Stylish looks with ripped jeans

Ripped men’s jeans begin their history in the late 70s. It was then that the boys and girls began to clearly show their rebellious spirit. And you can show your unwillingness to follow the established rules with the help of clothes.

Time has passed, but ripped jeans do not lose their popularity, only styles, features of models change. So what is it that attracts men in such clothes? With what to wear them, how to combine?

Advantages and disadvantages

To create ripped jeans, a special dense material is used — denim. Such models have a number of advantages:

  • the fabric from which they are sewn is very dense, so it will last a long time, and the cuts will not creep further;
  • using scissors, sandpaper and other tools, you can age such material yourself, and this is a fashionable technology used by fashion designers;
  • there is no need to care for torn jeans, motes do not cling to them, they do not require ironing;
  • it is comfortable in such clothes, because the fabric is natural, which excludes an allergic reaction;
  • such a thing adds brutality, sexuality to a man;
  • with ripped jeans, you can create different looks both in summer and in winter.

But there are also disadvantages:

  1. Despite the popularity of these items, they may look out of place on an older man.
  2. Such clothes should not be worn by an office worker. Men’s jeans that are ripped at the knees are not suitable for business meetings.
  3. Ripped jeans can get chilly in fall or winter (although patches are an alternative).

Jeans options

There are different types and types of these jeans for men. Let’s take a closer look. Designers distinguish the following types:

  1. Straight fit… These are straight men’s jeans with holes.
  2. Slim fit… This name was given to a narrowed model that fits the body. The waste in this case is too high.
  3. Skinny… They also fit the legs, gradually tapering downward. Landing can be different, but the average is considered the most popular.
  4. Relaxed fit… These are loose jeans with holes that taper towards the bottom. Their length is usually to the ankles, there may or may not be cuffs.
  5. Demi-denims… This is a combination of culottes at the top of the jeans and skinny at the bottom. It is in the lower part of the product that cuts are most often present.
  6. Jeggins. Tight fit, reminiscent of leggings.
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Torn jeans can be of the following types:

  • jeans with holes in the knees (frequently the cuts are not symmetrical, differ in size);
  • with gaps that complement other fabrics, paint splashes;
  • with patches (which is important in winter);
  • unisex skinny jeans;
  • boiled;
  • classic models with abrasions, comfortable to wear;
  • frayed, loose, tapered pants, small holes on them;
  • shortened.

    In modern models of ripped jeans, the bottom can be classic, with a curl or carelessly cut off (which is especially fashionable recently)

It is better not to choose boiled jeans for overweight people. They will only highlight the flaws. In this case, buy dark models.

Ripped men's jeans
Shoes for such jeans should be sporty, classic models will not fit.

Unisex models deserve special attention. They are suitable for both female and male representatives.

More and more frequently, at the shows of new collections of world designers, you can see jeans with torn knees.

What can be worn

If you decide to buy ripped jeans, pay attention to the size. Choosing a large piece can make you look ridiculous. Age is also taken into account. On older men, jeans that are too frayed with large holes look inappropriate. In this case, it is better to choose more discrete models. But even at 50-60 years old, you can safely wear clothes with scuffs.

T-shirt combination with ripped jeans
The trend of the season is the combination of ripped jeans with sports shoes that are worn on bare feet.

Trendy ripped jeans for men can make a great look, but you need to know what to pair them with. Designers advise choosing clothes in casual style. It is she who looks most advantageous with pants with holes. This is a variety of T-shirts, T-shirts, sweatshirts. You can also wear a light sweater or non-classic shirt.

We recommend that you pay attention to the following rules that will help you create the perfect image:

  1. If you’ve opted for skinny jeans, go for a skin-tight top. In this way, you can emphasize all the advantages of the figure. Don’t go for oversized T-shirts or loose shirts.
  2. If a man is short, he should give up baggy outerwear for jeans. If the top is voluminous, the male will seem even lower. To visually lengthen your height, wear a cropped jacket in the spring or a straight coat in the winter.
  3. Holes, scuffs are the main accent in the image. Therefore, it is better to choose the rest of the clothes not bright. Wearing a T-shirt with a colored print can overwhelm your look, especially if your jeans have big holes.
  4. If you decide to wear a denim jacket, it shouldn’t be too different in color. Choose similar tones.
  5. White ripped jeans with a dark top will perfectly complement dark shoes. Light-colored shoes do not look so advantageous.
  6. And if you have black jeans with holes, experts advise getting a gray T-shirt. This look will suit all men. But the combination of a black bottom and a white top is considered boring by the designers.
  7. If you choose clothes of a similar tone, then lean towards the option when the top is slightly darker.
  8. Blue jeans go well with different clothes. Buy light options in summer and dark ones in winter.
  9. Jeans with patches go well with a biker jacket.
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It is important to consider the color of the product. Below are the combinations to help you create the perfect look.

  1. Black
    Black ripped jeansBlack ripped jeans for men are considered versatile. Looks good with plaid shirts, sweaters, T-shirts of different colors. You can even wear a blue or blue denim shirt.
  2. Blue
    Blue ripped jeansIf the jeans are dark, white T-shirts and dark sweatshirts are perfect for them. Choose light-colored clothes for light-colored products. You can throw a checkered shirt on top of a white T-shirt.
  3. White
    White ripped jeansWhite ripped jeans look advantageous with blazers, loose denim shirts. If you are wearing a dark upper, then choose non-light-colored shoes.

In addition to the color, it is important to consider the model of the jeans.

Model Who will be relevant With what to wear
Narrowed Slender people with tall stature. If there are flaws, such a model of jeans will emphasize them. They go well with sweatshirts, plaid shirts, and leather jackets.
Direct This is a classic model, they suit everyone. A universal model to which you can choose any clothes. It can be a sweatshirt, a T-shirt, etc. But you need to be more careful with a shirt, it is better to tuck it in.
Wide Perfectly hide flaws You can complement the look with a plaid shirt. Many people wear such jeans with white T-shirts, T-shirts.
Skinny If you have good leg shape, this style will suit you perfectly. Skinny is a fitted jeans option that is perfectly complemented by a loose top.

Remember to pay attention to the season. In winter, it will be inappropriate to wear jeans with large holes where the naked body is visible. This is ugly, and you risk your health, because you can get hypothermia. In winter, pay attention to models with slight scuffs, patches. Skinny jeans are best set aside for the summer. It is recommended to choose dark pants for the cold season.

Ripped jeans of different styles
For a stylish look, you need to choose the right style for your physique.

What kind of shoes go with such clothes? If you wear ripped jeans in the fall, winter, then pay attention to these shoes:

  • insulated sneakers in casual style;
  • inflated boots;
  • boots with massive soles.

    Bulky scarves are great. It is not prohibited to wear hats

In the summer, give preference to sneakers, moccasins, oxfords, sandals, sneakers. Shoes should be athletic, classic models will not work.

Jeans with slits and patches
In winter, pay attention to models with slight scuffs, patches.

Many designers advise pairing men’s ripped jeans with rough boots. It looks brutal. It is not forbidden to complement the image with accessories.

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Also, at fashion shows, you can see the combination of ripped jeans with sports shoes that are worn on bare feet. This will be the new trend this season.

Stylish examples of images

Men in ripped jeans

If you correctly combine men’s jeans with holes, you can create a stunning look that will definitely attract others.

Remember, any ripped jeans will not fit in the office, for a business meeting. These are clothes for walking, studying, club, it can be worn every day, but it is hardly suitable for an office worker. It does not match with classic shoes, jackets. If you correctly combine men’s jeans with holes, you can create a stunning look that will certainly attract others.

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