How to choose a tuxedo for the groom

Modern wedding dresses for both the bride and the groom are amazing. But in the case of men’s suits, the most popular is the wedding tuxedo. Correctly selected clothes can radically change the image of a person, especially if you carefully select additional elements and accessories for it. How to choose the best wedding tuxedo?

Varieties of tuxedos

Traditionally, single-breasted and double-breasted options are distinguished. At the moment, the image of the groom is most often associated with a single-breasted coat with one or three buttons. This is due to the fact that such a style allows you to hide figure flaws, to reduce the waist, which in most cases is beneficial to the groom. In addition, if you choose a wedding tuxedo for the groom up to mid-thigh length, this will visually add a few centimeters to the height. As for the colors, men prefer the classic models in black or asphalt gray.

Double-breasted men’s tuxedo It is also quite widespread, since if you pick it up according to your figure, then it will give a man solidity and attractiveness. When choosing such a model, be sure to look at the lapels, since the classic or rectangular version is more suitable for a slender figure, and a shawl will allow you to expand the chest. Also, in most cases, it is better to choose the classic colors: black, gray, some shades of brown.

bride and groom

In the warmer months, it is preferable to wear a tuxedo in light shades.

The color of the suit may also depend on the season during which the celebration takes place. In winter, a dark tuxedo will look better, but this does not mean that it must be strictly black. Dark brown, blue colors are also suitable, which will look moderately stylish and extravagant. In warmer seasons, you can choose a white suit, but in this case, it is advisable to choose the whole image to match one color or immediately try to play in contrast, choosing lapels that set off the main tone. But you should not create a sharp contrast, therefore, you do not need to choose a dark shirt for a white jacket, as this will lead to complete disharmony in the image.

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What can be worn

Like most wedding paraphernalia, the groom’s attire is subject to strict etiquette. The groom can wear a tuxedo together with:

  • silk shirt;
  • trousers with silk stripes;
  • vest;
  • thin leather shoes.

Choosing a three-piece suit for the groom will allow you to emphasize his solidity and severity, to give the entire image completeness. But at the same time, it is important to choose the right clothes so that everything together looks as a entire, and not as disparate parts. Therefore, the trousers must be made of the same material as the jacket. However, the vest and shoes do not have to be the same color as the tuxedo. The shirt must be white and preferably made of silk, as this is a traditional fabric for such occasions.

It is significant to understand that tuxedos for men are selected immediately together with trousers, because they must be made of the same fabric in order to form a single image together. Silk stripes should not be wide, as this will prevent them from being combined with the lapel material. When choosing trousers, you need to pay attention to the following details:

  • silk or satin is best for trousers;
  • the length should be slightly shorter than that of classic trousers;
  • the leg width should be medium: not very narrowed, but not too wide;
  • there should be no more than three tucks.

The image of the groom should complement the image of the bride, so if she decides to choose a dress in the avant-garde style, then the wedding tuxedo for the groom may differ slightly from its classic version. The same applies to trousers: they can be taken somewhat narrowed and without stripes, especially if a single-breasted jacket is chosen, which is considered more modern.

Man in tuxedo

It is important to choose the right clothes so that everything together looks like a single whole.

As for the shirt, a white silk shirt will be the classic option. In front, the corners of the collar are covered with lapels, and at the back they can be seen no more than a centimeter. In the sleeves, it can be 1-2 cm longer than the tuxedo, the buttons are covered with a strap.

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The shoes complement and beautifully complete the man’s wedding look. In terms of tone, it is advisable to choose them a little darker than a tuxedo. But still, they must remain in the same color palette with the image. It should be understood that there is no more solemn option than patent leather shoes.

When to wear it is not recommended

If we talk about a wedding tuxedo, then it can be worn not only for this celebration, but also for other official events. However, such an outfit is not suitable for informal meetings and everyday wear. Most of the actors appear in this way on the red carpet, the premieres of their films, and this suggests that such an outfit is not suitable for wearing on a regular day.

In addition, most often the groom’s outfit is selected in accordance with the bride’s outfit, so more often than not, individually, it does not look so advantageous. This fact must also be taken into account when choosing a costume for an official event.

Matching accessories

One of the classic accessories are cuff links that can emphasize the elegance of an image and give it a laconic look. Usually, silver or gold accessories are chosen, thanks to which the appearance of the shirt and tailcoat becomes more attractive and graceful. If a bow tie differs in color from a tuxedo, then the cuff links should highlight this moment, so they should be selected not for the general tone, but for a specific element of clothing.

Wedding tuxedo

A scarf for a breast pocket is combined not only with a silk shirt, but also sets off the bride’s dress.

Another commonly seen accessory is a scarf for a breast pocket. They are combined not only with a silk shirt, but also set off the bride’s dress. In general, such an accessory emphasizes the elegance of the image, making the groom a real English gentleman. Some people prefer to choose a dark shawl for harmony with the belt, which is more suitable for a modern wedding. Sometimes you can choose a bright accessory, but in this case, the bride should also have something of a similar color, thanks to this, the image of the newlyweds will feel more integral and unified.

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Modern grooms often pay attention to wide belts, which they choose instead of a vest. Such an accessory can be either the same tone as the jacket, or stand out against its background along with a tie or bow tie, creating a bright contrast. Thanks to this, the waist of the groom is emphasized, allowing him to keep his back more straight and emphasize the appearance.

Accessories for the groom

Mandatory accessories for the groom are a bow tie, cuff links and a scarf or boutonniere.

Almost no man’s wedding look is complete without a scarf or bow tie. You can choose both a monochromatic version and a contrasting one — in this matter, everything depends solely on the taste of the groom. But in the absence of a Cummerbund, it is advisable to choose a bow tie to match with other accessories: a scarf, a belt and cuff links.

Fashionable Images

To better understand what a stylish wedding should look like, you can use photos of ready-made images for the groom. They allow you to more accurately select the necessary accessories and decide in which style it is better to hold the celebration. However, it cannot be denied that the grace of a gentleman that a tuxedo gives makes you feel much more confident and calmer, especially in such a happy moment.

wedding, bride and groom

Men prefer classic black models.

groom, bride, wedding

It is important to understand that tuxedos for men are selected immediately together with trousers, because they must be made of the same fabric in order to form a single image together.

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