Styles of men’s shirts — business and «for life»

A type of shirt, correctly selected for the type of suit, which supports the formality of the situation, speaks of a deep understanding of style, respect for the interlocutor, business partners, and friends. The types of classic cut correspond to the principles of neatness, precise proportional fit, and casual-styles of men’s shirts support a free, relaxed image. Men prefer comfort, practicality of cut, natural fabrics, elegant silhouette in order to correspond to the trends of the times, to stay in trend, to be called fashionable, to impress the female sex.

Styles of men’s shirts

Casual, sports, smart, business shirts have different styles, names depending on the silhouette, the degree of fit, the type of collars, the design of the front plate. The neat look creates the right size, good fit. Depending on the cut option, the business style of an office men’s shirt can be called:

  • Tight Super Slim Fit — suitable for thin young men with a good physique;
  • the fitted silhouette will be called Regular Fit — a type of shirt for broad-shouldered guys with cubes on the press;
  • the classic version will be called Classic Fit — a universal type of shirt is worn at any age;
  • the semi-fitted one will be called Slim Fit — like the classic version, it is worn under a business suit, worn in the office.

Each type of shirt is distinguished by the level of the hem, the option of wearing — worn out or tucked in, the length of the sleeve, the presence of decorative details, fasteners, stitches.

Types of men’s shirts

The name of men’s shirts depends on the style. The variability and types of existing models allow you to look your best in any situation. If a man watches his appearance, there will be more than one pair of white shirts with different names in the wardrobe: for work, about five casual shirts, two or three options with short sleeves for rest, elegant silk products for a romantic evening and several more types, spare forms, varieties of a fashionable set.

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Shirts to maintain a business format, official meetings have a classic cut, are limited in color — they function as a contrast to a dark jacket made of dense coarse fabric and can be called Super Slim Fit. The collar, cuffs, fasteners (cuff links on the sleeves), part of the shelf peep out of the set, so the differences in the classic version consist only in details. The main material for sewing a strict men’s shirt is silk, long-weave cotton, although many do not know what the name of the cloth for luxury goods is.

Clean look creates the right size, good fit.

Recently, the business style has been attributed to the Cuban model, the correct name for which is «Guayabera». In southern countries, jackets, men’s shirts with long sleeves are not worn, so an analogue of a white office version for a hot climate is a short, breathable, white shirt.


The men’s favorite weekend look looks like this: a long shirt, which is not tucked in, a man’s T-shirt, frayed jeans, comfortable loafers and a hat, as in an advertisement for Marlboro cigarettes, are visible under the unbuttoned floors — the set is called casual style. In this category, the following types and names of shirts are distinguished:

  • simple flannel models in a large cage, which will be called «tartan», are suitable for the home;
  • French models with the name “chambray” made of thick cotton fabric are worn for a meeting with friends;
  • the favorite model of most men is called «polo»: a version with a short sleeve, a three-button placket;
  • Hawaiian men’s shirts — can be called an IT-thing for relaxing by the sea. They don’t go on vacation without light cotton shirts.
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A sign of a casual style is a retro pattern, a cage, a strip or an interesting print with the names «Indian cucumbers», «dog’s fang», «Tudor rose» and others. The material for sewing products is flannel, oxford, dobby, herringbone, poplin, jacquard, fabric with a twill weave or seersucker, as well as dense cotton fabric. If the image contains various details that emphasize the individuality of the appearance: scarves, cowboy or retro hats, leather bracelets, watches, belts, vests, colored socks, the direction will be called casual style.

Sleeves and cuffs

What are the shirts, depending on the length of the sleeves — the long classic version will be called Super Slim Fit and the short one in casual style. There are more varieties with cuffs — the designers distinguish between two names: the French version on cuff links, and the Italian version on buttons. It impresses with the variety, the number of variations in the cut of the contour of the detail and the number of buttons for fastening the sleeves of a shirt: men’s hands are framed by the following types and names of cuffs:

  1. Standard straight hem with one, two buttons or variable wrist widths.
  2. Rounded hem with one or two buttons and an extension option in the fastening area.
  3. Beveled hem with one, two buttons and adjustable cuff length.
  4. High cuff with two buttons.
  5. Single or double layer cuffs are called French.
Types of cuffs.

Impeccably selected details demonstrate exceptional business qualities with a masculine character — punctuality, accuracy, attention to detail, honesty, neatness. Models with the name fit are usually worn with a jacket, vest, so the cuffs and sleeve shape fit the arm well, start at the bend of the shoulder, have folds and a loose fit.

Shirt clasps

A strict men’s shirt assumes a separate cut of two parts of the shelf, which are connected with the help of buttons when worn. The design of the strap, where loops are cut on the left side, and a strip with attached buttons on the right side, will be called a strap. The detail remains tight, so it is sewn in two or three folds, carefully wrapped, and double stitches are made along the edges.

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They make small stitches, achieve a coincidence of the pattern, sew expensive buttons — from mother-of-pearl. Models with the name Slim Fit shirts are a man’s trend of recent years: a tight-fitting silhouette emphasizes a toned torso, which is important for the owner of a beautiful figure — this is such a fashionable trend for guys and men up to 30-35 years old.

Shirt collars

The detail of the man’s shirt is in the portrait area, the corners of the collar border the tie knot and protrude above the jacket shelves. In order for the set to be called elegant, a harmonious combination is chosen, observing the principle of symmetry and proportion. Stylists distinguish between names and types of collars:

  • mandarin;
  • butterfly;
  • shark;
  • Kent;
  • Italian;
  • tab;
  • button down;
  • classical.

Collar types take into account not only fashion trends, but emphasize the individuality of the image — the outline of the face, the length of the neck, the predominance of soft, rounded or hard linear facial features.

Important about prices and brands

The most inexpensive men’s shirts are made by niche brands Romazotti, ZARA, H&M, Bershka, Pull & Beer, New Yorker. Companies track fashion collections of famous designers and catch up-to-date trends on the fly. A stylish men’s shirt made of dense fabric is bought from $200. Models of the middle price segment are produced by companies named Merz, TOM TAILOR, LEVIS, BIRIZ, MEXX.

For connoisseurs of quality, exquisite design, strict print and details, fashion houses offer garments for the premium men’s segment: ARMANI, LACOSTE, RALPH LAUREN, CALVIN KLEIN, PAUL SMITH, HUGO BOSS — brand names are on everyone’s lips. The cost of Italian Corneliani shirts starts at $170, Paul Smith’s creative shirts from the USA from $200, and Armani goes up to $300.

Men in shirts
By purchasing a shirt from a popular brand, the buyer gets a thing that will last more than one year.

Stylish clothes can be called trendy, as they have a beautiful look and are expensive. By purchasing a shirt, the buyer receives a thing that will last more than one year. These are trademarks recognizable in the society, each of which has a long history of creation. All details have been improved for at least two to three decades, so branded shirts are cozy, comfortable, wearable and elegant.

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