What is a men’s parka jacket and what does it look like?

A winter jacket is clothing that can help resist cold, wind, snow or rain. It must contain thick insulation so that the body is constantly warm, even if it is not moving. A man’s parka meets these requirements — what it is and how to combine it correctly with other items of clothing needs to be looked into in more detail.

Warm, comfortable, durable and stylish, it’s easy to see why the parka coat is one of winter’s best-selling coats. Such products can be used both for sports and for more formal occasions.

What is the parka jacket?

As you might expect, the park was created by residents from the Arctic regions of Greenland, Canada, and Alaska as a functional way to protect themselves from the harsh Arctic conditions. The only difference between a jacket and a parka is the length. Parks can generally provide more heat due to their length.


Compared to other products, the men’s parka has a number of advantages:

  • Practical cut. This product does not interfere with free movements, which makes it indispensable for active people. This jacket is combined with both a jacket and a shirt;
  • optimal length. Most often, the product ends in the middle of the thigh, which allows you to keep the lower back and kidneys warm. This makes it possible to wear a parka for hunting and fishing;
  • often, all models of such a jacket can transform depending on weather conditions. Parkas are equipped with removable hoods, liners, fur;
  • good quality fabric. To make a parka, manufacturers use the highest quality materials that have a wind and waterproof surface;
  • convenience. Thanks to modern park technology, in addition to being hot, it is also no less light.

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Among the shortcomings of such a thing, there are not so many:

  • additional layers of insulation increase the mass of the product, which can cause discomfort;
  • parkas that use natural feathers look much more voluminous than jackets with an artificial layer of insulation;
  • quality parka is not cheap.

For reference! Since synthetic insulation is susceptible to deformation during its lifetime due to wet and dry conditions, it begins to lose its primary ability to retain heat faster than a feather.


The main criteria to consider when buying parkas are the types of weather conditions:

  • Moderate. If a person lives in a temperate climate, it is recommended to use a parka with a base coat, polyester sherpa lining, with a detachable hood and plenty of pockets. This parka isn’t completely waterproof, and polyester doesn’t trap heat like goose feathers, but it’s reasonably priced for cooler weather;
  • cold. If a person lives in a region where temperatures rarely drop to low degrees and sleet can be expected, then the emphasis should not be on frost insulation, but on waterproofing, which is crucial. It has a light weight, waterproof, breathable cover and hood;
  • variable. Many popular parks are designed with layers in mind. A quality parka can be broken down into three pieces of clothing: a parka, a zippered jacket, and an outer shell. These modular covers are especially useful in autumn and spring, when weather conditions can be unpredictable.
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The outer shell is a thin waterproof barrier for the jacket. It can provide superior weather protection with Gore-tex membrane material, or DWR coating.

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As insulation are used:

  • feathers;
  • synthetic fibers;
  • synthetic fleece.

Regardless of the type of insulation, the effect is the same: insulation traps body heat and prevents it from escaping. The greater the thickness of the insulation, the warmer it will be for a person in a jacket at any temperature range.

For reference! The advantage of synthetic insulation is that it does not shrink when wet, there is much less insulating loss and it dries much faster.

To sew a parka jacket, the following types of fabrics are used:

  • Cotton material Twill. It is a soft material that, thanks to its fibers, can be comfortable in hot weather. It is made of cotton fibers, so it absorbs sweat easily. No other jacket will look as elegant as a twill parka;
  • canvas — material that has a tough and strong character. It has sufficient thickness, so many manufacturers of parka jackets make their products using this particular material. Initially, this type of fabric was used for sewing jackets for soldiers who served on the battlefield;
  • taslan — a material that is included in the category of waterproof materials. This fabric has a kind of rubber fiber that automatically closes the pores of the fabric so that water and wind cannot penetrate it;
  • nylon — just like taslan, this type of fabric is waterproof. Nylon materials use a cotton blend because it will act as a sweat absorbent;
  • fleece — a kind of soft and thick material. A parka made from such a fabric looks rather strange because it is not water-repellent and fluffy inside. This type of fabric is ideal for modern garments and is used in mountaineering jackets.
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What to wear with a parka jacket?

It is necessary to choose the color of the parka, depending on what kind of clothes a person wears more often in everyday life. If light colors predominate in the wardrobe, then you need to consider a blue or green parka. For darker clothes, a black or green jacket will do.

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To choose what to wear with a parka, just choose the following combinations in your wardrobe:

  • Joggers, a simple tee, and bold color layers. The parka will combine all these elements into one common bow. A pair of gray joggers, a T-shirt plus a fluorescent hoodie or blazer with parkas underneath will make everyone turn their heads;
  • a shirt, blue jeans and high boots will do. Together with the park, this casual look is appropriate for a first date;
  • a short jumper, skinny jeans and wide boots, along with a parka, will be a good option for meeting friends at a bar because at night you will want to throw a hood over your head;
  • a black parka with a faux fur hood pairs well with a gray jumper, black skinny jeans and a pair of winter boots like the Timberlands make for a good work outfit;

Important considerations when choosing

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What exactly to look for when choosing a parka model for yourself:

  • No structure. Oversized is still in trend. Loose fit and variety of styles continue to be at the peak of popularity. The more, the better and warmer. They look great with an oversized scarf;
  • you should choose a parka with enough pockets to keep everything close at hand and have easy access to what you need. The phone will go into the inside pocket. The rolls are closed with a zipper in a pocket on the chest, and the keys to the house will never be lost in the side pocket;
  • it is advisable to choose a model with artificial fur overlays. They will add extra luxury, warmth and beauty to the image;
  • This season is worth paying attention to bold colors. – pink, blue, black and gray;
  • you need to pay attention to the presence of a large hood. Thanks to him, you can do without a hat. A large hood that hangs over the face will always help you stay completely dry.

The parka has come a long way in history. From a vital part of the life of the Inuit (ethnic peoples of North America), to military uniforms, and to the modern universal item that almost everyone has today. No matter what color the parka is chosen, it is guaranteed to keep you warm, dry and looking good during the winter months.

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