How to choose a winter jacket for men: advice from the manufacturer

For the harsh domestic winter, a warm and reliable jacket is a must. But when a man finds himself in a store, his eyes simply run wild and among such a variety, you can choose the wrong option at all. The assortment of outlets contains just a huge number of products from different manufacturers, colors and styles. So, the question of how to choose a winter jacket for a man becomes a difficult task.

In fact, making a choice is much easier than it might seem. If you correctly decompose all the selection parameters on the shelves and strictly follow them, then you can find just an ideal option for winter, which will save you from the cold and complement a stylish look. There are several criteria for choosing a man’s winter jacket, and each of them is worth paying attention to.

How to choose a winter jacket for men?

The modern fashion industry is so interesting and diverse that it will be quite difficult to make the right choice the first time. In order not to get lost in the world of brightness and variety, you need to pay attention to the style of the product, the fabric from which it is made, the color and composition, as well as the size. It is worth talking in more detail about the selection rules for each of the parameters.


How to choose a winter jacket for men so that it is warm and stylish, knowledge about the manufacturer will help. You need to highlight for yourself which brands’ products are the most reliable and popular, and when you go shopping in a store, pay attention to the product of the selected brand.

For example, when choosing a winter jacket according to brand parameters for a man, you should pay attention to the products of the following brands:

  1. Braggart.
  2. Alaska.
  3. Back.
  4. Aerospace.
  5. Fergo norge.
  6. Siberia.

Material and filler

In order for a man’s jacket to be pleasant to wear and to retain heat perfectly, you need to pay attention to what material it is made from. The filler also plays a very important role. If you choose a man’s jacket for these parameters, then they should be as follows:

  • products should be made of wool or cashmere, since it is these materials that keep heat best;
  • the jacket should have a thin layer of special insulation that replaces the usual lining;
  • the filler should be synthetic winterized, eco fluff or natural fluff;
  • the ratio of natural down to feathers should be approximately 80% to 20%, and the insulation layer should be evenly spaced.

Photo 2

Leather jackets are a good option, but they are expensive. For a jacket to be practical and to be worn every day, easy to wash, it is necessary that it has a top made of waterproof fabric and synthetic filling. Jackets, which have a synthetic winterized as a filler, can be washed at home, they dry quickly and wear well. Less practical and more expensive options can only be purchased for the holiday party.


A jacket chosen by a man should not only be warm and of high quality. Her style should clearly correspond to the preferences and style of the stronger sex. Men’s winter jackets are divided into several types, and each style has its own characteristics. The following table will allow you to consider the features of the styles of men’s jackets:

Jacket style Description
Pea jacket This model is a classic and very popular option. The length of the product ends at the base of the thighs, it is made of dense woolen fabric. This option is very stylish and warm, does not get wet, but visually increases the parameters, so you need to be careful when choosing the size.
Leather Jacket This is a classic men’s fashion item. These jackets are one of the warmest, they come in different styles and colors, do not get wet, but short men should be careful when choosing the length of the product.
Windbreaker This product will fit anybody type and will be inexpensive. The jackets have a hood and pockets with stylish fasteners. This item is perfect for a layered look.
Parka The jacket does not get wet, it is completely insulated. This version has a fur trim on the hood, which provides additional protection from the cold. Manufacturers use fluff or synthetic fibers as insulation. Popular models are zipped.
Insulated jacket This option has a waterproof top. It will warm you perfectly in any weather, suitable for men of any physique.

Advice! If a man has a tendency to allergic reactions, then a jacket with natural filler will not suit him.


It is much easier for a man to decide on the color of a winter jacket than on a size. Most of the stronger sex choose winter clothes in black, blue, brown or gray. But the perfect solution would be a combination of light and dark shades, additional details and accessories. Of course, the classics cannot be relegated to the last place, but you can safely decide to add brightness and originality to your image, in the form of bright yellow, red or green accents.

Photo 4

How to determine the correct size?

To determine the size of your jacket, you need to take a classic suit out of the closet and take a close look at the jacket. Having found out the size of the jacket, it is worth buying a jacket one size larger. This will be an ideal option, since in such clothes, a representative of a strong gender will be able to move easily and feel comfortable. The shoulder seam of the jacket should be slightly below the shoulder line for a more attractive silhouette.

Photo 5

To choose a jacket you need to size, you should try on it on a tight sweater, sit down, try to move. If there is no discomfort, then this is exactly what you need.


In order to choose the right men’s winter jacket, a representative of the stronger sex should follow these tips:

  • before buying a thing, arrange a small test drive for it (try to move, sit down, bend over);
  • it is worth checking the quality of the seams and additional accessories;
  • it is worth watching that the filler is evenly distributed;
  • it is better to buy products of popular brands, they are more reliable;
  • you need to think a hundred times before buying a jacket with a natural filler, because it is unrealistic to take good care of it at home;
  • the jacket should not only be warm, but also emphasize the dignity of the man’s figure.
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Photo 6

Following these simple tips, you can choose a really warm jacket for men.


Everyone buys jackets for winter, but not every man knows how to choose the right wardrobe item. That is why, before you buy outerwear, it is worth evaluating it according to several criteria. Only by choosing the right color, style and size can you look stylish.

As for determining the size, it is not difficult at all, because a jacket will always come to the rescue. Going to the store, you can take a friend with you, because from the outside it is easier to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of a thing.

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