Banana jeans in men’s wardrobe

As you know, fashion is cyclical, and therefore the return of super popular models of the past is natural. Banana jeans are no exception — loose men’s pants resembling a tropical fruit. Designers and stylists were inspired by an extraordinary silhouette, creating on its basis many models for the stronger sex.


Humanity owes the appearance of unusual jeans to black American jazz men, who invented in the 40s. Last century eccentric style of pants. These were trousers, gathered at the waist, wide at the hips, narrow at the ankles. The oval silhouette was so reminiscent of an exotic fruit that the name «bananas» stuck firmly to the jeans.

The outrageous style appealed not only to jazz fans, and soon jeans flooded the streets. The peak of popularity came in the 80-90s, after which it began to decline.

But today, «bananas» have become popular again. True, modern jeans are not a copy of the old model. Designers just took the iconic pants as a model, creating many varieties on its basis.


The term refers to the level of the belt relative to the hips. The fit of modern jeans is of several types:

  1. High (closes the navel line). Jeans with a belt at the waist are suitable for men with different physiques. They mask minor imperfections, sit comfortably on the figure, and do not hinder movements.
  2. Average (2-3 cm below the navel). The most common, comfortable pants option. Looks especially good on men with flat, toned abs. Those who do not have it need to carefully choose shirts and T-shirts in order to visually narrow the waist, adjust the proportions of the figure.
  3. Low (5-6 cm below the navel). Jeans focus on the belly and slimness of the figure, so they should be chosen by the owners of the pumped up abs.

There is also an ultra low rise in which the top edge of the girdle runs just above the pubic bone. Jeans strongly open the body, so it is recommended to wear only men with a proportional figure and embossed abs.

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The most fashionable version of the pants is with cropped trousers. They are made with cuffs or ankle-length or just below the knee. The option depends on the season, personal preferences.

When choosing a model, you require taking into account that cropped jeans visually reduce height and legs. As a result, the figure looks even less attractive.

Where and with what to wear

«Bananas» are associated with a free or sporty style, therefore they are suitable for informal events. It can be a walk around the city, friendly gatherings, a trip to the cinema or a club, a trip to nature, outdoor activities.

As for office work, it all depends on the severity of the dress code. If the management allows a freestyle, then banana trousers are not forbidden to wear even to work. But just not too voluminous, without defiant decor.

Banana jeans
Pants look best on tall, athletic men.

For an office look, jeans of moderate shapes and colors are suitable, tending to the classic or business style. Such models are recommended to be worn with shirts, knitwear, plain T-shirts.


Bulky jeans do not go well with bulky models. It is better to choose sneakers, sneakers, moccasins, sandals for them. In the off-season and cold weather — shoes without fasteners and lacing, neat boots.

When to wear it is not recommended

While modern fashion is extremely democratic, there are unwritten rules to be followed. “Bananas” should not be worn at official and solemn events. They will also be inappropriate in business negotiations, job interviews.

As for the age, there are no restrictions here. If the figure allows, then jeans can be worn by mature and older men. They are advised to choose models of classic shades (black, blue, gray) without pretentious design.

Contraindications for the figure

Despite the versatility of jeans, they are not suitable for everyone. An unusual cut banana dictates its own conditions, so when choosing, you need to take into account the characteristics of the physique, lifestyle.

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Pants look best on tall, athletic men. But «bananas» are contraindicated for overweight people. A baggy silhouette in this case will only emphasize the weight of the figure more strongly, making the protruding belly and wide hips more massive.

Very thin men should avoid oversized models. Otherwise, too many jeans will emphasize the slenderness of the figure, making it funny.

Men in jeans
It is better to choose sneakers, trainers, moccasins, sandals for jeans «bananas».

Small stature is also a contraindication: «bananas» visually reduce the already missing centimeters, making the torso longer and the legs shorter. It is better for short men to pay attention to jeans of other styles.

Banana jeans are not the best choice for disguising figure flaws. The baggy style will only draw more attention to problem areas.

Fashionable Images

Modern fashion provides an opportunity for everyone to show their taste and emphasize their individuality. However, it does not hurt to listen to the stylists, how and with what to combine «bananas»:

  • A safe bet for dark blue, graphite, light gray jeans is a white top. Also, men’s pants look good with plain shirts, T-shirts and T-shirts in calm or bright colors. In cold weather, the image is complemented with a dark pullover with a small pattern, a sweatshirt or cardigan;
  • those who want to look elegant should choose a dark bottom and a light top in soothing shades. For example, gray pants with a blue sweater, blue «bananas» with a black sweater;
  • brown jeans are completed with wine-colored clothes, purple and burgundy things;
  • An avant-garde look is created by a combination of wide bananas, a mid-length pullover and short fitted jackets or jackets. Correctly selected accessories will enhance the image;
  • black jeans are combined with the top of all colors. It can be a light blue denim shirt or a bright pullover. Also, «bananas» look good with things of calm shades: cream, chocolate, sand or light khaki;
  • bright «bananas» are more suitable for a summer wardrobe. Combine with white or pastel clothes, sandals, open shoes, sneakers.
    Men in jeans
    Banana jeans are not the best choice for disguising figure flaws.

In addition, stylists are advised to take into account current trends. You can create a fashionable look with jeans in different styles:

  1. Классический… «Bananas» look beautiful with leather jackets, light windbreakers. Long jeans are complemented by neat shoes, cropped ones — with moccasins or sneakers.
  2. Business… It is recommended to choose a wardrobe in calm shades. In addition to black, the ideal option is the blue palette, as it is traditionally associated with professionalism. Men’s jeans shouldn’t be too wide or ultra low. For the top, you should take clothes of calm, neutral shades. For lovers of layering, a banana set with a loose sweater worn over a shirt will suit. The shoes are in a semi-sporty style.
  3. Free… «Bananas» with white T-shirts, T-shirts, leather jacket look actual. If you want to further emphasize the rebellious spirit, then you should wear jeans with a lot of pockets. It is recommended to complement the image with sports shoes or lace-up boots. Massive models should be discarded so as not to overload the general view.
  4. Denim… A wardrobe in one color is considered bad manners today, associated with provincially. Stylists advise taking contrasting things: for example, combine black jeans with a top of any color. Fans of the blue-blue palette are advised to use clothes of different shades. Things from denim of different density also look original.
  5. Sports… A characteristic detail of the jeans is the trouser legs, gathered at the bottom with an elastic band. The cuffs look sporty, carry a functional load: they do not allow the trouser legs to bulge while running, walking or cycling. Jeans are combined with polo-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatshirts with Shots, decorated with bright symbols and contrasting details. In cool weather, the look will be complemented by a biker jacket. Shoes — sneakers or sneakers with sports decor.
Men in jeans
You can create a trendy look with banana jeans in different styles.

The popularity of men’s jeans in the form of an exotic fruit is easy to explain. «Bananas» are extremely comfortable to wear and original. And numerous styles make it possible to choose the right model to look presentable and fashionable.

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