How to choose the right jeans «American»

Jeans for men in a wardrobe are an irreplaceable basic thing that, when properly combined with other elements of clothing, can be presented in the most favorable light for you.

Jeans «American» for men

This type of men’s trousers is a practical and versatile model. Jeans «American» are usually wide and loose fit.

The most important thing is to choose jeans of this cut correctly, so that they fit the figure, that is, you need to take into account all the features of your physique. The choice of such pants is very large, so you require to carefully study all the sites that offer such models, or visit shopping centers if you do not like to wait for your order.

Pluses of «American» jeans:

  1. They don’t go out of style. If you look at the collections of world brands, you will see that there is always a place reserved for this model.
  2. You can find these jeans in the price range that suits you.
  3. From a medical point of view, a wide cut of trousers is good for the health of men and does not have a negative effect on blood flow.
  4. Convenient from a practical point of view. You can walk in them all day, and nothing will rub or interfere with you. Moreover, they provide freedom of movement.
  5. You can create beautiful, harmonious images with other items of clothing.
  6. Suitable for men of any physique and hide figure flaws.

These pants, fashionable for which came from the USA, should be in the wardrobe of any man who loves to look good and stylish, but also appreciates the quality, convenience and comfort of clothing.

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Features of men’s jeans «American»

No matter how beautiful and comfortable these pants are, they also have a number of their own characteristics that you need to consider when buying these clothes. Despite the fact that there are still more positive aspects, «American» jeans cannot be called an ideal clothing that does not have any drawbacks.

Features of this model of men’s pants:

  1. This model of men’s pants is suitable only for informal occasions. It is unlikely that you will be able to wear these trousers to some kind of business formal meeting. An outfit like this is likely to be viewed as disrespecting partners or other guests. Therefore, it is best to save «American women» for meetings with friends, parties, evening walks or trips on your own business.
  2. Such jeans must be combined with other elements of clothing, therefore, if you wear «American women», you require thinking over the image as a whole — what you will wear upstairs, what kind of shoes you will choose. Perhaps you will add some accessories that will definitely not be superfluous for your bow.
  3. These pants do not emphasize any advantages of the figure at all. They hide more what needs to be hidden. Therefore, they are most advantageous to sit on men with features of the figure.

Of course, all these shortcomings of «American» jeans are not so significant. But when buying and trying on this model of men’s trousers, you should still take these features into account, so that you do not regret this purchase later, and the thing itself does not lie aimlessly in the closet until someone throws it away.

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Who are the jeans «American» for?

When describing the features of the «American» jeans, it was mentioned that such a model of men’s trousers does not emphasize any advantages of the figure, but rather helps to hide its flaws. Based on this fact, one can assume who will be most profitable to purchase such models, and on whom they will sit ideally.

Who are the jeans «American» for:

  1. For male athletes… They are preferable for athletes who have well-formed muscles, and who have a real athletic figure. In this case, «American women» will present the athletic body in a favorable light.
  2. Slender tall men… It is worth noting here that almost any style of denim pants is suitable for this type of man.
  3. Males who have wide hips and obese build… Jeans will not be able to hide excess weight or simply bulky shapes, but they will be able to visually balance all proportions.
  4. Also, these jeans are suitable for men whose body type is either trapezoidal or rectangular.

In fact, with the right choice of outerwear and thinking about the overall look, these jeans will look good on a man of anybody type and body type. The main thing is composition.

Varieties of jeans «American»

If you have seen different «American» jeans, then you need to understand that this model also has its own varieties. This, by the way, is another plus of these trousers, since men can choose a model for themselves that best suits their style, body type and taste preferences.

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Varieties of «American» jeans:

  1. «Pipes».
    Men's jeans tubesIt is better to buy such jeans if you want to create a brutal image for yourself. These trousers are very wide, and it is difficult to correctly match the top and shoes to them. You require thinking carefully about the whole look if you are going to buy this model. Usually, these American women have large patch pockets, small scuffs and slots, which add a little brutality and rebelliousness to your bow.
  2. «Baggy fit».
    Men's Buggy Fit JeansThese jeans are more suitable for young guys who want to demonstrate their freedom. Typically, men buy these trousers one or two sizes larger, because this way the entire bow looks more effective.
  3. «Easy fit».
    Easy fit men's jeansThis model can be considered the most versatile of all varieties of «American» jeans, so these trousers can replace your classic jeans.
  4. «Loose fit».
    Men's jeans lusiThese jeans are so loose and loose that they even hide your shoes. When you wear these pants, you feel as if you are not wearing any pants at all.

When you choose a model of «American» jeans for yourself, then you should take into account the peculiarities of your figure, age category and your preferences in clothes. It is best to buy something in which you feel free and comfortable.

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