Everything you need to know about tailcoat and tuxedo

Due to the fact that such concepts as social life and public receptions have appeared in the life of modern people, many successful men have to deal with the difference between a tuxedo and a business suit. When at a festive event strict dress code requirements are imposed on guests, you have to choose a tailcoat and a tuxedo instead of a suit to comply with the rules. Men do not always understand what is the difference between this form of clothing. The article will help you deal with this issue.

What is a suit, tuxedo and tailcoat

Men’s suits are the basic clothing of the modern man’s wardrobe. This is a set of a jacket and trousers, which in some cases can be supplemented with a vest. They are distinguished by a variety of designs. There are business, casual, club, holiday suits. The difference between the different models is pretty obvious. By cut and design, men’s suits are divided into several types:

  1. Single-breasted, with a row of buttons on one side and loops on the other. This is the most popular type of men’s suit and is used as a casual wear.
  2. Double-breasted, they have two rows of buttons. Such models should be worn at important official events, buttoning up jackets with all buttons.
  3. Classic three-piece, which includes a vest in addition to a jacket and trousers. According to etiquette, men wearing such a suit can, without asking permission from those present, take off their jackets during communication.

In addition to suits for every day and business style, models are provided for solemn and festive events. These include a tailcoat and a tuxedo, which differ in particular in the cut of the front and back of the jacket. These types of men’s suits evolved in the 19th century, when elites had to abide by the protocol of social life. A formal men’s suit was required to be worn according to the protocol for ceremonial social events:

  • to the wedding;
  • while visiting palace receptions;
  • for a funeral;
  • to the theater.
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The tailcoat is always sewn of black expensive fabric, fastens with one button, has a cone-shaped cutout, the back of the tailcoat is lower than the front and has the shape of a fold, the length of which should be below the knees.

Men in tailcoat

The tailcoat is considered a classic formal dress, which must be worn according to the strict white tie protocol.

A tuxedo was a club jacket that has a branded trim in the form of silk or satin lapels. They first appeared in English clubs, where there were smoking rooms for club members. These jackets with silk and satin lapels were worn while smoking cigars, the ashes from which could quickly slip off the smooth finish. Later, when smoking rooms in the second half of the 19th century appeared in private salons in Europe and in Russia, tuxedos began to actively enter the wardrobe of men of their high society.

Shiny silk or satin lapels are what makes a tuxedo different from a jacket. Such clothes are not used in every day and business spheres; they have become an integral part of social events with a high social status.

Comparison of external characteristics

Modern costumes can differ in a variety of models, from which you can choose the ideal options for different types of male figures:

  • European;
  • English;
  • American;
  • casual for walks and meetings in an informal setting;
  • business;
  • protocol;
  • classic.

Men’s suits, even with fitted jackets, do not hinder movement. The set comes with straight trousers, the width of which may vary. Modern models, depending on their purpose, can be combined with various elements of men’s wardrobe. In some cases, jackets, unlike suits, are allowed to be worn unbuttoned.

Men in tuxedos

The set for the tuxedo is matched with narrow or straight trousers with silk stripes.

The difference between a tuxedo and a modern suit is that it has a fitted cut and satin lapels. It can be single-breasted or double-breasted, like a suit jacket, but you cannot wear it unbuttoned. The set for a tuxedo should be selected trousers and a shirt of a certain type. The tuxedo itself can only be black or dark blue. A tailcoat is another option for a man’s outfit, which differs from the traditional jacket with long dovetail folds. It has a rather narrow top that fits the figure and can only be paired with a certain set of menswear. The tailcoat can only be black.

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Modern men’s suits can be of different shades, depending on the purpose of such men’s clothing. Classic models are sewn from dark fabrics. Casual suits, which are usually worn in an informal setting, can be light, checkered, and have golden buttons trim.

Wearing rules

The difference also applies to the rules of wearing. The tailcoat is considered a classic formal dress, which must be worn according to the strict white tie protocol. You only need to wear it with a white shirt, a white starchy vest and a white bow tie. It is imperative to wear a white bow tie, which can only be tied by hand.

Men in tuxedos

It is imperative to wear a bow tie, which is tied only by hand.

For a tailcoat, you require selecting tight trousers with silk stripes, which have a high waist. They are worn without a belt. Shoes must be black and lacquered. A white scarf, which is inserted into the breast pocket of a tailcoat, and white gloves are used as accessories.

A tuxedo, unlike a tailcoat, is not such an official formal suit. Today, designers offer models of tuxedos in light shades, and fashion allows you to include a number of free interpretations in this festive jacket that do not contradict the protocol of the event. In addition, there remains a classic version of a formal tuxedo in a dark shade with silk lapels, which should only be combined with a white shirt and a bow tie or platstron. The set for the tuxedo is matched with narrow or straight trousers with silk stripes. Instead of a belt, a white silk sash is used.

Men in tuxedos

Instead of a strap for a tuxedo, a silk sash is used.

Costumes are divided according to the type of their purpose. Strict business models are worn to work in the office. For important business and social events, double-breasted jackets are worn. Classic business suits should always be worn with a shirt and tie in matching shades.

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When to wear

A business jacket and trousers should be worn to the office, matching the color of the shirt according to corporate rules. A black tailcoat should be worn at formal events attended by officials if the dress code is “white tie”. The difference between a tuxedo and a tailcoat is that it can be worn for less formal events:

  • weddings;
  • parties;
  • film premieres;
  • receptions;
  • to nightclubs for private parties;
  • holiday concerts, etc.

For everyday wear, walking, parties with friends, you can use casual suits. Compliance with the dress code rules is mandatory at official events attended by top officials. Usually, special invitations are sent to such receptions, which indicate the protocol dress code. Having carefully read the invitation, you will need to choose the appropriate men’s formal attire, which can be a tailcoat or a tuxedo. According to secular protocol, it is not accepted to wear business suits at festive receptions.

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