Rules for combining men’s jeans and jackets

A men’s jacket for jeans — for several decades in a row it has not been considered either a sign of bad taste, or special courage in choosing a casual outfit. Previously, such a combination was considered unacceptable, but now the most formal item of a man’s wardrobe is easily perceived as basic and strict, even complemented by denim trousers. The secret lies in the variety that both inalienable attributes have acquired from the set of a modern stylish man.

Rules for pairing jeans and jackets

There are several general principles that predetermine the options for such harmonization, the idea of ​​which is instilled in a man from childhood. This is the relevance of bold, outrageous wardrobe items in certain cases and the versatility of monochromatic things, with a cut close to traditional classic. There will be no doubts about the appropriateness and compatibility of things that do not have skewed lines, a tight-fitting cut, flashy colors and holes:

  1. A black or gray jacket will easily combine in imagination and appearance with gray, blue, black and burgundy denim trousers. He will create an excellent everyday look — a little relaxed, but restrained, dismissive, business-like.
  2. It is not worth saying that an exclusively fitted men’s jacket is suitable for the bottom of this type — a summer, linen or cotton jacket with short sleeves will make a stylish combination with a thin, loose cut.
  3. The rules on how to choose the correct set are dictated by both toilet items, therefore, it is advised to keep several items in the closet and combine them as appropriate.
  4. A tuxedo and tailcoat cannot under any circumstances be combined with jeans, even if it is publicly announced that this is the most fashionable trend and is now worn in Paris. There are things that are conditionally compatible, but there is also a traditional dress code that cannot deviate from the established rules.

Jeans with patches, fringes or ripped ones are not worn under a formal cut jacket in the same way as no one chooses a summer top made of lightweight fabric under a winter thick corduroy or woolen tweed.

Men in blazers and jeans
A black or gray jacket will easily combine in imagination and appearance with gray, blue, black and burgundy denim trousers.

This enumeration of conditions easily defines the selection rules that are modern, stylish, compatible and bold. It is necessary to observe several conditions and remember them by opening the door of the wardrobe, wardrobe. Upbringing and education, as well as natural flair, allow you to make an unmistakable choice — a person has a certain set of stereotypes, concepts of compatibility and styles, seasonality and time of use. Those who have just begun to create their own stylish image need to remember three conditions — the color palette, harmony of styles, style correspondence and the purpose of the selection of the kit.

What types of jackets are suitable

It should be said right away that a tuxedo and a tailcoat are incompatible with jeans. All other types, subject to three conditions, can, with some reservations, be worn with jeans.

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The versatility of modern fashion allows us to classify a properly selected everyday set as one of the most demanded and always relevant trends. He has several undeniable merits that are appreciated by office workers, top managers and middle managers of large companies. And this says that very young and mature males can use such tools in creating a fashionable look.

For this option, the bottom of the classic cut is usually recommended, but in the modern sense, several sewing options fall under it at once. Stylists recommend not to get hung up on the classification, but simply to wear three conventional-template combinations with jeans:

  1. Business man… A jacket and jeans are a way to demonstrate some loyalty in clothes and at the same time gain freedom of movement, comfort and a tendency to listen to fashion trends. In the selected set, a gray with a pattern, an olive or dominant beige jacket and moderately classic trousers will look appropriate. The belt and shoes are certainly made of leather, especially if the jeans are mid-Atlantic cut, reaching to the ankle, showing the shoes. If they are with a turn-up, you can safely wear moccasins to match the accessories, and allow some liberty in a jacket — an unexpressed medium-sized cage, a goose foot or melange.
  2. For outstanding occasions small scale. For a date, a friendly party, a visit to the bride’s parents, a slightly fitted gray or olive hunting option will be appropriate. No solemn attributes, except for a light fitted shirt or a blazer in pastel shades (olive, blue, pale pink, cream, pearl gray) in the cold season. Dark blue or black denim trousers, beautifully fitting legs, with a high waist.
  3. Shocking — for festivities during folk holidays, stag parties, nightclubs. The shirt is certainly fitted, but not classic — with a double or triple collar, sequins or small checks in bold color combinations. A very narrowed jacket, but without decorative elements, frayed jeans with a turn-up, or standard length that do not hinder movements (for a feeling of stiffness, a jacket that tightly fits the torso, back and arms will be enough).

The classic jackets category includes several categories that fall under this definition due to the lack of characteristic details. Two narrow sides, one or two buttons, welt side pockets will unmistakably separate the classic version from the hunting one with its shoulder insert (as in English films about aristocrats, jockey with three pockets or sportswear).

Men in brown blazers and jeans
In the selected set, a beige jacket and moderately classic trousers will look appropriate.

You should not differentiate between classic and fashionable men’s jackets, since the classics are always in fashion, but the formal version, as part of a business suit, is not so much a fashion as a dress code. The described liberties are unacceptable in it, but a well-tailored formal one is ideal for full ones, hiding texture flaws. Therefore, men of large sizes can, in some cases, wear a suit jacket with black loose jeans that fit the belly, and the length of the trousers in the middle of the caboose with a rounding in front will visually lengthen the legs and make them more proportional to the large torso.

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The main difference in how to wear a jacket with jeans in order to create a deceptively average image of everyday life and at the same time stand out, look stylish and fashionable, stylists writing pages of fashion magazines consider the absence of a shirt. Although the same combination with a fitted shirt and tie is considered a business style option. The most trivial option for the cold season is black or dark blue, moderately narrowed trousers made of dense denim, a plain turtleneck or a jumper with a round neck (you can use a cotton tight shirt or a cape cut from a cashmere blazer).

Jeans and Club Blazer looks
Options for combining images of a club jacket and jeans.

The most common color option for a jacket is in a cage, barely noticeable or marked with a contrasting color to the main field.


The current fashion has gone far from the primitive understanding, in which the phrase «sports jacket» for a certain healthy image, in harmony with T-shirts and polo shirts. There are sleeveless ones, there are also long options. The former are recommended to be worn with blazers with patches on the elbows or with a cape and contrasting trim on the sleeves, neckline and hem. Now such jerseys are in demand and are worn under a standard look.

The choice of trousers is dictated by the jacket variety — under the elongated one it is recommended to wear girlfriends, skinny, cropped and even torn ones, but without sleeves and with a blazer — bananas or boyfriends will be in harmony.


A blue jacket can also be called a club jacket, provided that it is generously decorated with embroidery, emblems or patches. However, simple, classic, laconic denim pants without any bells and whistles are invariably put on under it. The presentability necessary for the look is achieved by a shirt made of natural fabric, ideally — light, but not white, and in no case with cufflinks.

Men in club blazers and jeans
Classic jeans are worn under the club jacket.


Not so much a description of the style or cut as a characteristic of tailoring to the figure. Not every man can afford a tight and very narrowed jacket that fits the arms, back and tightly emphasizes the waist, complete with skinny, which also tightly fits the legs. However, delicately removed extra centimeters can make a fat person slimmer, provided that it is a black or brown top, paired with well-fitting classics or mild bananas.

Men in skinny jeans and fitted blazers
Not every man can afford a tight and tight-fitting jacket that fits the arms, back and tightly emphasizes the waist, complete with skinny, which also tightly fits the legs.


In no case is it allowed to combine with a classic shirt and tie. However, this is an incredibly fashionable piece of men’s wardrobe, with silver or gold buttons, deftly sitting on the figure and equipped with only one slot. Stylists are sure that skinny jeans with cuffs, cropped or skinny in combination with a knitted product will give the look extravagance and some shocking. The prevalence of blue and black in the manufactured models also speaks in favor of this combination.

Jeans and Knit Jacket looks
Skinny jeans with cuffs, cropped or skinny in combination with a knitwear will give the look extravagance and some shocking.

How to choose an image with a jacket and jeans

Modern fashion is characterized by both exactingness to details and general impression, striving for style correspondence and eclecticism, gravitation towards bright shades and coloristic harmonization. It is not necessary to wear acidic shades to stand out, two or three small but dominant details are enough. You can add a touch of romance with a voluminous scarf, create a business impression with a handkerchief in your breast pocket and a narrow tie.

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But this requires the correct selection of two basic elements. They should not only correspond to each other, but also completely harmonize with their master.

To work

The choice is determined not only by the season, but also by the type of activity. With a strict dress code, you can give preference to black trouser-cut jeans, wool and tweed jackets, with welt pockets and without special accessories (emblems or patches). The desire to find sufficient ease and a light touch of shocking will perfectly disguise a monophonic fitted shirt and tie, thin, not flashy. Although psychologists advise wearing red for important negotiations or interviews to gain proper confidence.

To rest

It is better to choose a set that does not hinder movements — comfortable or sports shoes allow for knitwear, sporty fit in combination with jeans with a turn-up or classic that open the boots. A loose jumper, T-shirt, linen or cotton jacket, hunting or jockey style, will make a fashionable look at the same time allowing you to relax and relieve the effects of everyday stress.

Man in jeans jacket and scarf
Comfortable or athletic shoes, in combination with open-top jeans with a turn-up or classic, a loose jumper or cotton jacket — a trendy casual look.

To the party

The scope for imagination is unlimited — from a tight-fitting and shiny jacket to a loose semi-fitted jacket. Sporty, reminiscent of a jacket, elongated and fitted, will perfectly harmonize with light — beige or gray skinny, and black or pearl will take on bright shades — red, burgundy or trendy purple.

The main highlight is in accessories: from a neckerchief and a pocket square to a loosely tied tie, a scarf, a watch on a massive bracelet and a thin chain around the neck. Feel free to choose colors — coral, yellow, gold, metallic, tropical pink and purple are all allowed.

Connoisseurs of styles and cuts know how many sides and buttons, what slots and pockets a jacket with an intricate name should have. But you can not learn this science in detail, when a person has his own style, and he chooses things, guided by his own preferences, and not pages in glamorous magazines or persistent recommendations on a random Internet portal.

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