Non-iron shirt or all about the wrinkle-resistant men’s shirt

Business style requires a neat appearance: a tailored suit and a flawlessly white, ironed shirt. Tucked into trousers, the product creates folds and creases under the jacket in the waist area, and once wrapped sleeves will not restore smoothness. Young people have adapted to the tense rhythm of life: they change their shirts every day, but they have not been able to get rid of ironing until today. Many well-known brands sew non-wrinkle cotton shirts and offer the optimal non-iron solution for men’s wardrobe.

Shirt material

In 1940, tests began on the processing of fibers with synthetic substances. The next decade saw the release of crease-free clothing under the Brooks weave brand. Brooks Brothers has found a way to weave polyester yarns into cotton. The idea of ​​making men’s shirts wrinkle-free led to the popular invention of the XX in century — the emergence of an innovative non-iron material for sewing clothes for men. The fabric did not need to be ironed after washing. The presence of synthetics did not improve the finished product, but the novelty won the recognition of a strong half of humanity.

The technology for the production of wrinkle-free fibers has been improved. New ways have been invented to make the grooming and wearing of the shirt more comfortable.

  1. Processing of fibers with solutions, dressing substances. The canvas with a resinous film is resistant to creasing, but contains a dangerous carcinogen — formaldehyde, which can cause allergies on the skin surface. Artificial yarns lose their originally declared non-iron properties after three to four washes.
  2. The use of technology of mixing cotton with polyamide, polyester gives a durable wear-resistant fabric. As a result of the connection, the artificial fiber forms a mesh that does not allow air to pass through, does not absorb sweat. Men’s shirts made of this material create a «greenhouse» effect.
  3. Modern manufacturers offer a more sophisticated approach to creating breathable, wrinkle-free fabrics. Long staple mercerized cotton is twisted into a small cord. A dense fabric is made from the resulting flagella. The crease-resistance effect is achieved by the springiness of the twisted fibers made by the wet texturing method.
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How to choose

Globally, only 3% cotton is suitable for innovative fabrics, so don’t expect pre-made, wrinkle-free shirts to be cheap. The most famous brands Olymp, Marks & Spencer, Uniqlo, Bruno Banani, Brooks Brothers, Thomas Pink, Eterna are engaged in sewing non-wrinkle non-iron men’s products. In order not to buy a fake, carefully consider the choice of non-wrinkling garments.

  1. Note the presence of the «non-iron» label.
  2. Make sure the brand markings match the original. Fakes with artificial thread have a glow, the appearance of which makes the product cheaper.
  3. The cost of a non-wrinkled men’s non-iron shirt starts from 80-90 euros.
  4. Shop online on the official websites of these brands.
  5. Quality products are certified by the European Union, taking into account the rules of environmental safety. On the product label there will be a special mark about the passing of tests, the compliance of the production parameters with the level of the European standard. This means that natural raw materials are used in the production of fabric, without the addition of synthetics.
Brand Shirts
If a man’s shirt bears the “easy care” mark, synthetic thread was inserted into the cotton fibers during production. Indeed, such shirts are elastic and require easy maintenance, but this does not mean that they do not need to be ironed at all. Only non-wrinkle non-iron shirts made from textured fabric do not require ironing.

Advantages and disadvantages

For residents of a modern metropolis, shirts made using non-iron technology save about 15 minutes a day and 90 hours a year. And how pleasant it is to take off your jacket on a hot day and look like a brand new one: a tucked-in shirt of a free cut will not give a single fold in the waist area, along the sleeves, in the area of ​​the shoulder girdle, along the line of suspenders. Non-iron shirts will allow you to look confident in any situation — after a trip in a car, a long flight on an airplane, at the end of a working day at a meeting with clients or business partners.

  1. Minor creases that remain after washing are restored within half an hour. Under the influence of the heat generated by the body, the tissue structure straightens and looks as if it has been ironed.
  2. Men’s shirts are comfortable to wear, durable: the dense material is wear-resistant.
  3. The material does not stretch, does not shrink.
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The high price tag is the only drawback of high-tech men’s shirts.

Wrinkle-resistant shirts
Non-iron shirts will allow you to look confident in any situation — after a trip in a car, a long flight on an airplane, at the end of a working day at a meeting with clients or business partners.

How to care

Mercerized cotton non-iron shirts do not need special care, but you still have to follow certain rules.

  1. Before washing, the non-iron shirt is fastened with all the buttons and turned inside out — this keeps the collar, cuffs, chest pockets in excellent condition.
  2. Do not use chlorine bleach.
  3. Use a delicate wash at a temperature of 40 C.
  4. No more than six products are put into the drum of the machine. Powders containing a moisturizer and providing delicate care are used as a detergent.
  5. Men’s non-iron thick linen shirts are not tumble dried in an automatic dryer.
  6. After washing, the wet product is hung on a hanger until completely dry. Stretch the cuffs, collar a little, shake the sleeves. Then it is enough to iron the dense details and the man’s shirt is ready to go.

If, nevertheless, heat treatment is required, the temperature is set on the iron no higher than 150оC. To add comfort, lightness to your own life, wear non-wrinkle non-iron shirts to get the main resource — free time.

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