Everything you wanted to know about men’s wide jeans

Wide men’s jeans are part of the wardrobe of the stronger sex. Such trousers usually provide comfort, are combined with other things and, when worn neatly, retain their original appearance for a long time.

Varieties of wide jeans

Despite the fact that everyone has an approximate idea of ​​what such jeans look like, not everyone knows what varieties these trousers are divided into and how these varieties differ from each other. You need to understand this in order to easily determine which jeans suit you and what to wear with these pants.

The two main models of wide men’s jeans are «American» и «Pipes». At first glance, it may seem that they are the same, but in fact they have many differences, which determine whether these trousers will fit well on you or not.

Varieties of wide men’s jeans:

  1. American jeans«American women”, For example, are considered more free and comfortable. They were first worn in the United States in the 90s of the twentieth century. These pants provide absolute freedom of movement. In them, the owners of this wardrobe element feel as if they are in pajama pants (only the fabric is rougher). As for the fabric, «American» jeans can be made from different materials. Some males buy several pairs of these trousers — one made from lightweight fabric and the other made from thick fabric. In this case, you do not have to worry about the change of seasons, as there will be jeans in your wardrobe for any weather. Usually, the length of «American women» reaches the shoes themselves, partially covering the shoes with fabric. However, many men now try to either buy cropped trousers of this style, or simply fold their jeans so that the fabric does not get dirty and interfere with them.
  2. Jeans - pipesJeans — «pipes«- a less versatile option, but no less popular among males. This style seems rude, so men are unlikely to be able to wear wide jeans of this kind to any events. The “pipes” have distinctive features by which you can immediately recognize this style. First, these jeans often have large patch pockets. This element immediately deprives the owner of these trousers of the opportunity to go out in this garment for an informal but business meeting. Secondly, on the «pipes» you can see holes, slots, scuffs, which emphasize the informality of the style. Also, for such wide jeans on the knees, the fabric is specially bleached.
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You need to choose the style carefully. Before buying a thing, you should think about where you will wear it and what you will wear it with. See if this piece suits you in style and focus on what you prefer — a classic or a somewhat rebellious approach to choosing clothes.

Where and with what to wear

Fashion dictates its own rules, and frequently, having acquired this or that thing, we leave it gathering dust in our wardrobe, because we do not know what to wear with it and how, where you can come in this form, and where you cannot.

With wide men’s jeans, representatives of the stronger sex also periodically have problems. But, in fact, such pants can be combined with many elements of the wardrobe, the main thing is to be able to do it competently and stylishly. The first thing you should always pay attention to is the look and style of your jeans. This will determine which top you can wear, and which top is not even worth trying on.

Since such jeans themselves are a priori wide, what will be above the pants should not create additional volume, otherwise your figure will be greatly distorted. You will appear to be several sizes larger than you really are. It is best to pick up something tight and narrow on the top. It can be a neutral classic T-shirt or a thin, but not too bulky shirt. A basic T-shirt with a classic fit will also work and won’t distract from your wide jeans.

Men in wide jeans
In the cold season, you can tuck jeans into high boots.

In most cases, it is worth choosing sports shoes. In this case, both sneakers and sneakers will do. If you do not know what to choose, then start either from your own preferences, or from your image, which you have chosen for publication.

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If it’s cold outside, and you don’t know which outerwear to choose, then feel free to wear a denim jacket or leather jacket, which can perfectly complement your look, add brutality to your image and warm you in cold weather.

When to wear it is not recommended

Wide men’s jeans are a wardrobe item that should not be worn or worn on any occasion. You can wear these pants to a meeting with friends. These trousers are perfect for going to the cinema or club. They can also be a good option to wear on a birthday if the holiday is not celebrated in a gourmet restaurant or café with a dress code.

Men in wide jeans
These trousers are suitable for going to the cinema or club, but not for a business meeting.

However, you should not wear wide jeans for a business meeting. You may seem like someone who is not serious or disrespectful to your interlocutors. For an interview, this image will also be inappropriate, jeans will attract too much attention. It is better to choose something more calm and classic.

If you are planning to wear this wardrobe item at someone’s wedding, then this idea is also better to discard right away. Even if the event is not too formal (for example, you do not go to the registry office), such clothes will still look inappropriate.

Fashionable looks with wide jeans

Despite the fact that wide men’s jeans are a rather specific element of the wardrobe, with this thing you can create many interesting fashionable images in which you can go to a meeting with friends and take many beautiful photos.

In developing images with such pants, the main thing is to know when to stop and feel the fine line between style and tasteless selection of elements. One wrong thing can ruin your whole look and make you look ridiculous. You need to be careful not only with the choice of the top, but also with the choice of additional accessories.

Men's bow with wide jeans
One wrong thing can ruin your entire look and make you look ridiculous.

What looks can be made with wide men’s trousers:

  1. Choose jeans that will cover your shoes in length. You can stop at choosing a dark color. A classic white T-shirt or a white jumper will work best with these trousers.
  2. If you like something more sophisticated, then you should pay attention to trousers with cuffs, chunky sneakers or sneakers of a sports type and a shirt in a dark shade.
  3. If you are ready to experiment, you can try wearing these jeans with a thin shirt and a T-shirt, over which you can wear a jacket or vest and jacket. In this case, the main thing is not to overdo it and have a sense of proportion. Also, when drawing up this image, you should pay attention to the physique. If you understand that it will look too massive, then it is better not to use this idea. If your figure allows you to wear multiple layers of clothing, then you should definitely try a new style.
  4. Light hip-hop jeans and oversized chunky boots complement each other harmoniously.
  5. If you are not afraid of experimenting, then you should wear such jeans with a non-classic jacket. You can wear both a shirt and a T-shirt down.
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Wide jeans for men will be an indispensable wardrobe item if you learn how to wear these clothes correctly.

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