffs, cuts, holes. But even youngsters with a beautiful figure should not be overused with this style.

To whom and with what to wear

To begin with, it is worth answering the main question — who should pay attention to Skinny jeans. Due to the peculiarities of the cut of such models, not all representatives of the strong half of humanity will fit the skinny style. It is worth paying attention to the following points:

  • Due to the tight-fitting silhouette, figure flaws will be clearly visible — visually, the hips look enlarged, and the legs seem to be short.
  • Pumped-up men need to be careful when choosing one model or another. It is better to pay attention to the dense denim material and to have less decor and cuts.
  • If such jeans are worn by overly thin guys, it will look like they are wearing women’s tights.
  • This is the best option for guys with an athletic build and straight legs. The super skinny men’s jeans model meets these “requirements”.
  • Overweight men, as well as deposits in the thighs and abdomen, should not choose trousers of this style.
  • If someone has short legs, then you should take pants with a medium waist and vertical stripes. Otherwise, the legs will visually become even shorter.
  • Fit and slender young people have practically no strict restrictions regarding the choice of models and experiments with colors and textures. Even a low rise will suit them.
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In addition, you should pay full attention to choosing the right size, otherwise you will get a comical image, which should be avoided. Unless, this is not included in the list of mandatory image requirements. For this reason, it makes sense to do a few fittings before purchasing Skinny jeans. Now it’s worth understanding what to wear with such a style.

Skinny men
Global brands are actively promoting the style of minimalism with artificial aging.

Men dressed in skinny will always look fashionable. But in order to preserve your image and in order not to spoil the image, it is worth taking into account a number of rules on how exactly you need to combine jeans with other items of clothing:

  • The office dress code does not allow such a style — it is highly discouraged to wear these jeans for business meetings.
  • It is advisable to be guided by a democratic casual style, which allows you to create acceptable everyday images.
  • For men, tight-fitting pants with a loose top are best suited. Girls usually successfully combine skinny style with a tight top, but this option is clearly not for guys.

Now let’s look at a few specific options when jeans can be in perfect harmony with other garments.

Denim shirt

Denim trousers go well with denim shirts or jackets. As for the shade, it is permissible to choose models of the same color scheme or to give preference to contrast. Black skinny and blue denim shirt will be the best solution for street walks.

Mens skinny denim shirt
Skinny jeans and a denim shirt are a great pairing for a walk.

Monochrome combinations

Such fashion, like the classics, will never lose its relevance. A black bottom and a white printed top make for a good outdoor look. The same thing works the other way around — it is permissible to choose a T-shirt or shirt in a black shade for white skinny jeans. However, it is not recommended to buy clothes with any patterns.

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Layered clothing

Another solution that has the right to exist in the realities of everyday life. Initially, a T-shirt or a T-shirt is put on, and on top there is a shirt, sweater, light jacket. It is better to choose a vest or a jumper with a deep triangular neckline for a turtleneck. In most cases, men wear a cardigan or a blazer unbuttoned over a long sleeve and turtleneck.

Layered male looks
Men are best suited for tight-fitting pants to a loose top.

What shoes to wear

To successfully complete the look, it is important to choose the right shoes. Even trendy jeans will lose their appeal if someone is wearing something that clearly should be discarded. Here it is worth focusing on sportiness or choosing a free style:

  • sneakers;
  • sneakers;
  • military boots;
  • boots;
  • loafers;
  • moccasins;
  • topsiders.

Boots with classic shoes are best reserved for formal evenings and will definitely not go with skinny jeans.

For summer walks, sneakers, slip-ons, moccasins are the best option, only skinny is desirable to tuck. If the shoes are with high tops, then the trousers are tucked into them.

Man in skinny jeans
For summer walks, the best option would be sneakers, slip-ons, moccasins, only skinny is desirable to tuck.

Timberlands of red or brown color will be a harmonious addition to the laconic style. At the same time, they can be tucked in or refilled, as it is more convenient for anyone. Here it is worth considering the weather conditions and the desired effect. The casualness is emphasized by the loosened lacing, the jeans rolled up.

Blue and black jeans pair well with tractor-soled ankle boots. Those who prefer military style should choose camouflage print and military shoes. A brutal appearance with a pixel ornament can be diluted with white sneakers or sneakers.

skinny and loafers
To successfully complete the look, it is important to choose the right shoes.

The Skinny style does not suit everyone, but this does not prevent jeans from finding their admirers. As a rule, the greatest preference for such a fashion is given mainly to young people, which is understandable, it suits them more. Competent combination of clothes with shoes creates a unique image that will be relevant to any event. Whether it’s a party, a date, a regular walk, or even office work days.

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