Jeans joggers: trends and stylish ideas

Joggers were originally designed for people who play sports. The elastic at the bottom of the trousers made them practical. As the name suggests (the word «jogger» is translated as «jogger») the pants were meant for jogging. But that has all changed since the pop and style icons began wearing joggers as their daily wear. Today they are made for metro sexy men who appreciate and maintain their style and know the latest trends. Next, let’s take a look at how and with what to wear these jeans.

If you haven’t lived in a cave for the past five years, haven’t eaten beetles for protein, and haven’t washed them in a muddy stream, you have no doubt noticed that men’s clothing as we know it has undergone significant changes.

Tailoring has become more relaxed, the dress code for men has become blurred, and improvements in sportswear and the use of a versatile material like denim have led nightclub bouncers around the world to scratch their big, round heads in confusion in anticipation of a revision. No sneaker policies.

Jogger jeans are a later version. Combines the functionality of a jogger design with the versatility and durability of denim. Joggers were once considered strictly sportswear, but with the menswear revolution, jogging jeans have become a part of casual wear; and it has become stylish to wear them.

Basic types of joggers: looks for guys

The varieties of joggers do not fit into the official classification, and every fashion designer can see and create hundreds of looks. In this regard, we will agree that the most popular types will be presented below so that you can get acquainted with the creation of the correct image for a particular event.

Ripped joggers
Slip on mid-rise sneakers and biker jacket for crisp structure.

Classic blue joggers

Men’s denim joggers should be dark blue or light blue. Wear a plain white crew-neck tee and look great on top of a camouflage hooded bomber jacket, a hip-hop wide-brimmed cap and a pair of bright sneakers for a fun street feel.

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Slim fit joggers

Smart casual should be a separate section of any person’s wardrobe. This is where these slim-fit skinny jeans with an elastic band should take place. The design and shape of these joggers is sleeker and less bulky when worn. You can pair the tapered fit with a horizontal striped collared T-shirt and a button-down short-sleeved cotton shirt over it. Leather loafers or sandals can be worn as shoes.

Ripped joggers

Ripped jogger jeans have their own texture, so it’s recommended that the outer garment be kept plain. You can pair your ripped joggers with a tucked-in fitted tee or a colored collared tee. Wear mid-rise trainers and a leather jacket for a crisp structure.

Dress Code VS Joggers

Now you know: where and with what to wear jeans joggers. Let’s look by contradiction and decide where the dress code will make you persona non grata for a similar freestyle in clothes.

Joggers are one of the most important pieces of clothing in this pivotal era of menswear, and as menswear continue to experiment with them, they are becoming an increasingly integral part of today’s men’s wardrobe. Women’s collections are also not lagging behind, but if for girls joggers are a common thing, then these jeans are just beginning to enter men’s wardrobes, gaining a place from the usual classics.

Men in jeans joggers
Jeans with elastic at the bottom are suitable for almost everything that is already in your closet.

The combo of a blazer, sweatpants, and fashion shoes has recently been a fashion trend aimed almost exclusively at old people who sit on park benches, sip from cans and yell at pigeons. However, these days, you are just as likely to see a similar look adorning front-row men at Fashion Week, albeit in a more sophisticated style.

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But, as before, it is not recommended wearing a strict dress code to work in order to avoid transferring you to a lower-paid position.

Joggers for everyone

Now you know about joggers when wearing is not recommended. Jogger pants have become a staple of fashion, and now they’re not just for running. These casual trousers with tapered ankles have been seen on men in a variety of circumstances, from playing sports to attending a social event.

Joggers are available for any occasion, from casual streetwear to more elegant party wear. If you’re interested in incorporating this new trend into your wardrobe, there are some tips and tricks for choosing, styling, and complementing your joggers.

Fashionable looks with joggers: style can be comfortable

We’re all for guys who create a wardrobe full of classics that will never go out of style, but sometimes trends just can’t be ignored. Case in point: denim joggers. Consider basic fashionable looks with joggers.

Camouflage joggers
Camouflage joggers are hot and perhaps the most anticipated novelty.

Jeans with elastic at the bottom will fit just about anything else in your closet. The style is so popular that at the moment you can find joggers in any style and style.

How To Wear Joggers With a Hoodie

Pure white sneakers, dark colors, minimal accessories, and a casual but well-fitting sweatshirt. If the idea of ​​wearing skinny sweatpants has already taken you outside your comfort zone, know that such clothes will look stylish, not scary.

With training shoes

Joggers & Sneakers

Men’s joggers can be worn with a surprisingly diverse range of shoes. However, if you’re looking for a fail-safe option, you can’t go without high top or trainers.

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Make sure your sneakers are clean to keep your look flawless and sleek.

If you like a smart casual look, you can wear more formal shoes, but keep in mind that it is difficult to make the right choice with them.

Shoes without laces that can be worn without socks are the best option. Thus, pumps or loafers can be the perfect choice.

Accentuate your look by choosing shoes in a contrasting color.

With a crew neck sweatshirt and sports sneakers

Men’s joggers with elastic at the bottom, complemented by a clean white tee and finished with casually unbuttoned sneakers, look fresh and modern … but still adult.

With a button-down shirt

You can even wear joggers with a button-down shirt. Don’t tuck in your shirt (hopefully this is obvious) and keep your color palette neutral.

With complex layers on top

Pick up a pair of joggers with or without pockets that look a bit like chinos, then wear them with a cashmere sweater or padded blazer, and you’re in business.

To an educational institution

Don’t wear socks (or show) and show your ankle in this class-ready look.

Creative place of work

If you’re fortunate enough to have a lax dress code at work, joggers can be a great alternative to trousers. Treat them like regular t-shirt pants and wear them with high top sneakers with cool socks.

Jeans joggers
Joggers are available for any occasion — from casual streetwear to more elegant party wear.
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