Everything you need to know about how to iron a men’s shirt properly

If you know how to iron a classic men’s shirt correctly, you can do it in a matter of minutes. To shorten the operating time as much as possible, we found the most convenient algorithm for wet-heat treatment of a man’s shirt and collected all the necessary information that will come in handy when choosing a temperature regime. With our tips, you will always have flawlessly ironed shirts.

Preparing for ironing

Prepare your work area before ironing. Lay out a standard ironing board, take out the iron, prepare a hanger for hanging ironed items. It will be convenient to iron the sleeves of a man’s shirt on a special small board. But if it is not there, you can properly iron out all the creases on the sleeves without it.

If using a steam iron, pour water into the special compartment of the cabinet. In addition to filtered water, the iron can be filled with special ironing solutions. They will prevent limescale build-up. Ironing liquids will slightly starch the product, protect it from static electricity and give it a pleasant scent. In addition to the solutions that need to be poured into the iron, you can use sprays to moisturize the fabric.

Prepare men’s shirts to iron. Do not dry the washed items. Wrinkles and creases are easier to smooth out on a slightly damp garment.

Choosing an ironing mode

Instructions on how to properly care for a man’s shirt can be read on the label, which is usually found near the collar. Manufacturers write:

  • what material is the men’s shirt made of;
  • at what temperature can it be washed;
  • which mode to choose for ironing.

For example, if an iron with two dots is drawn on the label, then this mode must be set on your iron when ironing the product.

If the tag is cut off from the product, then start work at the lowest temperature so as not to spoil the fabric. If the composition of the material is known, then you can use the temperature regime selected by the type of material (table 1).

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Table 1. Selecting the correct temperature setting for ironing various fabrics

Material composition Correct temperature regime, degrees Steam use
Cotton and polyester 110 A small amount is allowed
Viscose 120 Allowed
Cotton 150 Necessary
Cotton and linen 180 200 Necessary
Linen 210 230 It takes a lot of steam

It is better not to iron things with the effect of «crinkled fabric», but hang them on a hanger and do vertical steaming without touching the material with the sole.

How to iron a shirt properly

It is advisable to iron a man’s shirt before putting it on. If you hang it in the closet after ironing, it may wrinkle again.

When wet heat treatment (WTO) of a man’s shirt, the correct sequence of operations must be followed. The most convenient way to iron your shirt is in this order:

  1. iron the collar;
  2. iron the cuffs;
  3. iron the sleeves;
  4. iron the yoke area of ​​the back and shelves;
  5. iron the shelves and back.

By using this WTO order, you will spend less time straightening parts on your ironing board.

Ironing a men’s shirt is not easy. As a result of the WTO, it should look like it was just bought. There should be no creases and unnecessary arrows on the product. Pay special attention to the front and sleeves. On the shelves, you need to carefully smooth out the fastener strips and pockets. The sleeves of a man’s shirt should not have an ironed center arrow on the fold. By performing the steps in the correct order, you will not miss a single crease and will not crush the already ironed details of the product.

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How to iron the collar correctly

Remove the special stiffening liners from the collar. Iron the collar from the bottom, working across the piece. Flip the collar over. Iron the right side. It is not necessary to iron the stand fold. This is especially not recommended if a man’s shirt will be worn with a tie.

How to iron sleeves and cuffs correctly

The shirt with long sleeves begins to be ironed from the bottom. On a large ironing board, fold the cuffs with the wrong side up. Work the iron from bottom to top on the part, making movements parallel to the side edges of the cuff. If you iron the cuffs across, the fabric will stretch and unnecessary creases will appear on the wrong side. Flip the cuff over to the right side. Iron the part, making movements parallel to the sides of the cuff. Pay special attention to the area near the button.

ironing the sleeves and collar of the shirt
How to iron the sleeve and collar of a shirt.

If the cuff is cut to fit the cuff link, fold it in half with the right side inward, halving the width, and press the fold.

How to iron your sleeves correctly on a small ironing board

It is most convenient to iron the sleeves of a shirt on a special board for narrow parts. Iron from the right side of the fabric. Pull the sleeve over a special ironing board for ironing narrow parts, starting to put it on from the side of the armhole. Iron the fabric in a circular motion around the ironing board. Pay special attention to the bottom seam. Iron it by stretching slightly. Iron the folds, winding the nose of the iron in them. Then iron them from the top from the side of the cuff, going into the fold by 1-1 cm.

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How to iron your sleeve properly on a large ironing board or table

Before ironing the sleeves, fold them inside out so that the seam is at the bottom. Run the iron over the center of the part without ironing the folds. Flip it over and iron the bottom seam while pulling it up. With the nose of the sole, straighten the pleats on the sleeve, and then iron them from the side of the cuff. Fold the sleeve so that the bottom seam is on the side. Run the iron over the center of the part without touching the folds. Turn the part over and repeat the last step.

Steaming shirt

It is better not to iron things with the effect of «crinkled fabric», but hang them on a hanger and do vertical steaming without touching the material with the sole.

Should the arrows on the sleeves be ironed if a man’s shirt is worn under a jacket? Stylists claim that this does not contradict the accepted dress code. But if a shirt in the office is worn without a jacket, then you cannot make arrows.

How to stroke your shoulders correctly

Make an OBE back yoke. Carefully smooth the fabric near the collar. Smooth out the yoke area on the shelves. Especially carefully, go around the buttons with the toe of the sole. Gently iron the left shelf strip, first from the inside and then from the front. Smooth out the armhole seams and shoulder seams.

How to iron the front and back of a shirt correctly

Start the OBE on the right shelf. Run the toe of the sole along the buttoned edge, gently straightening the fabric between them. Iron the right shelf, pocket on it, and smooth the side seam. Iron the back, paying attention to the folds under the yoke. Align them at the bottom and iron them from the side of the yoke. If the product has grooves along the back, then smooth their seams so that they do not look tight. Iron the second side seam. Make an OBE for the left shelf, paying particular attention to the hinge bar and pocket.

Stages of ironing a shirt
How to iron the front and back of a shirt correctly.

Hang the ironed product on a hanger and let it cool. As long as the fabric is warm, it wrinkles easily. If you do not plan to put on the product right away, then fold it the way it is folded in a store and put it on a shelf or in a suitcase. To prevent the shirt from wrinkling, fasten all the buttons, put an insert for rigidity in the collar (if there was one), put the shirt on the table with its back up.

Fold the sides of the shirt 15 cm to the middle of the back, wrap the sleeve up the folded sides. Straighten the armhole area so that there are no creases. Fold the bottom up 20 cm and fold the garment in half. Flip the folded shirt upside down and place in a plastic bag. It will prevent the folded shirt from losing its shape. In this form, it can be stored in a closet or taken with you on trips.

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