How to choose a shirt to fit perfectly

A properly selected men’s wardrobe will make the owner elegant and confident in appearance. The selection of clothes begins with the basic element — shirts. And the first question that will have to be answered is how to choose the right shirt. After all, if you make mistakes when buying, it will be inconvenient to use the clothes, and its owner will look unpresentable and unprofessional. And acquaintance with the selection criteria will help not to be mistaken, allowing you to understand how a shirt should sit on a man and by what details you can understand that it does not fit.

Choose the right size

The main parameter is size. It is easiest to define it for men of average height and build. Sometimes it is enough for them to know the parameter only the first time. And then start your selection with models of the same size, using the table of correspondence of standards of different countries.

The situation becomes more complicated if the figure has changed or the physique was immediately non-standard. In this case, you can try to choose the right shirt by tucking it into your trousers and raising your hands. The edges protruding above the belt will show that the garment is small, and the length below the fly — that it is too large. If everything is fine, compare the parameters of the collar, sleeves, shoulders and chest area.

The nuances of choice for non-standard men

The owner of a non-standard figure, too small or tall, may face a number of difficulties when fitting. Therefore, you should not pay attention to the size table. You still have to make a purchase only after trying on and comparing all the characteristics. Moreover, if the first time it takes longer, then knowing the selection criteria, you can easily find suitable shirts for tall, fat, thin and short men, well-fitting and comfortable.

Man in shirt

At each fitting, you should pay attention to all the details. Clothing should be neither too tight nor loose.

Check if the shirt fits correctly

Even knowing how to choose the right men’s shirt, men with custom sizes will have to spend a lot of time looking for a suitable option. At each fitting, you should pay attention to all the details. Clothing should be neither too tight nor loose.

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Sleeves that are too long will cause wrinkles. Short ones will look rolled up. The shoulders should not stand, as when hanging on a hanger — this will make movement stiff. The size is not attractive either, creating the impression of clothes from someone else’s shoulder.


The main requirement for a collar is comfort. The part should not be too spacious, touching the skin, but not pressing on it. And also, before picking up clothes, you should stick your finger between the collar and the throat — if it fits, the size is normal.

A tight fit to the neck and a feeling of pressure indicate that the collar is too small. Because of this, the man will feel discomfort. But, if the collar does not touch the neck at all, and you can stick several fingers between it and the throat, the size is larger than necessary.


Another criterion that allows both choosing a man’s shirt and providing comfort and convenience when wearing it is the location of the shoulder seam. It should end where the shoulder ends. It is worth paying attention to the armhole (the junction of the sleeve with the main part). Furthermore, it should be large enough for the garment to be comfortable to wear.

You can find out that the shirt is too small if the seam ends before the shoulder. There will also be a part of the sleeve, and folds appear due to the tension of the armhole. If the size is larger than necessary, the sleeve is connected to the main part in the bicep area.

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In the torso area, the buttons should be properly fastened and located exactly in the center. Clothes should not sag. The best option is when the shirt tapers slightly downward, almost fitting the figure. Although for thin men, tight-fitting clothing is not suitable, as it emphasizes their thinness.

A shirt can be considered unsuitable if the buttons are difficult to fasten — or the body is visible between them. The sleeves of such tight clothes are pulled tight. Clothes that are too big have a sagging fabric and blown like a sail in the wind. The shirt tucked into the trousers hangs over the belt.


The normal sleeve size will be if this part in the upper part is not much wider than the cuff. By lowering your arm straight, you will notice a lack of tension. A free sleeve of a suitable shirt should be along its entire length.

When choosing men’s shirts for high growth, you should look so that there is no tension in the fabric when moving the shoulder. This will show that the clothes are small. The shirt will be great if there is so much fabric that the sleeve will sag, wrap around the bicep or elbow.


The cuff of a matching shirt should fit snugly around your arm, but leave some space between the skin and the fabric. You can check this by trying to take off your clothes. If the size is correct, the cuffs do not need to be unbuttoned.

The shirt will be small if, when removing it, the buttons have to be unbuttoned. The owner of such clothes can only wear a watch over the sleeve. Although the width of the cuffs is too wide, it will also be uncomfortable, and when wearing a shirt, folds can come from them.

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The length of the sleeve

If the garment covers the wrist bone, it can be assumed that the correct sleeve length has been selected for the men’s shirt. The cuffs should not lift over the forearm, even when the arms are raised overhead or spread apart. However, the watch, if worn by a man, is not always closed.

The length is insufficient if the wrist bone is not covered. And too big when the cuff is lowered onto the wrist. If the wrong sleeve length of a man’s shirt is chosen, the wristwatch is covered by it, regardless of the position of the hands.


When choosing men’s shirts for high growth, the main thing is to make sure that both the sleeves and the clothes are of sufficient length. To check if the size is suitable for the buyer or not, a little check will help. When straightening out of trousers, the length should be enough to cover the belt.

If the straightened bottom edge not only covers the belt, but also goes down below the fly, the size is large. Tucking clothes into trousers can create unattractive folds. And when choosing a model for tall men, you will notice that the edges do not cover the belt and expose the body.

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