How to wear a coat for a man: photos of modern looks

Men’s coat is a thing that should be in the wardrobe of a stylish, self-confident guy. It becomes a successful accent of the image and can warm in cold weather. But to really create a good image, you need to know what to wear with a coat for a man and in what image it will look most successful.

A good men’s coat is something that takes pride of place in the wardrobe, and every member of the stronger sex should have it. For both everyday and business style, such a wardrobe item fits very well, because it can be considered virtually universal. The main thing is to correctly determine the combination of colors and styles and everything will be fine. Pea coats can be worn with sportswear or military style, while a classic British coat is best suited for a business or festive look.

What to combine with a man’s coat, depending on its model

When buying a man’s raincoat of a certain style, you need to know what to wear such a thing with and what compositions to avoid. A man’s bow with a coat will look as stylish as possible if all things are well-matched. For example, a classic coat can be worn with a business suit, making it a good addition to a casual look. It is necessary not only to successfully combine different elements of clothing with each other, but also to select accessories for the men’s coat correctly so that the image looks successful and holistic.

The trend of this season will be a double-breasted coat, which, depending on the style, a man can wear with suits, casual style items in multi-layered looks. Coats with bright prints go well with classic pants. For monophonic, classic models, it is worth choosing bright details to emphasize your uniqueness and individuality.

The taller a man is, the longer coat he can afford. Long options further reduce the growth of short men, so such representatives of the stronger sex need to pay attention to shortened models.

From what to wear?

Having chosen a man’s coat of a certain color, the representatives of the stronger sex are wondering what exactly it is possible and worth combining such a thing with. To understand this issue closer, it is worth considering the following diagram:

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coat color With what to wear
Gray This color option is considered to be one of the classics. Such a coat can be worn with a business suit, jeans, a tone lighter or darker, shirts, turtlenecks or sweaters. Together with a gray coat, you should not wear very bright things, it is better to create a good, monotonous look.
Black This is the most strict and formal option. Most often it is combined with business bows and festive looks.
Blue This is a classic, versatile color. This coat looks good with a classic suit, casual style clothes, white, gray, blue, lilac, black, lemon shades.
Brown This option goes well with dark trousers, suitable for creating a casual look and daily use.
Beige This coat should be worn with things that are a couple of tones darker than it. For a business look, this option is clearly not suitable, but as a daily outerwear or for informal meetings, such a man’s coat is perfect.

Photo 3

Under the coat, you can wear shirts, jackets, sweaters or turtlenecks, it all depends on the individual taste of the man and the season. With what to wear a black coat, there are few options, but outerwear of other colors can be combined with various wardrobe items, creating new, interesting and relevant looks.

Shoes and accessories

What to wear with a dark blue coat or what shoes to choose for brown, every representative of the stronger sex would like to know. Additionally, you need to decide on accessories so that the image looks holistic and appropriate. So, you can combine classic shoes or sneakers with a light-brown coat. For dark blue, black shoes or boots are suitable, classic, neat, elegant options. For winter options with a collar, you have to pick up boots — black, if the image is classic or other colors, when it comes to brighter bows.

Men’s images in a coat

A man’s pea jacket or a gray coat with a classic cut is something that perfectly suits the representatives of the stronger sex. We’ll emphasize the figure single-breasted and double-breasted models, options in the British style or military style. There are quite a few models of men’s demi-season and winter coats, so choosing the right option for a combination will not be so difficult.

Here are some stylish looks, using a man’s coat, that can be considered successful:

  • black suit with tie, classic outerwear, black boots;
  • brown elongated coat, black trousers, white turtleneck, brown shoes;
  • gray pants, white turtleneck, gray outerwear, black shoes;
  • marsh coat with a high collar, gray sweater, dress pants and boots;
  • a dark gray coat with a stand-up collar, a collar scarf, denim pants, classic boots;
  • gray, cropped plaid coat, classic gray suit, blue shirt;
  • beige coat and black business suit.

In this way, you can create a lot more, the main thing is that everything is done with taste.

Advice! It is necessary to carefully select things of different colors for a combination, so that they emphasize the dignity of the figure, and not highlight the flaws. For example, men who are overweight should create bows in dark colors.


Beige coat, brown or blue — this is precisely what complements the stylish image of a man. A black, blue, gray coat with what to wear for men should be known to every representative of the stronger sex. For example, a brown coat can complement not only business, but also a sporty, casual style, while black can be considered completely formal.

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Having picked up the right things and accessories for the coat, a man can always look interesting and attractive. The main thing is to complement the image with exactly those things that are suitable for a representative of a strong age in terms of age and type of figure. If a man has an interesting coat in his wardrobe, then he will always look stylish, combining it with various things and creating interesting looks every day. A coat is just a unique thing that should be present in a man’s wardrobe so that he can always look very attractive and fashionable, striking everyone around him with his appearance.

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