Shirt and jeans — many stylish men’s looks

Free and relaxed casual style for guys supports the choice of casual sets. A shirt with jeans is a harmonious male image, one of the favorites of representatives of different social strata of society. As a result of the correct combination of clothing elements, interesting elegant bows and everyday sets are obtained. From a variety of models of shirts and denim pants, they create suits for going to work, for a walk, for a party, for a meeting with a girl, for going to a country picnic.

Image creation rules

For a successful combination of different elements of the wardrobe, it is necessary to adhere to the rules for choosing the color, texture of the material, the cut of the product and the style of the model. The image depends on where the man is going to go in the complete set:

  1. Day or evening out.
  2. Business formal dress code or casual style.

What is the correct way to wear a light shirt with dark jeans if a man is overweight? Stylists advise buying a top model with a hem that allows you to wear it on release in order to hide age-related errors of the figure. The excess weight is offset by the cold dark shades of the upper part of the stylish bow. The older the person for whom the kit is created, the lighter the tone of the shirt is chosen for him.

How to combine

A huge assortment of shirt models and brands that produce jeans allows you to create interesting looks for men. A white shirt and black jeans for men — a common combination, is a wardrobe classic for representatives of the strong half of humanity.

Men's bows

The main rule of business style is minimalism, or the complete absence of additional accessories.

Choosing jeans

Correctly selected denim pants and a man’s shirt effectively emphasize the dignity of the figure, do not make the image too soft or excessively rough and tough. Let’s note the main five rules and features of choosing jeans:

  1. Pants should be appropriate for height, and leg length. Try on in a standing position, then «the leg is bent 90 0». The leg covers the ankle no more than 2 cm.
  2. The waistline of the jeans fits snugly around the figure.
  3. The parameters and the ratio of growth do not always coincide, therefore, they prefer long trousers, which can be adjusted to fit their dimensions.
  4. For casual style, choose light blue, blue, brown jeans. For a formal or evening set, black, gray-black jeans and a shirt — plain or with Bengal stripes are suitable.
  5. They take into account the seasonality of wearing — for sewing denim products, materials of different densities and color depths are used.
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There are five types of men’s jeans turn-up: rolled up by 5-10-15 cm, rolled up and gathered at the bottom of the jeans trousers. How to wear a shirt with jeans using a fashion trend:

  • For seaming, leave 5-10-15 cm longer than usual length. The width of the cuff depends on the height;
  • make sure that after washing the jeans will not shrink, lose size, fabric color;
  • for this look, options for tight pants are suitable — skinny and classic. Trousers «budkata» with light flared, creating a massive look, are not suitable for seaming.
  • To wear skinny jeans, tight-fitting classics with a lower turn, choose shoes with laces — chukka, high boots. Chelsea doesn’t go well with rolled up denim pants. The leg should go over the edge of the boot by 2-3 cm or 2-3 eyes, high lacing eyelets.

men in jeans and shirts

There are models of shirts for wearing on release, and there are options that must be tucked into trousers.

The under-turn cuff depends on the height of the man: 170-190 — is 10 cm, above — equal to 15 cm. If a guy is 160 cm tall, then the width of the bookmark is no more than 5 cm.

Choose a shirt

In order for the clothes to fit well and emphasize the male character and charisma, the rules for choosing a shirt should be taken into account. There are models for wearing on release, and there are options that must be tucked into trousers:

  1. Suit shirts made of fine cotton, silk, viscose are put into the pants.
  2. Work shirts made of flannel, chambray, while T-shirts, sweatshirts, T-shirts under the shirt must be tucked into underwear.
  3. Casual shirts for men: polo, Hawaiian walking options, rugby, sports rashguards, guayabera are worn for release.
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Before buying a man’s garment, pay attention to the hem and design of the shirt:

  • Straight hem — worn over the pants, and the arched folds of the shirt are hidden in jeans. If the elements of an oval cut protrude at least 5 cm below the belt level, refueling is necessary;
  • a long hem, which drops and covers the man’s buttocks, is evenly distributed under the trousers and fastened with a belt;
  • garments for men with large weaving, with a two-color pattern (strip or rib, English cage), relief can be worn for release.

Men’s shirt style includes three types of stripes:

  • Bengali (white with a colored stripe of the same thickness);
  • Candy — a colored strip is two times thinner than white, that is, there is more distance between the stripes;
  • The Three Stars track pattern consists of three colors — white as the base and two opposite shades — for example, blue and red, yellow and purple.

The cage is considered a simpler pattern for men. From such fabrics, everyday work items are sewn from flannel, cotton or viscose. To correctly match a shirt for jeans, you need to choose the optimal length of the product. To do this, the man raises his hands up: if a bare part of the body appears in the abdomen area, then the shirt is short and should not be bought, but the long one can be shortened.

When choosing, be guided by the fact that the shirt should not be short, tight, wide or long.

For an event with a strict men’s dress code, light-colored items are chosen that need to be tucked into jeans. The exception is hot weather — then Hawaiian guayabers are appropriate. A tucked-in shirt and jeans make your figure slimmer. The man demonstrates not only a beautiful waist with cubes of the press, but also a beautiful leather belt with a buckle. As a result, the image looks elegant and complete.

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The following structural points affect the fit of the shirt according to the figure of men:

  • the collar fits loosely around the neck — two-finger indent;
  • necessarily coincidence along the line of the shoulders;
  • the line or strap of the fastener must match the button and fastener on the pants and the position of the belt buckle;
  • the determination of the length of the sleeve occurs by stretching the arms forward;
  • along the line of the man’s torso for a free fit, there should be indents of no more than 5 cm;
  • the cuffs should not expose the bone and cover the palm;
  • collar angle for free style is 45-55 degrees.


The most popular options for jeans-like shoes are brown loafers, gray oxfords, slip-on sneakers for a semi-athletic look, multicolored suede boots. Men’s casual style assumes a rough surface made of genuine leather. Business, evening options to create a formal or elegant look involve the inclusion of boots with a smooth leather surface.

Beautiful images

For a daytime look to work in the office, men’s jeans with a classic fit in blue (indigo) or black are suitable. Against the background of dark shades, light shirts, neatly tucked into trousers, will look great. The main rule of business style is minimalism or the complete absence of additional accessories: a white shirt with jeans, a watch and a stylish headdress — a hat or cap. Oxford shoes will emphasize elegance.

In casual style, the daytime outing has no clear boundaries in terms of the use of additional elements — glamour tied scarves, scarves and pendants, belts with large buckles, exotic design watches, leather laces, bracelets, and a vest. If a walk awaits you, choose a shirt for release under jeans for men in bleached blue, gray or brown shades in combination with printed cage or stripe garments.

Casual clothes
Casual sets in casual style.

An informal casual style for an evening out requires the use of clothes of deep saturated shades, contrast with the top, the presence of bright accessories and elegant shoes. Black jeans and a shirt for men should emphasize the beauty and state of the figure. For an evening look, pants with tousled edges, cut and torn holes, with the effect of «worn» denim are not suitable. The low rise suits fit guys who boast six abs on their abs.

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