How to restore your favorite shirt with your own hands

Over time, even high-quality things deteriorate. But if it is a shame to throw a thing away, then it can be restored. Repairing the collar of a man’s shirt is a complex undertaking. Depending on the cut, you will need braids, cuts of contrasting fabric, threads, whalebone (to restore the collar bones).

Shirt repair

For home use, a man’s shirt is easier to repair. It is enough to cut out the patch, glue it with hot glue spider web and sew on. But if the thing is official, then repairing a man’s shirt may include:

  • repair of cuffs;
  • collar repair;
  • complete restoration;
  • use of patch pockets.

If the cuffs on the arms are frayed, then it is permissible to simply turn them over. Otherwise, the edge is cut off, replaced along the entire length. For monochromatic models, use a synonymous contrasting fabric. For striped or checkered options, choose a material of the same shade as the drawing. Repair of shirt cuffs is performed according to the algorithm:

  • the frayed parts are completely stripped;
  • cutting on new fabric;
  • using old shirt cuffs as a pattern;
  • sew new parts;
  • sewn to the men’s shirt.

The shirt can be repaired even if serious holes appear, when patches and seams are too noticeable. Purchase in advance in a sewing store a braid of a contrasting color, glue interlining, threads, safety pins.

To prevent the damage from «spreading» from the seamy side, it is glued with non-woven material

For repairs, a dense tape is used, it will help restore cuts on the surface.

Then the braid is applied, forming a pattern. If it is next to the pocket, then you can «circle» the tape around. It is possible to sew a contrasting thin patch, and then duplicate for symmetry on an undamaged surface. Repairing a shirt is often complicated by unusual material. In this case, you can use a new material on the cuffs, collar. If the damage is on the sleeve, then the product can be radically altered:

  1. Measurements are taken up to the elbow. Transfer them to a man’s shirt.
  2. Cut off excess tissue. Edges are processed.
  3. Tuck the edge over, stitch it. It is permissible to apply braid.
  4. So a long-sleeved shirt can be easily converted into a short-sleeved product.
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If only the elbows are leaky, then you can apply decorative patches from a material of a contrasting shade. The main thing is that the products are sewn symmetrically. Repair is easy to do with your own hands, without resorting to the help of a sewing machine. There are also alternative ways to repair such products.

A creative approach to renovation

If there are several holes, then you can mask them with beautiful satin stitch embroidery. Decorative stitches will discreetly hide flaws. It is acceptable to use appliqués to match the fabric. This approach will not only hide flaws, but also seal the edges of the breaks, preventing them from enlarging. In an inconspicuous place, the gap can be easily leveled with glue.

The glue will make the material rough, less pliable.

The composition can also change the color of the product, so such procedures are carried out only in inconspicuous places. Use a special glue or glue for textiles. It is not always possible to repair a man’s shirt on your own. If in doubt, it is better to entrust it to a professional.

Such a repair of the sleeve is easy to do with your own hands, without resorting to the help of a sewing machine.

In most cases, dense tape is used for repairs. It will help to restore frayed cuffs, the lower part of the product, sleeves, and cuts on the surface. The main thing is to make a markup in advance, carefully lay a straight line on a sewing machine.

Collar repair

Often, the bones inserted into the collar for rigidity lose their consumer qualities. Due to inaccurate handling, an incorrectly selected washing mode, the bone breaks or deforms. It can be replaced with a whalebone, cut strips from a plastic folder for papers.

In some men’s shirts, the bones are inserted into the pockets, it is easy to replace them

Otherwise, the seam is ripped open with a blade, scalpel, or ripper. Change the damaged part of the shirt. Suture neatly so that the seam is not visible. If the collar is badly worn out, has lost its former attractiveness, then you can unfold it. There are other options as well:

  • sew on a new collar;
  • cover the damaged areas with patches, tape;
  • repaint the part with acrylic on the fabric;
  • embroider a simple pattern.
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If the fabric at the fold of the collar has crawled, then a ripper or blade is needed for repair. The rack is stripped from the shirt, then darned from the inside out. It is important to glue or process the seam so that the fabric does not come loose after a few days. The repaired collar is sewn onto the shirt. If the collar is badly worn out, has lost its former attractiveness, then you can unfold it.

Depending on how much the item was damaged, it can be either thrown away or repaired. The second option is more practical, more economical. You can restore a torn men’s shirt yourself. It is enough to decide on the method of repair, choose materials in color, use a detailed master class.

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