Men’s jeans — trends of the year

Over the past five years, the denim trend has shown a lack of masculinity. Tightly fitting tapered legs visually distorted the silhouette — at the top, the man looked like an adult, and at the bottom, like a little boy. This year, on the catwalks of famous fashion houses, you can see how the approach of designers to the male direction has changed. On the one hand, the collections are full of variety, and on the other, there is a steady tendency towards the correct classic silhouette: men’s jeans in a fashionable interpretation are free models of different lengths and styles.

Fashion trends

Men love convenience and comfort, so jeans are worn by adherents of casual style, lovers of intellectual fashion create dandy looks. Free-cut models are worn at home, for a walk, to work. Men ́s trousers made of cotton fabric with a density of 14 ounces and above — real denim — are quite expensive and do not go out of fashion. For the manufacture of models from the mass market, cheaper fabrics are used:

  • Jean less dense and short-lived material;
  • Stretch — guarantees a tight fit, stretches in the right places, is more often used for sewing jeans for women.

The fit of fashionable jeans is divided into the following types:

  • Fit available in three versions — Regular, Slim, Skinny;
  • Cut — the type of male cut differs from the knee and below — Standard, Tapered. Boot Cut;
  • Rise — the models are distinguished by the height of the seating position on the male figure — High, Medium, Low.

Marking «Selvage”Means that the pants are cut so that the hem of the fabric does not need to be overcast. The edge is preserved during cutting and does not require overlock processing.

To dye fashionable jeans until 1866, a plant-derived pigment was used, after that date, the fabric is dyed with an artificial compound. The result is men’s indigo trousers — a rich deep blue that hasn’t gone out of style for decades.

Men in jeans
This year’s fashion looks relaxed, elegant, practical, comfortable and stylish.

Turn-downs have been a fashion trend for the last three to five years. Among stylists, there is a whole science of how, when and where to tuck. Let’s try to understand the rules of fashion.

  1. Single fold — a single fold of the leg by 1-2 cm. In this case, the effect of a narrow light strip is achieved, which makes the male look interesting and not boring.
  2. A double fold is equal in height to a single one, but the jeans are getting shorter. This style is suitable for high shoes — men’s boots up to the ankle and above.
  3. Double with an edge — when the first fold is made equal to two lengths of a short take, and the second is shortened. As a result, the hem of the leg is visible, which supports the fashionable youth trend.
  4. Pinroll — first the pant leg is laid, and then as many short turns are made. This method completely changes the silhouette of men’s trousers. If they were straight or flared, then after this turn they will look like fashionable banana pants or cargo pants that are tapered from top to bottom. This way of wearing jeans is popular with sneakerheads.
  5. The wide option to wrap the trouser leg is similar to the single one, only the height of the fold is from five to ten centimeters.
  6. The double wide version is used by those who wear high boots who want to showcase beautiful fashionable socks.
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Designers offer different models that can be worn with Converse sneakers, classic boots. Fashion points out that blue denim goes well with brown shoes.

Turn-ups on men's jeans
Turn-downs — a fashion trend of the last three to five years.

Expensive designer pieces have no wear and tear. Structurally, each version has a pocket for coins, belt loops, discolored atari pleats, right-side weave twill, Tate-ochi — longitudinal highlighting effect along the length of the leg, fashionable Selvage folds. The current colors of modern denim are in fashion this year:

  • all shades of blue — from ink to light blue;
  • white;
  • the black;
  • beige;
  • dark gray or pure black.

For the spring-summer season, designers of fashion houses in Europe offer men’s stylish jeans this year.

  1. Balenciaga presents wide free models along the entire length of the leg with trousers gathered at the bottom or flared long options. Trendy jeans go well with wide, oversized shirts, T-shirts and T-shirts.
  2. Valentino sees the future of denim in unexpected combinations. At the same time, the lower edges of the legs are raw and cut off much higher than the man’s ankle.
  3. Classic Samples Shows Fashion House Brendon maxwell… Straight, loose-fitting trousers complete a neat stylish bow with a sweatshirt worn over a shirt or a stylish jacket — the fashion of this year is interesting and varied.
  4. Tods — universal men’s wide jeans, a classic of modern fashion.
  5. Dscuared2 — avant-garde novelties — mid-rise styles with rolled wide leg. Fashionable men’s trousers are suitable for guys with a slender build.
  6. Iceberg — lightweight, loose-fitting clothing that echoes the classic fashion silhouette. Convenient and comfortable fashionable jeans will be appreciated by men of different age categories and social status.
  7. For those who want to look not only stylish, but expensive and presentable. House of fashion house Fendi offers to integrate jeans into business looks. Designers show how to wear comfortable options with raincoats, coats and jackets. The creators offer combinations in a men’s safari style.
  8. Brand representatives shared new ideas John Richmond — the collection «splashes of white paint» aroused genuine interest among fashionable stylish youth.
  9. Stylish multicolored models Off-White — unusual design, patchwork technique in denim fashion. As a result, the jeans do not look like standard Indigo denim. The creators have gone beyond the usual perception of dense fabric and offer pants in black, gray and white, as well as gradient transitions.
  10. White and black skinny swatches Filipp Plein suitable for slender young guys following the fashion of past years.
  11. Versace represents black washed denim in a grayish shade.
  12. Jacquemus — bold non-standard solutions — safari style, creative design — typical elements of the fashion collection.
  13. Giorgio Armani released clothes supporting the dandy style. The trousers are presented in a total look with a dark blue jacket.
  14. Fashion house Gucci released a collection in the style of the 70s — straight fashion options, with a slight flare down.
Men in jeans
Men’s jeans in a fashionable reading are loose models of different lengths, styles.

Interesting models presented by fashion brands Kenzo, Etro, Dries From Sheet music… In all collections, there is a steady preference for a wide free cut — the latest trends. Now the fashion of this year looks relaxed, elegant, practical, comfortable and stylish.

What jeans are going out of fashion

Two or three years ago, tight-fitting stretch models occupied the main place on the fashion catwalks of Europe. The legs were narrowed. The male silhouette resembled a penguin, whose movements were constrained by tight-fitting trousers. Slouchy skinny jeans for men with a turn-up for an oversized trouser look. As a result, the ratio of the length of the body and legs changes, which visually shorten the models that are narrowed with a turn.

Men in jeans
This image does not fit well with the brutal character of men.

This image did not fit well with the brutal character of men, the images looked comical and funny. In the spring and summer of this year, the models of fashionable jeans have become more diverse and interesting. The lack of masculinity in the collections of European fashion houses of the past is fully compensated for by new products and trends this season. All designers support confidently upward trends — loose fit, classic silhouette, comfort and elegance.

Examples of stylish looks with jeans

Today, the trend is dominated by the direction of individuality — fashion becomes authentic, so there are models on the catwalks from the narrowest to the most stylish wide samples. As before, the requirements for a high degree of comfort are imposed on clothes, therefore the most comfortable and fashionable men’s denim jeans are in each collection.

  1. It is impossible to imagine a casual style without high-quality jeans. When clothes from the mass market are everywhere, men understand what quality denim is. Models Etro, Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Gucci go well with brown high boots. A shirt from the British brand «Merz», a stylish jumper made of wool and a bright red and yellow neckerchief as a color accent will suit the fashionable pants. In cool weather, you can wear a brown jacket to match the boots, a leather satchel bag and a bow will be considered complete.
  2. Jeans look great in total looks when all elements of clothing are blue. But the shoes are left brown or black, and the jacket is selected to match the shoes or bags.
  3. Modern fabrics and a new cut allow jeans to penetrate the men’s business style. Fashionable models Fendi, Gucci, Brendon Maxwell are perfectly combined with jackets, raincoats, business briefcases, classic boots and office shirts.
  4. Among the latest trends can be traced the proposal of fashion designers to wear wide men’s jeans with the same wide shirts. To create the necessary contour in the upper part of the image, it is suggested to use vests that structure the silhouette and emphasize the beauty of the male body.
  5. The trendy runway looks of this year featured stylish combinations with a jeans shirt with patch pockets. For a total blue bow, they suggest wearing black boots with a rounded toe.
  6. Designer Alexander Wang proposes to stylize images with fashionable denim, white-brown sneakers, a spectacular travel bag. As a bright accent against the background of blue denim, you can see a red strap to a belt wallet or a thin strip of a pair of socks visible from under the jeans collar — a stylish fashion trend this year.
  7. Summer looks consist of a beautiful T-shirt with an interesting print. The depth of the colors depends on the saturation of the jeans. The wide collar creates a light accent at the bottom of the leg. Black classic boots and a leather belt of the same color complete the youthful look.
Men in jeans
Clothing demands a high degree of comfort, so the most comfortable and fashionable men’s denim jeans are in every collection.
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