Jeans length: what should be for a correct fit

Modern fashion does not give a definite answer as to how long men’s jeans should be, and this is not surprising, because the length of denim products entirely depends on the style.

Length standards

Men of mature and old age tend to the classic options — moderately loose, but not baggy, not tight-fitting, but leaving some understatement. But in this style, options are also possible — we are not talking about straight lines, barely noticeably narrowed downwards, with a good fit at the waist, buttocks and hips, but about the length, which is considered standard among adherents of the classics.

The definition of the standard is dictated by considerations of convenience — when sitting down, a person should not feel that his socks or legs are on display. Some models from branded manufacturers are equipped with the bottom of the leg, which is slightly beveled from front to back. This option allows you to close the heel of the shoe without collecting the front of the jeans into a light but unpleasant accordion.

A careful study of the question of the length of men’s jeans leads to some unexpected conclusions:

  1. It is not always possible to buy pants that are longer than necessary, even for those with non-standard parameters. Slightly tapering to the bottom, does not affect the middle of the leg, and if more than 10 cm is removed, then they begin to give the impression of slightly flared. The very nuance that ensures a dexterous fit to the shoe is removed, and even if it is cut evenly, they still seem to be longer in front or in the area of ​​the shoe back. In boots or boots, this is still acceptable, but when worn under shoes or sneakers, it leaves the impression of being unkempt and unattractive.
  2. The length of jeans used earlier in men was an indisputable axiom — the edge should almost cover the shoes, and at the same time there should not be any folds on them. Stylists are still confident that this particular cut ideally contributes to the slimness of the silhouette and visually lengthens the legs.
  3. Modern jeans cannot be left in their original form, even if their length is only a couple of centimeters longer than the current generally accepted standards. The lowered edges not only look sloppy, but also gather in asymmetrical variegated folds, making the legs short and crooked at the same time.
  4. The average length of jeans is determined by the shoe, but it can be completely different — from massive boots to shoes, sneakers and loafers. Hence, the need to find some arithmetic mean or tie each pair of pants to a specific pair of shoes. Those who wear denim trousers so that they cover the edge of the shoe by a couple of centimeters may, with some observation, discover the breadth of the sock trend in which the hem of the leg matches the cuff of the shoe.
Jeans length
The edge of the leg is located in the middle of the heel, and therefore the jeans in front are necessarily gathered a little.

This is not a shot, but just another correct length for the classic denim cut common to Europe and America. If in common recommendations you can find the statement about keeping 1 cm from the floor, then there is such a tendency, no less correct and relevant with a different mentality.

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Classic jeans

In this version, you can find somewhat contradictory statements on the topic of what should ideally be the length. Some strict critics are sure that the edge of the leg should be a centimeter from the floor, others categorically assert that it is certainly located in the middle of the heel and therefore the jeans in front are necessarily a little tucked up. Still others have another measure of the standard — in the middle between the heel and the center of the heel counter. These are the insignificant nuances of only one way of wearing traditional jeans. But there are two of them:

  1. Somewhat elongated, covering the top of the shoe, the toe and the edge near the foot. When landing, they almost do not open their socks and leg, even thrown over the other. However, the inevitable presence of a fold in the front is already a matter of controversy, so either rounding and lengthening from the bottom provided by the manufacturer, or slightly open laces on shoes and sneakers, is possible.
  2. No less relevant, known as the mid-Atlantic (you can also find the name mid-athletic) standard. In it, the leg is slightly narrowed downwards, leaves the shoes completely for visualization, and can even show a piece of sock by 0,5-1 cm. In order to wear jeans of this length, you need to be the owner of expensive shoes made from natural materials. In the West, this was invented solely for the demonstration by the owner of their branded accessories.
Neither the first nor the second option will be a mistake, provided the rules are followed. The profitability of the Mid-Atlantic model is indisputable only in the presence of stylish and expensive shoes, impeccable socks. But in the first case, you can adhere to the strictest rules without being particularly afraid of someone’s critical views.

For skinny jeans

Skinny can also have a nice variety, but their length can depend on the season, light or heavy fabric. An ideal option, if the model is radically narrowed, it still leaves 2-3 cm between the edge of the leg and the shoes. Inveterate fashionistas do not wear socks, and instead of fabric they show a strip of leather. However, there are also extreme cuts that expose 15-20 cm of ankles (and even shins), for which fans of the classics disrespectfully call them shot.

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Advanced stylists assure that a naked ankle brings a rejuvenating effect to the bow and makes it easier to walk. This is also a way to demonstrate beautiful or fashionable shoes, to shock others a little.

Skinny Crop Jeans and Boots looks
Advanced stylists assure that a naked ankle brings a rejuvenating effect to the image and makes it easier to walk.

As for super slim models, they are not folded to shorten them. Just skinny jeans, stretched over the leg like a glove, create a specific ballet dancer’s leg and the presence of a turn-up is provided by the designers in order to avoid such negative visualization.

Depending on the shoes

For jeans with a turn-up, no matter what height the owner of a fashionable detail does, classic shoes are strongly discouraged. Stylists strongly advise using only a sports or street model — sneakers, sneakers or moccasins. However, wearers may not hesitate to wear leather Cossack’s and casual-style boots with thick suede soles under this option, certainly with colored laces.

You can put on any shoes under the flare, since the style assumes a mandatory length of a centimeter to the floor, completely hiding it.

Shoes for jeans
It is recommended to wear trainers, sneakers or moccasins with jeans with a turn-up.

Classic jeans in the mid-Atlantic style are worn only under expensive leather shoes — shoes, low shoes or boots. The traditional length — up to the middle of the back, with a fold in the front, can be used in different ways — here the subtleties of selection are not in the type of shoes, but in its correspondence with the rest of the men’s wardrobe, the characteristics of the bow created on a particular day. After all, no one will wear sneakers under a shirt with a tie or black classic shoes under jeans and a tight T-shirt.

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In a man’s wardrobe there can be several pairs of an always-on-trend item of fashionable look, but they, as a rule, are of the same style. It is difficult to find a classic cut on a shelf for a skinny lover, as well as memorized and short pants for a follower of the good old classics. But each of the types has its own requirements for the length of the leg.

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