How to wear a black tuxedo correctly

Tuxedo is an aristocratic and elegant look for a man’s suit. In a well-tailored and perfectly fitting suit, any representative of the stronger sex becomes presentable and respectable. It is believed that classic models are always black, but modern fashion is democratic, so other colors are allowed, up to contrasting ones. However, before putting on a white tuxedo or any other color, you need to clearly understand where, when and with what to wear these clothes.

Varieties of tuxedos

Despite the persistent association of a tuxedo as a man’s suit of only black color, today there are many variations of this clothing. Designers and stylists break the canons, presenting to the public the most unexpected and daring interpretations of the classics.


Jackets are single-breasted and double-breasted. They differ in the width of the shelves, rows of buttons. Single-breasted models are fastened only with the upper button, leaving the lower one unbuttoned.

Double-breasted models should be chosen by slender men: they add solidity to the figure. Single-breasted products are more versatile, suitable for different body types. Especially recommended for tight men, as they slim well


The classic black tuxedo has no slits. But now they are allowed because they make the jacket more comfortable. The best option is two slots, and not one in the middle of the back.


There are two types — pointed or smooth (shawl). The first option is considered classic, and it looks more presentable. It should be chosen by those who cannot boast of shoulder width. The lapels will add the missing centimeters, accentuate the V-shape of the jacket.

A tuxedo with a shawl is also popular, but requires jewelry to keep the proportions of the image. Otherwise, the look will become baggy. Pointed cuffs are safer in this case.

Men in tuxedos

Rectangular lapels also exist, but are less popular.


The classic suit is traditionally black, its closest competitor is a blue tuxedo. The palette of shades ranges from rich royal to the color of the night.

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A richer range is used for designer products. Popular dark and bright tones of blue, as well as wine, eggplant, dark purple.

But if such a palette suits supporters of restraint, then the most daring will emphasize their creativity with extravagant colors, for example, an orange tuxedo with lapels, buttons, pockets made of black material.

The white tuxedo looks fresh and sophisticated. Shades can be different — from platinum to opal.


While classic models are sewn from smoothly dyed fabrics, patterned fabrics are also used for exclusive ones. First, the cage. It can be slightly outlined or in high contrast.

Floral patterns are also popular: fantasy or natural. A red tuxedo looks spectacular in any version: from a plain or fabric in a cage or with flowers. In the latter case, the lapels and tight-fitting buttons are made of silk material, repeating one of the shades of the jacket.

Men in tuxedos
Sewn from plain-dyed fabrics, fabrics with a pattern are also used.

A white tuxedo can be sewn from plain dyed fabric or with a textured pattern. Jacquard garments with contrasting black lapels look especially beautiful.

The cloth

The traditional material is fine, high-quality wool, ideally cashmere. We also use fabrics with the addition of mohair, due to which the surface receives a barely visible sheen. Corduroy, tweed, jacquard, velvet are popular. Budget items are made of mixed fabrics — polyester with cotton or linen.
Satin or thick silk is used to trim lapels, leaves of pockets, and tight buttons.

Where and with what to wear

The tuxedo is one of the most conservative in design. Initially, it was worn at social events, ceremonial receptions, and at the opera.

He still performs the same task. It is still worn for official meetings, awards ceremonies, anniversaries, proms, weddings, and dinner parties. In addition, the suit is worn for other evening events if the dress code is required on the invitation card.

Men and women in evening wear

The white tuxedo is used as a man’s wedding attire. Moreover, the rules are the same — put on after 17 pm and only in the warm season. In addition to the protocol that determines where to wear the suit, there are compatibility requirements. For example, the trousers should be black or sewn from the same material as the jacket. An obligatory detail is stripes. They are made of fabric to match the lapels.

In addition, a tuxedo involves a bow tie. Other accessories (boutonniere, pocket square) are optional.

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As for watches, we recommend a chronometer with a chain attached to the vest pocket.

Wrist models are considered bad manners, but under the influence of show business stars, this rule is often ignored.

When to wear it is not recommended

When choosing a tuxedo, you must focus on the requirements of the dress code. They are of several types:

  • Black tie… The strictest protocol, which implies being present exclusively in a classic black tuxedo.
  • Black ties optional… It is desirable to be present at the event in a tuxedo, but not required. You can replace it with a suit in black or blue, as well as other dark colors. Instead of a bow tie, a tie is allowed.
  • Creative black tie… Freedom to express yourself: the tuxedo is chosen according to your taste. In addition to black, other colors are welcome, and liberties with butterfly style are allowed.

When the invitation is marked white tie (i.e., «white tie»), it means that you need to wear a tailcoat to the event.

If there is no information about the type of dress code, and by all indications it is necessary to come in a tuxedo, then an unwritten rule of etiquette is observed in this regard. Since a man’s suit is an outfit especially for the evening, it should not be worn in the daytime — until 17 o’clock. Even a white or light-colored tuxedo in summer. The only exceptions are the costumes of waiters, musicians, entertainers or entertainers.

Fashionable Images

A tuxedo is not a jacket of a certain cut, but an ensemble. It is possible to create a fashionable image only if the rules of compatibility are observed. Choosing a shirt, accessories, shoes and even socks — all the nuances are important.

Men and women in evening dresses

Since a man’s suit is an outfit especially for the evening, it should not be worn in the daytime — until 17 o’clock.


If the dress code is black tie, the shirt must be white only. Before — smooth or with small folds. The collar is turn-down, in harmony with the bow tie. If it has bent ends (wingtip), then the shirt is worn under a white tuxedo or with sharp lapels.

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Shirt clasp — must be closed with a strap or removable plastron (shirt front). Cuffs — with cuff links.

An alternative option is a black shirt, worn under a tuxedo in a cage or with a plant print. Other shirt colors are unacceptable.


The legs are straight, slightly narrowed to the bottom, up to the top of the shoes, with stripes. There should be no patch pockets. The side ones are located as close to the stripes as possible.

Sewn together with a jacket from the same fabric. The exception is velvet. Tuxedos made from this material are matched with black trousers, with stripes and a fit clearly at the waist.


The image of a dandy is incompatible with him. Instead of a belt — a sash or inconspicuous suspenders under a vest.

Tuxedo and accessories
Choosing a shirt, accessories, shoes and even socks — all the nuances are important.

Vest and sash

Two mutually exclusive tuxedo details: they are not worn together. Alas, the sash is less popular today than the vest. And it is completely in vain, because he not only supports the trousers, but also gives the image completeness. The color and material of the belt should match the bow tie.

Cuff links

The more expensive, the better. Ideal for a black or navy tuxedo — made of precious and semi-precious materials. For less pretentious events, white, black or silver products are suitable.


Traditionally — a butterfly. To match the jacket or in a contrasting color, be sure to match the shade with the lapels. A ready-made tie with a clasp is not welcome, because a true gentleman knows how to tie a bow tie! If you don’t have the skills, then you should look for a fixed model that mimics a manual knot as much as possible.

The tips of the butterfly should fit between the edges of the face and the outer corners of the eyes.

Shoes and socks

Unambiguously black. For adherents of the aristocratic image — shoes with bows, otherwise — patent leather oxfords, velvet slippers. In the absence of a strict dress code, it is allowed to wear smooth leather shoes.

Tuxedo Accessories
The tuxedo is worn with a sash or suspenders, a bow tie, a scarf in the breast pocket and smooth leather boots.

Socks — only long, reaching at least the middle of the calf. Material — silk, cashmere.

Mastering the art of wearing a tuxedo isn’t as hard as it sounds. There is a clear set of rules governing what and how to combine, therefore, to create a fashionable image, it remains to study and clearly fulfill the requirements.

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