How To Wear Men’s Wide Leg Jeans

Men’s pipe jeans, which are famous for their convenience and variety, have come into fashion. It is difficult to attribute them to the classic version, but they will look great on a walk or at a party. Consider what are the features of men’s pipe jeans, and in what cases they will be relevant.

What are the features

Don’t just choose men’s wide pipes — you need to know a few secrets that will allow you to choose a model that emphasizes masculinity and style. It is known that jeans of this style were popular back in the 90s, but now they have gained particular popularity. Here are some of the cut features:

  • Tubes can be styled to match grunge jeans. This means that there are slight scuffs on the pants, a faded pattern. All this allows you to add a zest of the 90s to your clothes.
  • For men who prefer a rebellious style, pipes with «scuffs» are suitable.
  • Tapered trousers with cuffs will suit lovers of classics.
Jeans-pipes can be decorated with scuffs, cuffs, patterns, have the effect of «torn».

Large jeans are often complemented by pockets on both sides. This allows you to give the image brutality.

Varieties of jeans-pipes

Wide jeans come in several types, and many people think that one cannot choose from this one. And here are just some of the types of pipes:

  • Boyfriends… This option is rightfully ranked as unisex, because the model moved into the men’s wardrobe from the women’s. Depending on how to beat the pipes, they can be used both for a meeting with a loved one and for street walks. Additionally, abrasions and slots can be used on such models.
  • Flush… This is the real trend this year. Pants that hide your shoes are more popular than ever this year. Of particular interest to fashion designers is the flare that comes from the knee. But it is better to avoid unnecessary details and scuffs on such men’s pants.
  • Another model is wide pipes, the diameter of which is not less than 30 cm. and even if outwardly they may seem out of time, but in fact, such pants are able to perfectly brighten up the image. By the way, here is really where to roam. The model can be successfully completed with ribbons, buttons, as well as various fabric inserts.
Trumpet Jeans: Boyfriend, Bell Bottom, Wide Leg
Jeans Tube Types: Boyfriend, Bell Bottom, Wide.

The latter type can be of several types:

  • 7 / 8 Length allows you to open the ankle, but there is one important caveat. The pipe jeans should fit well without any flaws. Therefore, choose men’s pants made of thick material. This will hide all the flaws.
  • Maximum length… It should be such that the fabric covers the shoes. For such models, it is better to choose a light fabric so as not to overload the overall image. Here, on the contrary, it is not advisable to add various applications, ribbons and so on. Again, so as not to overload the image.
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Again, different models will suit different types of male figures.

To suit

The male model of pipes can be advantageously beaten, but for this you need to follow certain rules:

  • It is not advisable to combine jeans with oversized sweaters, as well as bulky jackets and jackets. When buying male pipes, all the emphasis is on the lower body. It is also desirable to use minimalism in the image (except those models of pants that are complemented by ribbons, rivets and drawings).
  • The priority is black and blue. For summer, you can choose shades of white and gray. Lovers of bold colors can also be offered yellow or crimson. Also, there are men’s jeans in a cage or with a military.
  • If we talk about fabrics, experts recommend cotton with a small addition of elastane. After the first wash, these jeans will shrink and fit exactly on the figure.

As for the decor, the main thing here is to dress according to your age. Many rivets and patterns are available for teenagers only. As for the rest of the men, they should be more conservative in their choice.

Youth Tube Jeans
Many rivets and patterns are available for teenagers only.

Who will wear these clothes? The ideal option is men with «rectangles» and «trapezium» shapes. But for those who have a «triangle» figure, pants need to be selected more carefully. To avoid such unpleasant consequences as «female hips», you require considering the following points:

  • It is best to avoid details that visually enlarge the hips. Small pockets or snakes are enough.
  • Of all, it is best to choose dark colors that allow you to hide imperfections. This will focus on the shoulders, not the hips.
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As for men with an «Oval» figure, it is better for them to refuse this type of clothing. Classic jeans are ideal for them.

If we talk about fabrics, experts recommend cotton with a small addition of elastane.

As you can see, there are many pipe options. And they are all capable of adding variety to your wardrobe. The main thing is to adhere to the recommendations of experts and not overload your image with unnecessary details.

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