Guayabera — How to Wear a Cuban Collar Shirt

The popularity of Cuban shirts came during the 50s of the last century, and they immediately firmly established themselves among the most important attributes of a man’s wardrobe. But over time, their former fame faded into oblivion, and first, they became associated with annoying tourists and Chandler Bing, a character from the popular worldwide TV series Friends.

But since 2014, everything has started to change radically. Renowned fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton and Missoni are bringing Cuban shirts back into fashion by designing and introducing new ways to wear them. Today, through such measures, they have gradually regained their long-lost fame and their rightful place in the fashion of clothing all over the world.

They are desirable or even necessary pieces of clothing in any man’s wardrobe. Their most popular types are suitable for the physique of most men. And the main feature is its versatility: you can wear it for summer parties, wear it for visits or go to the beach.

The original design of the Cuban shirts was plain and unremarkable, without a top button or any other noteworthy features. But with the growth of popularity, at the same time, the growth of their diversity began, oriented to the taste of any consumer. Due to this, in the modern world, you can easily choose the option that suits you.

Cuban shirts are well worth the investment. We’ll take a look at 7 easy ways to wear them as proof of their superb pairing with a wide variety of men’s clothing.

How To Wear With Pants

The very first combinations with Cuban shirts were associated with trousers. During their first dawn, these combinations were very popular. Think of characters from films of those years or celebrities, for example, Elvis Presley. Nowadays, this method has not yet lost its relevance.

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For this tried and tested, dependable look, all you need to do is find a shirt with neutral, subtle colors. You can also try wearing shirts that have some extra details. And for the bottom, choose trousers with stripes or pleated ones. Then tuck it into them in a simple yet elegant way.

How to wear over a T-shirt

There is uncertainty about how to wear Cuban shirts over T-shirts. But despite this, wearing them does not give a reason to worry about buttons, and usually serves as an ornament in the form of an unbuttoned shirt casually draped over the shoulders, and at the same time the outfit does not look provocative.

The best option for this wearing style is a white T-shirt. While colored counterparts and T-shirts with different logos and signs will be distracting, white will serve as an immediate addition to the shirt itself.

You can also try tucking it into skinny pants or jeans to create a contrast between the slim fit bottom and the open, wide top. To top it off, wear a pair of white sneakers.

How to wear with a suit

At first glance, this combination may seem ridiculous and strange, but having tried it once, you yourself will understand that this is a killer combination, especially for the summer and spring seasons. It works best in an everyday context. Of course, wearing a suit in warm weather is hot and uncomfortable, but this disadvantage is compensated for by the subtlety and softness of Cuban shirts.

Obviously, Cuban shirts lack the elegance and formality of their classic counterparts, but this flaw can be easily corrected by choosing a suit to match the shirt.

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How To Wear With Shorts

Pairing shorts with plain tees is a surprisingly complex topic. The root of the problem is that when paired with shorts, they quickly turn into casual wear. However, Cuban shirts do not face such difficulties and go well with shorts. Of course, beach shorts and cargo models are not included in this definition.

To look good, you should choose tight shorts that will fit neatly somewhere in the middle of the thigh. Also, shorts with color shades such as stone, navy or black are highly recommended. When choosing the Cuban shirt itself, you should pay attention to the design with a pattern, for example: with Japanese or Hawaiian prints.

How to wear with jeans

The way Cuban shirts look when paired with jeans can be seen in actor Christian Slater in the 1993 American film True Love. This style of wearing them is for the most part American: colorful and casual.

To look good with jeans in a Cuban shirt, your old worn jeans and shirt with matching colors or patterns (you can even at the same time) are enough. Finally, you need to pick up running shoes or other athletic shoes.

How to wear under a jacket

When it comes to wearing a Cuban shirt under a jacket, it’s not easy to put on the first one that comes to hand. The collar of the jacket may not fit well with the pointed collar of the shirt. Also, denim jackets just contrast with their everyday life. That said, a regular cotton jacket makes a nice balance: a simple yet thoughtful look pairs well with a Cuban shirt.

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When choosing a jacket color, it is recommended to stick to neutral colors, since you do not stand on top of a bright shirt wearing an identically eye-catching jacket, creating a colorful image that people associate with parrots.

How to wear with long sleeves

Usually, Cuban shirts have short sleeves due to the fact that they are most often worn in summer or spring. But if you can find and purchase long sleeves, congratulations, you are very lucky. This cut is arguably the most versatile of the bunch: you can wear it buttoned up at dinner parties or romantic dinners. On weekends, while relaxing, undo the buttons and put on a T-shirt underneath. Even if you choose it with minimal tones or with bright colors and patterns, you will look great anyway.

Long-sleeved Cuban shirts are easy to match the bottom, for example, think of wide, pleated trousers in a darker shade than the shirt itself and ordinary sunglasses that you can put in the top pocket.

With such a shirt, you will always be ready for unexpected parties or hikes in the city in summer or spring.

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