How to match a shirt color with other clothes

Shirts are one of the basic elements of modern men’s wardrobe, the choice of which can say a lot about its owner. Profession, social status, taste and attention to fashion trends — all this information is easily read by stylists, fashion designers, psychologists and women, often combining all these hypostases. A man who has shirts and shirts of different colors in his closet must follow certain rules prescribing what to wear with and how to make successful color combinations.

Rules for choosing shirt colors

Fashion trends have long removed any restrictions from the color palette allowed for the male sex, but when choosing what to wear with your preferences, you still have to focus on the main trends. The brightest shirts must be motivated by accents, harmony of appearance, age and style with the chosen shade.

Black men's shirt combined with a suit
The black shirt goes well with any accessories and garments.

The base color can be emphasized with a contrasting color, combined with accessories in the general range, and selected according to general standards. A man’s shirt in blue, blue, white and black, beige and gray shades is considered traditional. However, in modern fashion trends, there are no special restrictions for a long time: the choice of preferences for the year is dictated by fashion designers, and multicolored wardrobe items allow you to vary the look according to the occasion, mood, season and occasion.

Burgundy men's shirts
The burgundy shade goes well with all traditional costume colors — blue, white, gray, brown and black.

No one, except those forced to comply with the dress code by occupation, thinks before buying another new thing. A few years ago, men wondered whether a pink shirt would look feminine, whether a spectacular coral or warm orange color looks too provocative. The main selection criteria are general contrast, but not disharmony, accentuation of the base color with accessories and wardrobe details, compliance with the owner’s appearance and the occasion for which the ensemble is selected:

  1. Visible lack of problems for those who prefer to wear black shirt — after all, it goes well with any accessories and garments, it can turn into a problem with an unhealthy complexion. A black shirt is not the most advanced option with a black suit, but the situation can be corrected by putting on a bright tie and inserting a matching handkerchief into the breast pocket of the jacket. Under a light suit — this is the generally accepted option, provided that the shirt is of a classic cut.
  2. Beige in the shirt is in harmony with black and blue, suitable for a brown and olive suit. Classic beige is not limited in variations, but some shades require a more careful selection of accessories so as not to create an overall dull impression of the wearer among others.
  3. Maroon moved into the category of traditional because of its inherent variability — a deceptively shocking shade goes well with all traditional costume colors. Blue, white, gray, brown and black, a deeper burgundy and a small cage — all this looks harmonious, especially on men who are slender, masculine and intelligent at the same time.
  4. Blue the shirt, according to stylists, is far from an easy option, although it belongs to the standard range. The in-demand color has many shades — ultramarine, indigo, dark blue (night sky), boring school, faded (so-called denim) and saturated. It is easy to wear a beige, gold, orange, burgundy or red tie under them, with a small geometric pattern or solid color. But advice to wear yellow should be treated with caution so that there are no associations with the Ukrainian flag or beach logo.
  5. Cream suitable for almost any suit, but, like a beige shirt, it is trivial enough for a popular combination. Bright accessories will liven up the visualization — turquoise, grass green, red and purple will do — but not red and orange.
  6. Peach the shirt is good for blondes and brunettes, it enlivens the dullest complexion and the most expressionless look. At the same time, the color is not defiant, but restrained and shocking, hinting at the owner’s inclination to fashion trends even in a strict dress code. In the selection of contrasts and harmony, you can focus on the colors recommended for cream and beige.
  7. Red appropriate, as every day, only for informal occasions, especially if it is with a pattern or additional decorations. Black trousers without an arrow or jeans, blue, black, beige, linen will suit her. However, there is a slight deviation from the rules — the red classics are worn at parties with a costume dress code. A light suit with a faded tone looks great with a red shirt, but black and dark green, recommended in some sources, do not go well with good tone. Sometimes service personnel wear shirts of this color, so you need to be careful in trying to surprise others.
  8. In this season yellow shirt is in fashion, but this phrase means watered down, close to sand, and not defiantly bright. Plain or patterned, it easily blends with black (ripped jeans and trousers), standard denim, tobacco shades, beige chinos.
Blue men's shirts
It is easy to wear a beige, gold, orange, burgundy or red tie under a blue shirt, with a small geometric pattern or solid color.

Trendy violet is rarely used in costume looks, most often it is a fitted two-tone shirt, trimmed with a fabric to match and in a small pattern. The most effective visualization is with accessories in lilac or pink tones, the rest of the attempts are far from ideal and are rarely successful.

Combining shirt color with other clothing

The rule of three colors is the main one, which must be guided in making a successful combination, regardless of the goal pursued. There are other conditions — five classic colors, under a jacket or suit, rather dull. In them, a good impression can be achieved by using only analog or contrasting colors, for example, a brown shirt, with or without a pattern, is easily associated with green, olive, khaki and white. Although blue is quite acceptable, if it is not a suit, but jeans, a coat or a denim vest.

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Classic shades

Blue, white and black, beige and gray certainly require a traditional style of dress, a classic suit, a cashmere pullover, leather shoes. Ivory, with all the variety of shades — from paper, beige and pink to brown and peach, is combined with a wedding dress in burgundy, brown or mustard tones. But recently, eggplant, unexpressed chocolate and even black have been allowed, however, in rare cases.

What to wear with a beige shirt
Classic beige is not limited in variations, but some shades require more careful selection of accessories.

Men’s gold shirt is appropriate for chinos and skinny jeans, sneakers and sandals, especially if it is with a pattern. The main rule is to create a fashionable and modern look, an advanced impression. Like an orange shirt for men, it is an integral part of the wardrobe of a modern young man, not constrained by a strict dress code, self-confident and successful. However, in a business and office wardrobe, they are hardly appropriate, especially in a bright orange shade or with a spectacular sheen.

Everyday colors

According to stylists, this concept has long-lost its strict limitations. Narrowing your wardrobe down to classic, dull shades can make it difficult to create the impression of someone who follows fashion trends and changes wardrobe items frequently. White is recommended to be worn on special occasions, it is obligatory, although familiar to some businessmen.

How to wear a pink men's shirt
The main selection criteria are general contrast, but not disharmony, accentuation of the base color with accessories and wardrobe details, compliance with the owner’s appearance.

The coral shirt easily fits into the everyday wardrobe of a fashion designer, show business representative, boutique consultant and TV presenter, so this gorgeous shade can also be considered common. The whole problem of choice lies in the personality of the owner, his professional activities, and the rest of the toilet items that make up the correct three-color combo. But in the choice of accessories — (there are not so many of them at the man’s disposal) bright colors can be found in a tie, neckerchief, bow tie and handkerchief in the pocket of a jacket, shoes, bag, watch strap, boutonniere.

What to wear with a red shirt
Red classics are worn at parties with a costume dress code.

Raspberry will organically fit into any color of the suit, if it does not cut your eyes in combination with a shirt. Therefore, having looked at glamorous publications that boldly distribute recommendations from afar, you need to carefully look at the reflection in the mirror. At the same time, it is necessary to determine whether everything is in harmony, or some detail repels, whether the skin has acquired an unhealthy gray-yellow color, whether its appearance has lost its individuality.

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