Men’s shirts — trends of the year

New fashion trends are not bypassed by young people and middle-aged men. Today the catwalks of fashion houses are full of creative proposals for both genders. Representatives of the strong half of humanity take care of their appearance. With the help of clothes, they create interesting images to demonstrate good taste and attract female attention.

In order to choose the right shirts for an office, a date or a trip out of town, you need to know the men’s fashion trends this year. Designers from different fashion houses present interesting solutions for men of different ages and social status. Consider trendy men’s shirts.

Trends of the year

  1. Among the popular trends in fashionable color, the classics are characterized by cold shades — blue, pink, purple, light green. For men with a «warm» color type, the fashion house offers pastel, neutral tones of milky, coffee, beige.
  2. Guys will appreciate the trendy tandem — a fitted shirt and skinny pants. For such a set, a shirt is chosen from expensive silk or thin viscose with embossing. It shouldn’t look like a piece of underwear. Paired with a form-fitting hem, guys roll up their sleeves and wear stylish suits in the summer.
  3. Fashion offers beautiful combinations of a loose fit suit and a silk shirt outside with white sneakers.
  4. On the catwalks, trends are presented, indicating a shocking combination of classics and casual style. The designers demonstrated the collision of cold shades with warm colors. Today men can play with textures, surface relief of a shirt, jacket, trousers, jeans or trench coat.
  5. Some fashion houses offer interesting sleeves for a summer shirt.
  6. Trends show shirts made from natural fabrics — cotton, silk, viscose, leather, linen.

Overview of stylish styles

Depending on the event, where you need to appear in an elegant way, choose a stylish cut, fit and style of a men’s shirt. Fashion brands offer shirts for graduation or tucking into trousers. As a result, textiles are classified according to the following criteria: by the type of fabric, by the cut option, by the type of wearing. If you follow fashion trends and good manners, men’s shirts are worn like this:

  1. The classic option is to choose a collar under a tie, tuck a shirt into pants and wear it under a jacket. Options for a business style are sewn from a thin blend of cotton with viscose.
  2. For everyday wear, men’s fashion involves the use of soft flannel counterparts, under which they put on T-shirts, sweatshirts in the cold season and set them in underwear.
  3. Men’s shirt made of lightweight denim — chambray — looks stylish, but at the same time comfortable to wear.
  4. Lightweight summer men’s shirts with short sleeves in a casual style: rugby, rashguards, Hawaiian shirts, guayabera are worn with jeans or shorts for release.
  5. Body-slim — tight-fitting options are worn without an upper addition, without tucking into shorts or trousers.
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Shirt styles

The fashionable environment dictates its conditions and directions. To emphasize the beauty of the male torso, the designers have developed topical options for men’s clothing for classic style work, interesting analogs of the casual direction. Shirts for men should not only be fashionable, but also comfortable.

Classic shirts

The most practical investment is a white shirt with a good fit. And if you still don’t have one, this season’s top trends are a great reason to buy.


Fashionable men’s suits, coats, trousers, shirts make up the capsule of a modern young man. The image with an office dress code maintains a strict classic style, fashion trends.

  1. The classic shirt for a mid-level manager, head of the company is a shirt silhouette with an allowance for a loose fit, with stiff starched cuffs and a collar.
  2. The strict dress code requires the presence of a tie, so the collar of the product for men has a sufficient turn for a large triangular knot.
  3. The front part is neatly decorated with a strip of dense material to match the basic thing, and buttons, loops are neatly hidden under the bar.
  4. The men’s shirt in accordance with the fashion ends below the waist by 10 cm for easy tucking under the trousers.
  5. The style of the sleeves is created so comfortable that when the hands are raised, the product remains tucked in.
  6. In order not to straighten a shirt during a business meeting, presentation, speech, they use suspenders, which are made by analogy with women’s stockings. They are invisible under wide office trousers, they connect the socks along the side, and from above they are fastened to the side seams of the shirt. The product neatly fits the torso throughout the day, the man is confident in a presentable appearance, nothing distracts his attention from work.
  7. Summer men’s shirts are offered by the fashion house from material with a pattern. A bright print tells a «southern» story, associated with the theme of relaxation, romance, travel.


Casual style is a relaxed version of the men’s dress code. Here there is a variability in the color scheme of the costume, the texture of fabrics, a creative character, a combination of individual items, the use of additional accessories. Often there are sets when a neckerchief is included in a suit instead of a tie, a pin is pinned to the jacket’s hem, a chain, a belt with a designer buckle or a massive necklace, and a wrist bracelet are fastened to the trousers.

Shirts of different styles
Depending on the set of clothes, you can understand the mood of a person, his goals and priorities.

The sets are dominated by beige-brown or gray-green-blue tones. Every detail of the image is thought out to the smallest detail, so as not to look vulgar, but at the same time stay on the fashionable wave.

Cage and Strip

Manufacturers offer well-known cages, but the most fashionable ones, often appearing on fashion catwalks, are: tartan, guinem, Plain, the cage of the Prince of Wales. In most cases, a large check is present on everyday flannel shirt options. For a stylish look, fashion-conscious men prefer products from the English brand Merz. The prints of the brand have their own history, they were carefully developed by designers, creative artists, therefore they support youth trends, emphasize male dignity, are appropriate in casual style, and are also recommended for a classic combination.

Men's checkered shirt
In most cases, a large check is present on casual flannel shirt options.

Fashionable long-sleeved shirts are sewn from fabric with three types of stripes:

  • the creative «three-star» print consists of three multi-colored stripes — white is the basis, and the other two lines are painted in opposite shades in the color wheel — blue and orange, green and red;
  • the combination of «candy» — a white background twice as thick as a colored strip;
  • Bengali (white base with a color stripe of the same size).
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The strip looks much more elegant than the cage, especially if the colors are in pastel shades. Such shirts are worn under a jacket, vest, with a tie or with a cardigan. Beautiful stand-up collar contrasting with fashionable beard allows you to emphasize the elegant image of a man or a youth direction of casual style.

Examples of fashionable shirts

The most popular shirt models were presented by the following fashion houses:

  • HUGO BOSS — a manufacturer from Germany has been sewing stylish men’s shirts for 100 years. Monochrome models cost from 500 rubles, suitable for the classic strict dress code;
  • Merz — presents a wide range of English men’s long-sleeved shirts, there are polo shirts. Manufacturers offer neat cut, stylish designs, interesting prints echoing English traditions, Tudor history;
  • LACOSTE — the brand was the author of the polo shirt. Since 1933, they have been making collections that go straight from the catwalks. The tradition of comfort, style in one bottle — LACOSTE products;
  • ARMANI — the brand uses high-quality materials, creates a unique design, so guys from all over the world dream of becoming owners of a T-shirt with the Armani label;
  • TOMMY HILFILGER — the brand produces shirts, supporting youth trends in fashion. A fashion house from the USA meets the demand of romantic natures and hooligans, intellectuals and modest intelligent representatives of the modern «golden» youth;
  • RALPH LAUREN — an American manufacturer for more than 50 years in the fashion industry market has been satisfying the demand of the sophisticated public. Stylish, comfortable polo shirt with a branded label — a distinctive sign recognized all over the world by fashion lovers;
  • PAUL SMITH — The English brand offers creative solutions. Residents of Europe, among whom there are extraordinary personalities, prefer bright color combinations, geometric prints, unexpected ornaments, strange colors. Paul Smith brought a touch of «hooligan» style to world fashion, for which he was awarded the Queen of Great Britain and received the Order of the Knight;
  • CALVIN KLEIN — innovation in terms of changing the structure of the material for men’s shirts has not gone unnoticed in the fashion world. Stylish and comfortable men’s shirts in the structure contain elastane mixed with cotton, which allows the body to breathe during active sports.
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Men’s shirts of each brand are distinguished by exquisite design and exceptional quality. Stylish products are created from fabrics made to order, prints, drawings are developed by artists, eminent designers. Today, a stylish shirt is not just a separate wardrobe item. In combination with a tie or jacket, jacket or hat, vest or coat, it helps to understand the character of the owner, how he at the moment wants to declare his personality, what he broadcasts to the world around him. Depending on the set of clothes, you can understand a person’s mood, his goals, life priorities.

Fashion shirts
Shirts for men should not only be fashionable, but also comfortable.

Among the modern budget brands, there is a good selection of garments for young and middle-aged men.

  1. ZARA — a well-known Spanish brand, whose stores are present in different countries. The brand is known for copying new collections from famous fashion houses. New models come out every two weeks, but the quality of the sewing fabrics leaves much to be desired.
  2. MEXX — a trade mark from the Netherlands for sewing men’s shirts uses exclusively natural fabrics: jacquard, linen, cotton, denim, tweed. Designers prefer an urban relaxed style, they set something in fashion. The brand’s shirts are inexpensive, suitable for work, walking in the park, going on a picnic, meeting friends in a cafe or bar;
  3. BIRIZ — Turkish brand has been producing a separate line of clothing for men since 1990. Turkish-made men’s shirts are worn at home or to work, included in casual-style sets.
  4. TOM TAILOR — a manufacturer from Germany demonstrates exceptional quality, prefers comfort and convenience in design and cut, therefore garments are popular among buyers of all ages.
  5. LEVIS — produces clothes for men from classic denim, high-quality plaid flannel. The trade mark has been operating since 1853, therefore it has won the trust of customers, as it uses exclusively natural fabrics for sewing men’s T-shirts and shirts.
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