How to combine joggers with a shirt in different styles

Sports style is increasingly being introduced into everyday life, such as joggers with a shirt. Until recently, these pants were considered workout clothes, and today they are worn for walking around the city, parties, office work.

What are the joggers

The name of these pants comes from the English «jog», which translates as «jogging». Initially, they were intended for this, because joggers are lightweight and comfortable, do not constrain movements when running. To put it simply, these are semi-loose fitting pants with elastic at the feet, somewhat reminiscent of underpants.


Despite the fact that many looks have already been developed that allow you to combine jogger pants with different styles of clothing, the classics are not outdated. The traditional version has several features that set it apart from other pants:

  • High waist;
  • Narrowing of the legs from top to bottom;
  • Semi-Loose Fit;
  • There is no clasp.

When choosing classic joggers, the main thing is that they sit on the hips and do not restrict movement. These pants fit perfectly on different types of men, but are best suited for tall ones. For them, it doesn’t matter what the fit or color of the clothes will be — everything will look tasteful. But for men with wide hips, it is better to refuse joggers — the disadvantage will be in plain sight.

Men in joggers
In warm weather, you can wear joggers with a shirt, leaving either it alone, or unbuttoning it wide open and putting on a T-shirt underneath.

Other varieties include:

  • Sports. Standard jogging trousers made from a nice stretch jersey.
  • With pockets. There are no joggers in the classic version. This is an element that designers love to play with, because it adds variety and practicality to clothes. Sometimes pockets become a feature of the model.
  • Camouflage. The material of manufacture is the same as that of the classic ones, but this type includes sand-colored, khaki and standard camouflage joggers. Suitable option for men’s military style bow.
  • Warm. Outwardly, they are no different from the classic version, except that inside there is an additional fleece or bike layer.
  • Denim. Externally similar to bleached denim pants, suitable for casual style.
  • Breeches. Shortened version suitable for street style. Such joggers are worn in the summer, they do not differ from the classics in anything, except for the size.
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What shirt go with

Combining joggers is easy, the main thing is to define the basic style. They are often used in the style of Smart Casual, complemented by a shirt. In this case, the pants should be made of denim or cotton. As for the shirt, it is better to choose the classic version, perhaps in a cage. The sleeves should be rolled up, the shirt itself should be released.

Joggers and Check Shirt looks
A good combination of joggers and a plaid shirt for a casual style.

In colder seasons (early spring, autumn), a T-shirt can be worn under an unbuttoned shirt. With the onset of cold weather, you can put on a sweatshirt or sweater on top of the shirt. From outerwear in this style, a straight-cut raincoat will look best. Glasses, sneakers and a hat will help to complement the image.

In some cases, the shirt can be tied around the hips. This is more related to the sport-chic style. A Duffel bag, sweatshirt and sneakers are also great. Speaking of the latter, it is desirable to highlight them against the general background of neutral tones: bright scarlet, blue, green colors are suitable, unlike the previous image, where shoes should not contrast with other elements of clothing.

Men in joggers
Solid joggers are preferred for street style.

For street style, you can use joggers, a neutral shirt, and a chunky or fine knit sweater. Outerwear — a coat and a scarf, lighter than trousers. For footwear, you can go for walking shoes or high-lacing boots.

Images — examples and photos

Joggers fit well with many styles, serving as a compromise between business and sports. They combine elegance and convenience, simplicity and aesthetics. But nevertheless, different types of them are suitable for different purposes, and what is suitable for daily walks will not always look good at official events.

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Everyday life

In everyday life, joggers can be worn with anything, in this matter they do not differ from any other element of the wardrobe. In warm weather, you can take joggers with a man’s shirt, leaving either it alone, or unbuttoning it wide open and putting on a T-shirt underneath. In cold seasons, the look will be complemented by a cardigan or sweater over a shirt. From accessories: in the summer — a baseball cap, glasses, in the winter — a knitted hat, a scarf.

Fall / Spring Joggers Sets
In cool weather, joggers are combined with a layered top — T-shirt, shirt, jumper or raincoat.

The color depends on the taste. You can choose plain clothes or play in contrast. In any case, muted blues, greens and beige tones are considered a winning option. White always looks good.


For work in the office, joggers are used, but much less often. Here it is already better to choose darker tones: dark blue, brown, black. So they will allow you to move away from the sporty style and seem stricter, they will resemble trousers. And the image should be collected in a standard office palette, including dark pants with a white shirt and a dark jacket (it can also be blue, brown or black).

Men in joggers
Joggers combine elegance and comfort, simplicity and aesthetics.

It is important that the shirt is monochromatic, without bright colors, with long sleeves without a turn-up. Since the joggers do not have a belt, you should not tuck it in, but you can put on a coat or jacket over it. As for shoes, here it is better to stick to the office style: shoes, moccasins, loafers are suitable.


Initially, joggers were designed for sports. So why not use them for their intended purpose, given the fact that they do not hinder movement and at the same time look stylish and modern. Sweatshirts, T-shirts and hoodies are combined with them. As for shoes, you can use multicolored sneakers made in pastel colors or bright, eye-catching sneakers.

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Joggers are a versatile type of clothing that can be combined with images of different styles, suitable for any image. Having come into fashion from sports images, today they can increasingly be found on models during shows. Perhaps, they will be on a par with jeans in popularity, so you should not be afraid to experiment in search of your own style.

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