Sweatshirt — style and comfort

The men’s sweatshirt came from a sports environment and very quickly fell in love with representatives of different generations. It is pleasant to the body, comfortable to move, and goes well with different things. This item is in the wardrobe of many men, and therefore it is rightfully considered a universal garment. What is a sweatshirt and how to wear it correctly — let’s figure it out.

Varieties of sweatshirts

Humanity owes the appearance of the sweatshirt to Benjamin Russell, the American owner of a textile factory from Alexander City. It was he who invented a new type of clothing.

It happened in the 20s. Last century after the son of an entrepreneur, returning from training, complained about the inconvenience of a woolen sweater during class. According to him, it was too hot to run in it, and besides, the collar pricked the skin badly. His father helped the guy out by developing a model of a sweater made of cotton jersey with a warm lining without a collar. It turned out to be a cross between a sweater and a shirt. Soon, the convenience of the sweatshirt was appreciated by the players of other teams, and behind them — by people of different ages and professions. The new clothing was named sweatshirt from the merger of the two words sweater and shirt.

Over the years, it has undergone changes, becoming even more convenient and versatile. You can distinguish a sweatshirt from other sweatshirts by the following features:

  • free, comfortable silhouette that does not interfere with movement;
  • long raglan sleeves;
  • round neckline.

Initially, it was triangular with an insert of dense cotton fabric to absorb sweat. Today, the detail is present more often for decorative purposes:

  • lack of fasteners, pockets and a hood;
  • knitted elastic at the neck, sleeves, at the bottom of the product.

A characteristic feature of sweatshirts is the presence of prints, inscriptions, ornaments, logos on the chest. They can take up all the space or be almost invisible. Themes are very different: from cartoon characters to abstract images.

Men in sweatshirt
Recently, sweatshirts are sewn from knitwear with a pattern.

Today there are different variations of sweatshirts. Basically, the differences relate to the following points:

  1. Neckline… He may be deaf under the throat or lagging behind the neck. In more extravagant sweatshirts, an even deeper neckline is allowed. In this case, there is no elastic band, and the edge is simply folded over and sewn.
  2. Length. Men’s models, like women’s, are made classic, shortened or elongated. Today, sweatshirts with a length below the belt or to the middle of the fly are welcome. On average, from 62 to 76 cm.
  3. Sleeves… The cut of the raglan itself is unchanged, but the depth of the armhole may differ. Along with the usual, models with a deflated form are popular.
  4. Cuffs… The bottom of the sleeves can be decorated with loose or tight elastic bands.
  5. Triangular inserts… Initially, they were present on sweatshirts at the neck and on the back — in places where sweat stains were especially prominent among athletes. Today, such elements are usually not used in everyday clothes, but they are on sports or stylized ones. Moreover, they are often accentuated with a brighter or more contrasting color.
  6. Materials… The first sweatshirts were made of knitwear, woven in a round. Now this technology is almost never used due to its extreme labor intensity and time cost. Modern models are sewn from 100% cotton jersey or with the addition of polyester threads. For winter sweatshirts, velsoft, fleece, footer are used.
  7. Colors. Most frequently, a single color material is used. Recently, however, sweatshirts are also sewn from knitwear with a pattern. Such models are very popular with young people.
  8. Pockets and hood… Classic sweatshirts shouldn’t have them. But thanks to the designers, models with these elements have already appeared, so sweatshirts are frequently confused with other types of sweatshirts.
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Where and with what to wear

The sweatshirt has long ceased to be associated only with a sporty style. Today, it has become an indispensable and versatile piece of the modern man’s wardrobe. It can be worn to college, school and, if there is no strict dress code, to work.

Men in sweatshirt
A characteristic feature of sweatshirts is the presence of prints, inscriptions, ornaments, logos on the chest.

In a sweatshirt, it is good to go to a meeting with friends, sit in a café, go to an informal festive event, have fun at a party or put on in nature.

Monochromatic models look organically in any ensemble. Sweatshirts go well with jeans, chinos, cargo, military-inspired pants.

And of course, they are best combined with things in a sporty style: T-shirts, T-shirts, polo shirts. Sweatshirts with bright prints, catchy inscriptions are loved by young people. And the models with the team logo look great in sporting events.

The sweatshirt is well combined with sports-cut blazers, club or leather jackets, trench coats. It is also worn with a coat, windbreakers, bombers, hoodies.

As for shoes, sweatshirts look harmoniously with sneakers, sneakers, moccasins, boots, slip-ons, loafers and even derbies. The main thing is that the rest of the wardrobe details are correctly selected and consistent in the same style.

When to wear it is not recommended

Although modern fashion is democratic and allows for a free mixture of styles, there are still some restrictions that should be adhered to. The sweatshirt assumes a free style, so it should not be worn at official events, business meetings and important official negotiations.

When choosing companions for a sweatshirt, you should avoid business-style clothing, items typical of the classics. Ties, formal and suit shirts, patent and business shoes are not combined with it. As for the age, there are no restrictions for the sweatshirt. In addition to young people, it can be worn by mature and elderly people. But when choosing men’s sweatshirts, they should pay attention to models of neutral colors, without a flashy design.

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A condition that applies to men of any age: the sweatshirt should not be too wide and long, so as not to seem shapeless in it. Now the trend is things with a slight slouch, selected in size and height. They do not restrict movement, provide the necessary comfort and at the same time slim the figure.

Fashionable Images

The men’s wardrobe today is under the scrutiny of designers and stylists. The modern fashion industry has concentrated on creating fashionable looks for the stronger sex. For this, not only new styles of sweatshirts are being developed, but also advanced technologies, innovative fabrics are used, and unusual decor details are thought out. Thanks to this, the clothes fit perfectly into most sets.

Men in sweatshirt
The sweatshirt can be worn to college, school and, if there is no strict dress code, to work.

Here are some examples of what to wear with a sweatshirt:

  1. Solid… Gray and dark blue models are considered classics, since these colors are neutral, they go well with most things. Similar sweatshirts are in the wardrobe of many men. They fit well with casual, urban and business styles. Sweatshirts can be worn with jeans, sweatpants, under a jacket or jacket. On your feet — sneakers, sneakers, boots or moccasins. If you need outerwear, then a coat, jacket, trench coat or anorak will do.
  2. Sports models: with contrasting inserts, logos. The sweatshirt can be combined with sweatpants, T-shirts, jacket. If there is a bright pattern on the chest, then the color of the image should overlap with the inserts on sneakers or sneakers. And sports lovers who choose a sweatshirt for training can combine it with loose-fitting pants and contrasting trainers.
  3. Lungs sweatshirts made of thin cotton are a great summer option. Combine them with shorts, cropped pants, comfortable shoes: sneakers, sandals, moccasins. In cool weather, you can put on a light windbreaker with a hood, and put on sneakers on your feet.
  4. Sweatshirt with 3D-drawing… A great option for young people to draw attention to themselves. To look good in such clothes, you need to choose monochromatic things that emphasize the pattern.
  5. Neutral sweatshirts: restrained colors, without bright decor. The most suitable thing to wear under them is a T-shirt or a shirt with a round collar. They can be any: plain or with a small pattern that is not striking. A suitable companion for the set is jeans, loose cotton trousers to match the color of the shirt, a bomber jacket. On your feet — boots, shoes, moccasins or low sneakers.
Men in sweatshirt
Monochrome models look organically in any ensemble, and models with team logos look great at sports competitions.

A man’s sweatshirt rightfully occupies one of the first lines of the most comfortable garments, because it does not restrict movement, it is pleasant to the body. And many styles, models of various colors makes it possible for everyone to look modern and stylish.

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