Jeans hooligans for daring and confident men

Men’s hooligan jeans have become popular all over the world lately. For many of the stronger sex, they are the basis of the wardrobe. They can be worn every day or worn on specific occasions. These models are characterized by an original design, ease of wear and high quality of materials used in sewing.

Varieties of jeans

In simple terms, hooligan jeans are trousers with side pockets. In fact, they come in a wide variety of varieties.

  • With slant pockets… They are comfortable to wear and are produced traditionally with elements of military style.
  • Free cut… Such clothing is considered more spacious, while there is no baggy in it. The pluses include wearing comfort. Therefore, you can wear them at least every day.
  • Narrow models… This type of men’s clothing is ideal for young people with a thin physique. They will emphasize a slight negligence and bring zest to the image.
  • Skin-tight… They look good on the figure, and the legs are tapered. This shape contributes to emphasizing the relief and perfectly hides imperfections.
  • Flared models… They expand downward and make the figure proportional. Applied over large shoes, well suited for winter when a man wears boots.
  • Wide pants… They are usually spacious and worn by sporty lovers.
  • Jeans… This is a classic model for men of anybody size. All that needs to be done to create an original look is to choose the top successfully. The advantage of this model lies in its ability to hide the flaws of the figure.
  • Retro style… These trousers have a fairly high waist and make the image fresher and more modern.
  • Low rise… To date, it is impossible to say something unambiguous about this style, since it causes very contradictory impressions. Nevertheless, trousers are well suited for rebels and those who love to draw attention to themselves.
  • With decor… In general, absolutely any trousers can have decorative elements in the form of patches, holes, spikes. But the hooligan pants are special, and the decor is appropriate.
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As you can see, there are a lot of jeans with pockets. Each representative of the stronger sex can choose branded men’s trousers of the model that he needs.

Where and with what to wear

For every day, classic options are suitable, which are equipped with slant pockets. They lack unnecessary decoration details, and the cut is as simple and convenient as possible. Due to this, such models are ideally combined with any garment — both stylish jackets and business jackets.

If the choice of trousers is carried out for parties and other entertainment events, it is worth choosing models with a flashy design that have a unique shape. It is also worth noting that men’s trousers should have only one decorative element. With this approach, it will be possible not to «overdo it» with the details and at the same time stand out from the crowd, demonstrating the ideal taste to others.

Men in jeans
They can be worn every day or worn on specific occasions.

In the winter and autumn seasons, you should give preference to black pants, equipped with side pockets made of thick fabric. If we are talking about spring and summer, you can choose brighter shades or lighter colors.

When to wear it is not recommended

Hooligan jeans with slanting and even straight pockets are not recommended being worn in the following cases:

  • studying at school, especially if the administration requires the use of a strict school uniform without unnecessary details and elements;
  • work in the office (this is not a classic, but an everyday style that is not very suitable for work);
  • business meeting (in this case, you should give preference to a classic suit or standard blue jeans, but not hooligans);
  • a solemn event (for example, a wedding, where other guests adhere to a business style, or a corporate party).
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Despite the presence of some restrictions in terms of the use of these clothes, modern stylists create many models that can be worn anywhere. That is, some products look good even with classic jackets, blazers, white shirts and stylish genuine leather shoes. The main thing is that the texture of the fabrics of various products is combined with each other, as well as the colors.

Fashionable Images

If some time ago men’s hooligan jeans were presented in one or two models, today the situation has changed significantly, and numerous styles with business, every day and even sports «overtones» have appeared. In this regard, there are a huge number of images that can be used with this wardrobe item. Here is their main list.

# 1 businessman

Man in jeansTo create this look, jeans in black with unexpressed slant pockets are ideal. You can wear shoes or boots under them (sometimes moccasins in black or gray can be used). From the top, a white shirt or polo shirt will do. You can wear a gray or black jacket over them. You can complement the look with a stylish leather belt or purse. In winter, these trousers can be worn under a drape coat or a light classic jacket.

# 2 Sports youth

Guy in jeans hooligansIn this case, jeans of this kind will go well with sneakers or sneakers, which should match in color with trousers, at least not «contradict» them. For the top, you can use a printed T-shirt or a plaid shirt. A bomber jacket, sweatshirt, windbreaker, trowel, and even an insulated jacket will also work.

# 3 Just a stylish person

Man in jeansIn this case, the pants are worn with sneakers or boots, regular T-shirts. In winter, they go well with parkas or insulated sweatshirts.

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Thus, hooligan jeans today are presented in a huge number of styles and directions, so every man can choose what he likes to create an original look.

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