Flared jeans in fashion trends

More than a century ago, men’s flared jeans were considered a sailor’s uniform. The pants were comfortable in that they had a simple fastener that made it easy to unbutton and take off clothes in the water. In the 70s of the last century, mass production of flared jeans was revived by hippies. They brought this style of jeans into fashion, adding various colored accessories to them.

Varieties of flared jeans

Men’s flared jeans extend from the hips or knees. First, the landing options differ:

  • low — jeans reach a distance of 4-5 cm from top to bottom from the navel;
  • high — the belt is located at the waistline or slightly higher;
  • middle — pants are 2 cm below the navel.

Jeans can be decorated with inserts, patterns, various patterns, additional pockets, scuffs. However, stylists recommend men to wear the classic version without unnecessary details. To add personality to the look, it is better to focus on the belt and buckle.

Men in flared jeans
Young people are advised to have at least one model suitable for hangouts and parties.

Denim pants for men are available in various colors, ranging from white and light blue to dark gray and black. Light-colored jeans are mostly worn during the warm spring-summer season, while darker shades are preferred in autumn and winter. This is due not only to the tribute to fashion, but also to practicality. Dark denim jeans are usually made from a denser fabric than light denim jeans. In addition, small dirt, which often occurs in cold and rainy weather, is practically invisible on dark fabric.

The best option for men would be classic navy blue jeans that have a slight extension from the knee. These pants go well with a single-breasted jacket.

Where and with what to wear

Flared jeans have long been a part of every man’s wardrobe. At the same time, many styles are suitable for everyday wear. Denim trousers can be worn both for a walk and for work (if the dress code allows).

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Men’s flared jeans will look good with the following clothes:

  • plain pullovers and sweaters;
  • sweaters with buttons;
  • V-neck T-shirts;
  • hoodies without a bright print;
  • strict blazers in a classic style;
  • loose-fitting shirts;
  • Polo shirts;
  • sports windbreakers and denim jackets.

Pay special attention to shoes: they should be in harmony with the chosen model. Light-colored sneakers or sneakers are suitable for blue pants. Under dark jeans — brown or black boots in a classic style.

Men in flared jeans
When buying, choose long models, as they can always be cut or rolled up.

In order to look elegant and presentable in flared jeans, stylists advise men to follow these recommendations:

  • For work, choose neutral colors and shades, avoid bright drawings and appliqués.
  • Jeans should be tailored to the figure and not «hang».
  • The models, slightly extended from the knee, are suitable for romantic walks and dates, as well as for gatherings with the family.
  • In summer, loose-fitting T-shirts and light T-shirts go well with jeans.
  • In the cold season, you can complement the look with a jumper or cardigan.
  • The denim jacket should be the same shade as the pants. The different ones in the kit look ridiculous.
  • When buying, choose long models, as they can always be cut or rolled up.
  • Do not tuck jeans into boots or boots — this will visually shorten the growth.
  • Avoid arrows on flared pants — this was how they went in the 70s of the last century.
  • Combine light jeans with pastel-colored socks, and wear black socks under dark jeans.

Follow these recommendations and your image will be stylish and attractive.

When to wear it is not recommended

Despite the fact that flared jeans are considered universal, they are not suitable for everyone. When choosing jeans, first, it is necessary to take into account the complexion of a person, as well as his lifestyle. This model looks best on tall, athletic men. Slender representatives of the stronger sex with a height above average can also safely wear such pants. A small belly and other flaws in the figure can be hidden by wearing trousers with a high waist and flared from the hip.

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It is not recommended wearing a flare in the following cases:

  • If the man is short. Flared jeans in this case will visually shorten the legs. Better to give preference to other models
  • Fat people should not choose such jeans, as the silhouette will look more voluminous. It is recommended to choose a different style.
  • Combined with flared boots will look ridiculous, it is better to avoid this combination.
  • Patent shoes should not be worn with jeans, as this is considered bad form.

Fashionable Images

Before buying jeans, you need to choose the style, determine the length, and also choose the color of the fabric. You also require considering whether the chosen model will be combined with the rest of the things from your wardrobe. You should not blindly obey fashion and choose models with bright catchy patterns if you are not sure what you will wear such pants. Fashion trends pass quickly, so it is better to opt for a classic model without scuffs and holes.

The jeans you choose should fit, be free from puckering and be comfortable.

You should give up jeans, with an extension from the knee over 4-5 cm — such models are outdated for a long time. It is also better not to buy bright pants with colored inserts. Give preference to universal models in neutral shades, they can be worn every day.

Flared jeans
Look for thick fabrics that are comfortable to the touch.

It is better to have several jeans in the wardrobe: for hot and cold seasons. Also get a few pairs for work and daily wear. Young people are advised to have at least one model suitable for hangouts and parties. It can be ripped, frayed, trendy patches and large pockets. These models are available in gray and blue colors.

Remember to tuck long shirts into jeans and leave T-shirts and sweaters on top

Pay special attention to the material of the product. You shouldn’t buy cheap things, most often they are made of low-quality jeans and will not last long. Choose fabrics made from thick fabrics that are comfortable to the touch. Models labeled «100% cotton» are durable, hypoallergenic and easy to clean. Stretch jeans are also a good option, they emphasize the figure and can last for more than one year.

Branded jeans are expensive. Understated price may indicate a fake

Fashion for the color of men’s denim pants is changing rapidly. This year, the following shades are considered relevant:

  • Ash gray. The color is universal, not easily soiled, while it looks fresh. This season, designers frequently use this shade in men’s models. Jeans of this color can be worn both to work and to various events.
  • Beige. Suitable for summer. A man will look elegant in such jeans both at festive events and friendly meetings or dates. The model is combined with a dark top and polo shirts.
  • Khaki. Military coloring has remained in trend for more than one season, allowing the stronger sex to look brutal and courageous. Such models most often come with patch pockets.
  • Classic blue color. Blue jeans will always be in fashion and will suit any male representative. This color is universal: for any season and event.
Men in flared jeans
The denim jacket should be the same shade as the pants.

Flared denim trousers are comfortable and practical. When choosing, you must be guided not only by fashion trends, but above all by convenience and your own preferences. If you are in doubt about which model to choose, do not hesitate to contact a sales consultant, they are always aware of the latest trends.

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