Collars of men’s shirts: how not to make the wrong choice

A modern man’s wardrobe cannot do without a shirt: the types of collars of men’s shirts are a direct indication of style, purpose, use in certain circumstances, and even physique.

What are the

The collar of a shirt is the first thing that attracts attention if a person is wearing a suit or has made it the main dominant of a fashionable look. Modern trends suggest the presence of variable tailoring of this detail — from the classic collar, somewhat transformed, to double and triple. In this case, the decorative component of a wardrobe item is indisputable, which serves as an adornment, a shocking detail and a hint that the owner is following new trends in fashion at the same time.

Stylish collars reflect the addictions, preferences of the owner, adjust the appearance, serve as a marker by which you can make a first impression. According to them, you can determine the mood of a man, his plans for the day, social status, complexes due to his appearance. Fashion trends do not limit the use of a particular model, but it is much more difficult to purchase a shirt specifically for a bow tie with a wing collar for a tuxedo due to the low demand.

Collar options for men’s shirts.

It is much easier to buy a standard shark, which can be worn under both a non-trivial detail and an ordinary tie. They are especially careful when choosing a collar when buying a shirt with long sleeves — ideally, no additional accessories are worn under the short one, and the buttoned collar should not fit snugly around the neck so as not to rub the skin in warm weather.

Basic models

There are classic models, and not very advertised, but each of them has fans and admirers. The classic collar, in a modern interpretation, assumes a pointed angle and a distance from it to the topmost button of 7 cm. However, there are options where it is still 7.5 cm — it is preferred by those who do not want to close the tie knot:

  • Italian the collar is difficult to distinguish from the banal classics, but for some men this is important, since the ends of the collar are slightly longer and more divorced in different directions. This form is good for those who are forced to obey the dress code, but prefer bright and shocking tie options with beautifully tied knots.
  • Kent ideal for a narrow tie. Such a collar is especially in demand when such attributes are in fashion. When closed, it is especially noticeable that the ends of the collar point to the floor. They are more pointed than in the classics. Kent is considered versatile, worn regardless of any fashion trends. The difficulty is to make it look neat — you need to carefully iron out any wrinkles.
  • Shark (the term French collar is more often used) is worn under any accessories, except for a decorative pin. The ends are so far apart that they can easily accommodate the largest knots of wide ties and bow ties of any size.
  • A little bit already spread, which is loved by men with a double chin or a strong neck. For them, undoubted convenience is the main selection criterion, a means of harmonizing the appearance.
  • Pin, unlike the batten down collar, it is equipped not with loops that are fastened to the buttons, but with specially cut holes for a tie pin. Here, the basic principle of classification is such slots, and the edges of the collar at Pin can be both pointed and oval.
  • Batten down with buttons fastened, leaves room for a tie, but this is not an Oxford shirt, in which the main thing is comfort, softness and a special type of fabric. Modern trends suggest that the presence of a tie knot obliges the mod to a solid collar, with buttons fastened.
  • Oxford the shirt is sewn from a certain type of fabric (the weaves of threads are clearly visible on it), traditionally monochromatic, with a soft collar, more loose fit than the classic or batten-down.
  • Tab it stands out from the rest of the options by the presence of a strap on the fastener, stitched or highlighted in relief. The rest of the cuts have only loops and buttons on the floor.
  • У Butterflies the pointed corners are bent to the sides at a certain angle, and the double butterfly has two layers, with a small upper one, allowing you to clearly see the lower edge. This isn’t the only men’s double collar shirt, but it holds the lead in this trend.
  • Collar mandarin — a classic stand that fits tightly around the neck, certainly fastened with the top button in the middle. This is how it differs from the blouse, which has a closure on the side or obliquely, and there are no restrictions on the way of wearing. A mandarin shirt is good under a jacket, and with an embroidered strap it can easily be used as a separate, colorful detail of the look. A shirt with a mandarin collar can be found in other versions with a rounded edge on which a loop is located or there is a contrasting piping.
  • Apache — a detail of a shocking man, admitting only a scarf from accessories. Lower wings are often added to the main collar, which is thrown to the sides and not equipped with a fastener.
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Stylists, forming the look of a successful man, frequently focus not on social status and age, but on the features of their appearance. But the choice of the type of collar is sometimes fundamental if the position held requires a certain type of tie, bow tie, neckerchief or beautiful pins.

Multi-button collars

Fashion experts advise using carefully models in which the collar is fastened with two or three buttons. They are non-trivial and are rare, but they are not suitable for everyone, and they look pretentious. Business etiquette discourages such options from lower-level staff, job applicants, and applicants. If the buttons are contrasting, it can look vulgar, especially on older men.

Contrast collars

An already established option that can be used in a business style only if the collar and cuffs are of the same color, and white. Most often it is a shirt, with cuffs for cuff links, but the rules of good taste do not allow for a different combination than with classic-cut trousers.

Double and triple collars

They are considered a fashionable trend, although they have been in use for many years. The popularity of double collar shirts for men is easily explained by their shocking and elegant appearance. The design solution can even combine several colors and configurations from the fabric on the collar. However, in choosing men’s shirts with a double collar, you need to be more careful — experts allow only a single-color combination with a button on the edges, but with one on the neck. Some stylists, conservatively tuned, are sure that the triple is the pinnacle of bad taste, but this model is in demand among some categories of buyers.

Double collar
The design solution can even combine various colors and configurations of fabric on the collar.

How to choose

You require focusing solely on the features of your own appearance and occupation. Fitted shirts suit slim men with an athletic figure. Round and butten down and pin will suit them. For those with extra pounds, Spread, shark and classics are suitable. Thin-necked ones should not wear a mandarin, especially if it is a fitted option, it is better to take a model with a double or triple collar, or with a three-button fastener. Do not listen to pseudo experts who recommend buying a shirt with a collar two centimeters larger to wear comfortably. Neck circumference is the size of the garment, and two centimeters plus are two additional sizes.

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Combinations with other clothes

Classics and Tab are worn only under classic suits. The batten down can be worn under a three-piece suit if the shirt has an adhesive collar or Non-fused padding. A bow tie is worn only under a tuxedo or tailcoat, but a kent is worn under a knitted or cashmere pullover, jeans and casual pants. Fashion trends do not limit the use of a particular shirt collar model.


Those who prefer T-shirts, sweaters, and wear a shirt only on exceptional occasions, are advised to buy a classic or an Italian collar, they are always in trend. This year, options with an unconventional round collar, polo, Japanese-style stand, without collars, with extremely elongated edges are especially in demand. Favorite colors are all shades of gray, night sky and purple.

From time to time in the directions of fashion for men, some kind begins to dominate. But there are people who staunchly adhere to the chosen collar shape, and this is also a sign of their own style.

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