How a man looks stylish in jeans

Men’s wardrobe is more limited in assortment than women’s, but it would be a misconception that the stronger sex has fewer ways to make their look original, fashionable and memorable. The main thing is to know exactly what to wear jeans for men, how to combine a small assortment from the closet so that it seems endless and what color combinations can be used to look smart, brutal or just neat and attractive. What can I wear with men’s jeans?

Blue and Black Classic Jeans

The most popular option, which, under certain conditions, can replace the bottom even with a strict dress code. A modern man has long used black jeans instead of classic trousers, if they are of a classic cut, are not overflowing with accessories and fit well on the figure. You can wear a monochromatic fitted shirt with an exaggeratedly small and narrow tie or loosely tied with a large knot, and a linen or tweed jacket and a pullover in traditional men’s colors without unnecessary details.

Men's looks with black jeans
A shirt with a jacket and black denim pants will be appropriate for a date, a business meeting in a café, especially if complemented by leather shoes.

Blue is always relevant, it is out of fashion, but here, in the selection of the rest of the good visualization, a lot depends on the chosen own style:

  1. Unique casual requires an indispensable comfortable cut and natural materials — cashmere pullovers, softly draped, thin woolen sweaters without a throat, with a neckline or rim, linen or cotton shirts, plain or in a small cage with unobtrusive combinations, cardigans or tweed jackets with suede …
  2. Brutal allows for some hint of a military, cowboy or biker. The main thing here is not to overdo it with hints, otherwise it will turn out not to be a macho, but a cowboy or a motorcyclist. Black jeans prevail, but modern fashion involves plain or barely striped shirts, leather accessories (from boots and shoes with thick soles to jackets and belts), chunky knit sweaters, T-shirts and T-shirts, but without collars, emblems and embroidery.
  3. Fashionista wear skinny, blue jeans that are cropped or tucked up to fit snugly around the thinnest leg. These are also fashionable, but peculiar models, with which pullovers and jackets of traditional cut look simply ridiculous. Such a bottom assumes a torso deliberately covered with a jacket or shirt, sports sneakers or sneakers, T-shirts and tight-fitting T-shirts, usually of very incredible colors.
Men in blue jeans
Blue skinny jeans, cropped or rolled up, worn with a torso-fitting shirt or jacket.

For those who prefer classic, slightly loose models with a high belt, there are many options for use, dedicated to variable occasions — wearing a sweatshirt and sneakers with thin soles, you can go for a run in the park or for a walk. A shirt with a jacket and black jeans will be appropriate for a date, a business meeting in a café, especially if complemented by leather shoes. They, in combination with a fashionable shirt, will be an excellent option for a club party or corporate party.

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Jeans of unusual colors

In every season in fashion collections you can see really non-trivial colors — purple and purple, pink and yellow, bright green or with flowers scattered all over the field, butterflies, Turkish cucumbers.

In everyday life, red, gray and burgundy jeans are referred to as unusual colors, although they are typical for skinny. Red is easily combined with raspberry, purple, green or sandy beige. The answer to the question of what to wear red jeans with is varied for those who do not have stereotypes:

  • with a fitted shirt with a triple or double collar and a large pattern;
  • a turtleneck is appropriate, but certainly a bright and tight-fitting torso;
  • a narrowed jacket made of brown leather, complemented by a belt and ankle boots, looks stylish;
  • as an option — a purple or red-brown short double-breasted coat, tightly tied in the shoulder girdle;
  • a combination with a green top is in demand, as natural and constantly occurring in nature.
Men in bright colored jeans
Outrageous fashion fans will wear brown-yellow, green, burgundy, purple and orange skinny.

The narrow version of the pants allows for extreme combinations. In about the same way, you can wear green, burgundy and beige models. If you are lucky enough to find burgundy or red in a classic cut, then there are few options — white, black, a bright check with red blotches or a light top with a stripe to match.

Straight jeans

A dominant and revealing detail, a defining constant, to which appropriate and eloquent additions are pulled up, due to occupation, addictions, chance, season and even weather:

  1. Straight jeans for men are a universal look for fall. A coat made of cashmere or cloth, loose and fitted cut, with a double or single row of buttons, a jacket made of leather and suede of any color, a blue or black quilted bomber will suit them.
  2. In summer, light jeans look perfect, and to them — shirts with short sleeves, linen or cotton, linen, cambric, T-shirts and T-shirts. There are no restrictions on what to wear with white trousers of this cut. They may be somewhat impractical, but they look smart, stylish and in season.
  3. Spring does not deny black and blue models, but blue jeans with a loose pullover, thin knitted sweater, jumper, will create a truly spring morning mood. During the day, you can wear any light shirt with long sleeves under them, an elegant and casual hoodie, light blue, pearl, pastel pink or golden beige will be especially smart and appropriate.
Men in straight cut jeans
Straight jeans are suitable for men of anybody type.

In winter, you can wear brown, navy and black jeans with a cardigan, warm sweatshirt, tight-knit sweater, tweed jacket, warm coat, down jacket, fur-trimmed leather jacket — the choice is unlimited. It’s just that every stylish man prefers a certain image, which dictates what to wear with classic cut jeans.

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Skinny jeans

There are different options and degrees of narrowing, in which the color palette depends on this particular circumstance. This season, gray jeans are considered popular, which fit a sweatshirt, a tight-fitting turtleneck, a fashionable, fitted shirt to the limit. Outrageous fashion fans will wear brown-yellow, green, burgundy, purple and orange skinny.

Men in skinny jeans
When wearing skinny jeans, a shirt complete with a T-shirt, jackets with patch pockets and large collars, long scarves and even tight coats with contrasting trim are allowed.

A jacket, sweatshirt, and a turn down T-shirt will work as long as they are very snug and cut to a minimum. Men who prefer this cut of trousers have separate ideas about compatibility, harmony and visualization. The only limitation in this case is that you cannot wear a patterned top under jeans with a floral pattern, only a solid color and certainly short. A shirt complete with a T-shirt, jackets with patch pockets and large collars, long scarves and even narrow coats with contrasting trim are allowed.

Ragged jeans

Owners of trousers that are gradually losing their acute relevance can afford to wear dark, thin sweaters of loose fit, oversized shirts, T-shirts with an inscription or with colored prints to create a casual look. Clothing designers advise them to experiment with elements of different styles — cowboy, biker, military and even banal office, not to be afraid of bold combinations, but to reduce the size and number of cuts.

Ripped jeans bow
Stylists advise owners of ripped jeans to experiment with elements of different styles — cowboy, biker, military.

What shoes to wear jeans

A controversial issue that fans of different cuts tend to solve in their own way. A supporter of the classic style can wear under strict jeans and leather shoes or boots, ankle boots, and suede low shoes with laces — it all depends on the occasion and the season. Those who wear skinny prefer sneakers or athletic shoes (but not jogging). Sneakers white or red, with thin soles, with contrasting laces will go.

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If there is a need to reduce the outrageousness in the image (for example, at work), the possibility of brown-yellow shoes with massive soles is allowed. Street style for less tapered and short pants allows shoes to match with a jacket, belt or tie, with tapered, round or square toes, but with indispensable laces, this time matching the color of the shoes, but loosely tied and emphasized carelessly.

Men in jeans
Shoes for jeans are selected based on preferences, occasion and season.

The appropriate image is determined not by the presence of denim in the lower body, but by its framing — in harmony with the case, the top and carefully selected shoes.

The traditional understanding of fabric and products, as well as the once severe restrictions, have long-lost their relevance. Now this name is used for dyed thin cotton, and for linen with elastane, and even for synthetics, whimsically colored, but sewn in a certain cut.

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