Men’s duffle coat in modern fashion

Duffle coat for men is a coat, the history of which goes back several decades. But from the moment when the requirements for a coat were determined by its original purpose, such an outfit acquired a universal character and began to fit into the wardrobe of a man who is a fan of almost any stylistic direction.

Varieties of duffle coat

Men’s duffle coat is the only type of coat, before which all the whims of changeable fashion for various decades turned out to be helpless. Initially, the term was used only to define a single species — the coat of an English naval sailor. It was functional clothing (three-quarters length so as not to impede movement when walking), with a hood (closed from wind and spray), single-breasted (quickly put on).

The name comes from the name of woolen fabric (duffle). It was produced in Belgium, the original material was originally only camel wool. Now the duffle coat is traditionally sewn from woolen fabric, but it is no longer essential that it was certainly a camel duffle.

Men in duffle coat
A modern duffle coat can be either long or short.

The main differentiation that is adhered to today is the male and female type of outerwear. But upon closer examination, it turns out that the coat has acquired universal types. Some of them, the most modern ones, very remotely resemble their historical prototype:

  • the winter one was supplemented with a demi-season one, with the same distinctive features (single-breasted, with a hood and original buttons on a single-breasted fastener);
  • length ¾ is no longer a basic requirement, there is a short version (pea jacket and short coat) and a long one (up to the knees);
  • the dark range of colors was replaced by pastel tones (this year, in a special trend, bright — burgundy and red);
  • buttons, sticks and clasped fangs can be in harmony with a duffle coat or contrast, then other items of clothing or accessories are selected for them;
  • there is a model not with a spacious hood (to put on a naval warrant officer), but with an improved one, with straps or buttons for optimal protection in bad weather.
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A hood and solid fabric are now considered an indispensable attribute of a duffle coat: history has transformed a military coat, sewn like a camisole, into a comfortable and stylish look for everyday wear. Even the traditional requirements for the use of woolen fabric are ignored: in the fashionable collections, winter, sewn from fur, is presented. Glorious English traditions, with hand-made sewing, exceptionally high-quality material and natural horn clasps (leather loops by all means) are now, due to the price, not available to everyone. But there are democratic options, which a special cut and lining in a cage allow us to refer to the oldest category in the history of fashion.

Where and with what to wear

The traditionally men’s coat, which is considered an eternal classic and is unlikely to ever go out of fashion, has ceased to be an attribute of exclusively elite brands. This model is constantly included in fashion collections, which made it common in the relatively inexpensive sewing class. But it is precisely this circumstance that led to the emergence of many recommendations with what to wear in a fashionable acquisition. They are determined not only by the male and female duffle coat, but also by its variety — length, color scheme, sewing material, seasonality, accessories and other nuances.

Men in duffle coat
Duffle coat is a great model for a casual look, walking around the city, business visits.

Tips for female looks are democratic:

  • in rainy weather, you can wear a flared skirt, classic trousers with arrows, jeans with rubber boots;
  • any bulky bag is suitable, including a backpack made of fabric or leather;
  • a short skirt is allowed, provided that it is a palm longer than a coat, a knitted sweater with a high collar or a jumper with a cutout;
  • from shoes, sneakers, lace-up boots and even high boots with a small heel are suitable.
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The image with a man’s duffle coat is no less variable: a knitted sweater, a T-shirt and even a shirt with a lowered tie are allowed. The requirements for the lower part are democratic — from classic trousers to plaid, jeans of different colors. And only leather shoes are recommended, be it shoes with a blunt toe or high lace-up shoes. Particular attention is paid to accessories — a scarf, seals and a tote bag should be matched in contrast or to match, but tastefully and not cheap.

When to wear it is not recommended

Fashion bloggers insist on the versatility of the duffle coat, talking about Hollywood and pop stars, sewing children’s models and even toys in this type of warm clothing. However, there is a fine line that even famous people adhere to. In some circumstances, the prototype of the English sailor’s camisole looks inorganic and alien.

This is a great model for everyday bows, city walks, business visits. Since it is considered a casual or urban item, it would be ridiculous to look at a country picnic or evening reception. It is difficult to imagine a duffle coat worn under an evening dress, jewelry, stiletto heels and a clutch, or with a tuxedo, pointed shoes and a bow tie.

Fashionable Images

On casual posing models, the duffle coat looks organic and stylish in any, even contradictory version. However, the first thing to remember is the awareness of choice. There are coats with a high waist, short sleeves, there are options that are narrowed and short, but you need to buy such things in accordance with the figure that nature has awarded or your own efforts.

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The second condition for a fashionable look is a style direction. Sports, casual and business coats are allowed, but provided that the rest of the clothes, accessories and shoes do not contradict each other, are worn by a person of a certain profession and appearance.

Men in duffle coat
Leather shoes are recommended, whether they be shoes with a blunt toe or high lace-up shoes.

A certain boldness of colors, selection of details does not mean that a fashionable image is necessarily based on inconsistency and challenge to the rules of good taste, delicate taste, age and gender. In winter, a headdress is important — a knitted hat, cap or fur ear flaps. They can complement the bow or cancel out the impression of it on different people.

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