How to look stylish in a graduation shirt

Men strive to look fashionable and attractive in any situation in order to emphasize the dignity of the figure and demonstrate good taste. The business dress code limits the scale of the manifestation of male charisma, characteristics and character traits, and the manifestation of individuality. In casual style, courage, assertiveness, relaxedness, the spirit of freedom and independence prevail.

The casual option of wearing a shirt does not imply tucking the hem into trousers: a democratic approach allows you to wear it for release — an individual male image is obtained in combination with the rest of the wardrobe. By adding colorful accessories and attributes of attractiveness, you can get stylish kits for home, going out and for a walk in the park.

What shirts can be worn for graduation

Good manners do not allow men to appear everywhere in a shirt for release, with neckerchiefs, colorful jewelry, exotic belts and boots. There are everyday models, the cut of which suggests that shirts can be worn for release:

  1. Casual sports men’s polo shirts with a turn-down collar, short sleeves and a three-button closure.
  2. Colorful embellished Hawaiian shirts are a must-have for men’s beachwear.
  3. Sports striped rugby models and T-shirts with the brand’s logo are worn without tucking into jeans, pants or cargo pants.
  4. Training compression shirts — rashguard — combined with a tight-fitting bottom, put on for competitions.
  5. National Cuban shirt — famous guayabera, created by designers from the Caribbean, where the sun always shines hot. Men around the world have appreciated the summer stylish option and the acceptable way to wear the model for release.

The second parameter that pays attention to is the design and length of the hem of a man’s shirt. If the garment has shoulder straps, pockets, a logo patch, embossed stitching, a bright print or pattern, then the shirt is worn for release. A straight silhouette is a sign that a summer shirt for men is not tucked into pants. During the fitting, they look at the length of the product. If the bottom hem reaches the convex level of the buttocks, it must be tucked in. Cut-out folds require refueling. The edge of the product with a straight cut allows you not to hide it in trousers and wear it in a loose style.

Men in polo shirts

The polo shirt is one of the most popular casual shirts that are worn for release.

The third indicator, indicating the rules of appearance in society for men, is the formality of the event. If the dress code does not allow wearing for graduation, it is better to tuck in the shirt. If the weather is too hot, it is customary to wear guayabera without tucking it into pants or shorts. In a relaxed atmosphere when meeting with friends, for a walk in the park, in the club, usually the men’s dress code is free.

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How to choose

The choice of a shirt for men must be taken seriously. First, the size and quality of the fabric are determined. After the purchase, the length of the shirt, the fit is adjusted, adjusted to individual sizes, features of the figure. Long weave cotton is used for sewing quality garments — Egyptian or luxury. Comfortable men’s models are made from viscose. For a shirt outside, how to choose a good combination of fabric weaves, type of pattern, good level of aeration?

  1. Linen has the same size of warp and weft.
  2. Twill creates a diagonal pattern, tactilely softer, wrinkle resistant.
  3. Searsaker is a crumpled fabric made of natural cotton with an uneven tension of the upper and lower layers of threads: it gives a relief from soft and rough stripes. A seersucker shirt is not suitable for a formal reception, but for men who prefer a casual style, the «wrinkled» effect, excellent breathability are suitable for wearing on a hot summer day.
  4. Poplin is ideal for a man’s shirt — it is denser, twice as strong as plain weave.

When choosing a quality garment, in addition to size, pay attention to the following details:

  • small stitches;
  • buttons made of mother-of-pearl, sewn loosely — in front of the fabric, a leg is formed from threads for fastening;
  • gussets (wedges) are sewn on the side seams of shirts for men — additional fastening of the front and rear lower hem folds. It strengthens the seam and serves as a decorative element. The part is not found in the lower price segment;
  • a button is sewn on the sleeve of a smaller size than the cuff version or cuff link so that the wide part of the sleeve does not lean on the cuff;
  • the corner of the collar is reinforced with a bone;
  • check for a dividing seam on the back of the shoulders;
  • matching the pattern on the sleeve with the pattern on the shoulder.
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Shirts — an important element of clothing for men — are sewn from 100% cotton, viscose, silk, bamboo, linen, and synthetics are combined with natural fabrics. A dark shirt in casual style is worn for graduation, if the length matches, it is 10 cm below the belt. Popular patterns, Bengali or candy stripes, which make a shirt for men an independent element of the set, the rules of good form allow it to be worn for graduation.

Stylish combinations

If you unbutton the top two buttons in a man’s shirt for release, put on a V-neck T-shirt from below. Cotton shirts with a wide collar with an angle of 45-50 degrees are worn without a tie. The color of the fabric is selected according to the skin tone and hair color, the depth of contrast of the natural male color type is taken into account. If you do not know which shirts are suitable for blond men with blue-gray eyes, pay attention to the cool shades of blue, green, pink. A color palette of orange, red or grassy green will support guys with a warm color type. For a stylish combination, men’s clothing should not overlap the natural harmony and contrast of the image.

Men in hawaiian shirts

Colorful embellished Hawaiian shirts are a must-have for men’s beachwear.

If it is difficult to choose a suitable pattern and silhouette from the proposed shirts — fitted shirts are suitable for men with a sporty figure, but this option is not worn for release. This shirt is for a business dress code, it is worn to work in the office, to a business reception or a business meeting.

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The shirt for release looks stylish with jeans, «paramilitary» cargo pants, chinos, slacks, sports joggers, breeches, camouflage and shorts. A shirt or T-shirt for release looks beautiful with a jacket, vest. The set includes sports or casual shoes.

Men in shirts for graduation

For a stylish combination, men’s clothing should not overlap the natural harmony and contrast of the image.

Various images

A democratic, comfortable version of socks for release depends on the man’s lifestyle.

  1. It is convenient to work at home, in the garden, in the garage in an untied casual shirt made of warm fleecy flannel. A chunky check shirt worn over a T-shirt with camouflage pants or jeans and comfortable leather boots is a great casual look.
  2. For a party, a meeting with friends, put together a casual set of stylish Merz shirt, cargo trousers of the appropriate shade, oxford shoes and a sweatshirt casually draped over the shoulders.
  3. For a stylish look on the court, wear rugby models or a compression rashguard with sweatpants and trainers.
  4. On vacation, the most acceptable option would be a Hawaiian shirt for release with white shorts or trousers.
  5. At an official reception on a hot summer day, it is recommended to wear a guayabera with light trousers and expensive beige shoes.
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