All about short jeans for men

Men’s short jeans are a new trend. These trousers emphasize the sense of style of the male representatives and complement the images with lightness, simplicity and at the same time elegance.

When are short jeans suitable?

Short jeans are casual wear. Such trousers are worn for meetings with friends, for walks. Also, the pants of this model are worn to go about their personal affairs. For example, go shopping, pick up things from the atelier, visit a friend to visit.

Jeans with a T-shirt
A striped T-shirt or shirt paired with skinny cropped jeans and sports shoes will create a look that you can wear to a meeting with friends.

If you have a job interview or a business meeting, then the cropped jeans for men should be discarded. An employer or boss may feel that you are not serious enough or respectful about your business.

Cropped jeans are a choice for an informal party, a birthday party outside a restaurant, or a club trip.

If a man works in an office where semi-business style is allowed, then the employee can combine cropped jeans with a dress shirt, jacket and boots.

How to choose

Cropped jeans come in wide or skinny styles. The choice of a model, first, will depend on the taste preferences of the buyer or the one who is going to wear these clothes. Previously, this style of short trousers was considered feminine, since it did not fit into the image of a brutal and courageous representative of the stronger sex. However, this idea gradually began to recede into the background, and men forgot that before that they confidently refused such pants and chose exceptionally wide, elongated jeans. Designers of world brands were not afraid to include wide short men’s jeans in their collections and shows, and fashion quickly spread throughout the world.

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In addition to buying cropped jeans for men, lookers tuck their pants down to visually make their clothes shorter.

Jeans with a jacket, coat, down jacket
This look will keep you warm in winter and make you feel stylish. In this look, they go on dates, evening walks or coffee shops.

Cropped or short jeans for men will fit well on those with slender, long legs, which can be demonstrated with the right trousers. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the fact that in the summer heat and sunny weather it is better not to wear socks with such pants, and wear shoes on bare feet. But during the winter cold or autumn coolness, you should opt for long socks.

Short jeans are also suitable for men of proportional build, the only limitation for which will be the size. It must be selected correctly so that the trousers fit beautifully, and the consumer is satisfied with the item. Otherwise, males with a proportional physique can choose any model, since all styles of cropped jeans with the same size will do.

It should be understood that the light model of classic cropped jeans visually makes the legs look bigger. Therefore, this style is suitable for owners of thin legs. If, on the contrary, the buyer understands that his legs are overweight, then it is worth choosing models of dark colors and shades, preferably with a low waist.

What features should be considered when choosing cropped jeans:

  1. This style of jeans highlights the features of the male figure.
  2. Free-cut clothes visually add several kilograms.
  3. High-waisted pants will make your legs look longer.
  4. Jeans of a light color or shade will visually increase the density of the legs, while jeans of a dark color or shade will visually reduce the density of the legs.
  5. The color of the belt and the color of the shoes must match.
  6. If a man adds bright accents to his image, then he draws attention to them.
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It is not always easy to pick up jeans, but when a male representative understands what he needs to hide, and what needs to be emphasized, emphasized and what to emphasize, trousers are by themselves.

What can be worn

Clothes for short men’s jeans are selected in accordance with where this thing will be worn. It is equally important what a man’s taste preferences are, for what season he chooses an image and what type of figure he has.

Jeans, T-shirt, jacket
Skinny jeans, dress shirt and blazer — timeless classics.

Basic rules for creating an image with cropped men’s jeans:

  1. For black jeans, they buy a light top — shirts, T-shirts, sweaters. They also choose voluminous clothes to create a holistic image — tight trousers and a loose jacket.
  2. For an informal meeting, visit, trip, wear tight pants and a jacket — semi-business style.
  3. Sports shoes, short jacket and short trousers are the new fashion. In this way, the man looks both solid and modern.
  4. Brutal style. Find thigh high boots, leather jacket and trousers with turn-ups and consider that you are now dressed fashionably.
  5. Classic wide cardigan. Iron a white shirt, buy skinny jeans, and throw a light-colored cardigan on top. In this way, you can attend an important event and a party at a friend’s house.
  6. A voluminous warm down jacket, chunky boots and tight pants are ideal for winter weather. It is advisable to wear warm long socks so as not to get cold.

These are simple rules to help you create fashionable and stylish looks.

Interesting images

Composing looks that go with tight cropped trousers is easy and fun at the same time. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment and try new stylistic solutions.

Short turn-up jeans
Look-good-lovers also fold their pants down to visually shorten their clothes.

Examples of a look with short pants:

  1. Classic. In the wardrobe of any male representative, there are basic T-shirts — black and white. Jeans and basic tees are the perfect combination for all time. If it’s cool outside, then put on a denim jacket or a leather jacket upstairs. White sneakers or chunky sneakers are worn on their feet.
  2. Everything is the same — a classic look, but instead of white sneakers or sports sneakers, bright boots are added that dilute the whole composition.
  3. A sailor suit, striped T-shirt or shirt paired with skinny cropped jeans and athletic shoes will create a look that you can wear to a meeting with friends, for a walk or for a trip to the mall.
  4. Light coat, plain jacket, shirt or T-shirt, cropped pants. Business shoes, boots or sneakers will complement the look.
  5. A loose, light-colored top, cropped pants and muted shoes. In this look, they go on dates, evening walks or coffee shops.
  6. Oversized warm down jacket, chunky boots, long bright socks and cropped trousers. This look will keep you warm in winter and make you feel stylish.
  7. Skinny jeans, dress shirt and jacket.
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Many unique looks for important events and for evenings with friends or family are created with this style of men’s trousers. Such trousers are worn in any season, because with the right top, you can stay warm and look good.

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