5 options for a turn-up on jeans for stylish guys

Turn-ups have again become a trend for men and still have not gone out of fashion. They went through a difficult fate from the hooligans of the 60s, through punks and skinheads, and reached modern youth. The misuse of this element of the image has made those who match it the subject of ridicule and memes. However, in Europe it is used not only by schoolchildren, but also by adult men. Let’s figure out how to correctly make the turn’s on jeans for a guy so that they look stylish, and not defiant.

What jeans to tuck

Street fashion does not leave anyone indifferent, tackles on jeans are appropriate only on certain models:

  • Slim Fit or Straight cut… These jeans are suitable for young men of proportional build, tall, with long legs. They are partly attached to the hips, straight from the knee, free.
  • Regular (Classic) Fit… Regular fit, popular among men of all ages. Completely straight, slightly tapered at the bottom. Suitable for anybody type.
  • Ralaxed Fit… Straight free cut, comfortable for men with a mobile lifestyle or with a tight figure. Jeans hold loose, do not fit, wide at the bottom.

It is not recommended tucking the trendy skinny jeans. This model is already attracting attention, the lower part is rather narrow. You can’t do the turns on wide flared jeans, it looks comical. The same applies to jeans with a raw edge, they are already ready to wear in their original form, they do not require improvement.

The combination of turn-ups on jeans with shoes

If the collar is high: winter boots, summer sandals. For medium and low: slip-ons, casual boots, sneakers, classic sneakers.

Fundamental rules

The cuffs on the trousers are simple to perform, but there are nuances that need to be taken into account:

  1. They visually shorten the legs. Therefore, men with short stature or dense build are not recommended using this method to diversify their wardrobe.
  2. You don’t have to expose your ankles. A bright strip of socks or high boots and jeans with a turn-up look stylish.
  3. It is not advisable to make the lapel itself wider than 4-5 cm, otherwise it will draw excessive attention to itself. This rule does not apply to bike rides where height is critical.
  4. If the fabric is dense, a single or double fold is sufficient, otherwise a thick roller will turn out. For thin materials, multiple layers are necessary with the use of an iron, there is a risk that the shape will not hold.
  5. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible for men to wear gates in winter. But definitely not exposing the ankles, but with high warm boots (for example, Timberland).
  6. A wrinkled appearance is not desirable, the cuff should be flat, even if it goes into a narrowing.
  7. The wider the leg, the wider the fold. On narrow men’s jeans, thin cuffs 1-2 cm wide look great.
  8. It is strictly forbidden to tuck sports and classic trousers.
  9. The bottom edge of the jeans should touch the edge of the socks or boots, a large distance is not allowed. Otherwise, the unsuccessful image will resemble a circus performer’s performance.
  10. The most advantageous options: dark jeans with a light inside, or light and dark.
  11. If the inside of the line is sloppy, it is not recommended tucking such jeans. The threads sticking out in all directions look depressing.
  12. The classic style looks neater if you make a turn. This option is suitable for men of any age and any physique.
  13. For skinny guys, jeans in bright colors, medium-width cuffs are suitable. Full — straight fit and narrow cuffs.
  14. If you need a business bias, roll up black men’s jeans, tapered at the bottom.
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For narrow models

For those who want to tuck skinny jeans, despite the prohibitions, it is recommended to make a thin cuff. Preferably single fold, extremely neat and symmetrical. Otherwise, the whole male image will be spoiled.

For straight styles

Here, the method depends on the length of the legs. The folds are preferable wide or medium, single or double, the initial length of the leg matters. If there is a lot of free material, double folds are appropriate, evenly ironed, without creases, symmetrical.

In order for the image of a man to turn out with fashionable sloppiness, anti symmetry, horizontal displacement is permissible.

Wide models

The lapel is used on dense fabrics, single fold. To keep the shape better, the hall needs to be ironed out.


Colored models are usually sand or khaki, tapered at the bottom. How to tuck these jeans:

  • make a tuft on the back side at the bottom;
  • bend the cuff in two layers, slightly narrowing the shape of the pant leg.

Cotton men’s trousers look so original and light, slightly casual and stylish.

5 options for turning

Western stylists offer several basic options for guys looking to refine their look and diversify their wardrobe. How to tuck jeans correctly, a quick guide:

  • Narrow pin roll
    Slim cuffs on ginsSuitable for skinny and delicate trousers. The first layer is tucked up to the width along the bottom seam. An extra centimeter is added to the second layer. You can make it 1-2 cm wider, then it will be a medium and wide pin roll, respectively.
  • Standard single lapel
    Single fold on jeansTo complete it, the fabric must be dense and hold its shape well. Bend it once, by 2-2,5 cm. To keep the shape, you need to walk with an iron with hot steam along the edge.
  • Wide cuff
    Wide cuff on jeansSuitable for tall young men, careful attention to the style is required. It is better to use this option for narrow models, straight or denim. They are folded once by 4-8 cm, it is recommended to iron the fold line. This method is applicable for high boots, when riding a bicycle. In the latter case, it is allowed to perform on one leg.
  • Double fold
    Double collar on jeansSuitable for straight leg trousers. How beautiful it is to turn it up: the first hem is made 2-3 cm, the second one is 1 cm more. To look neat and stylish, use the iron again. A triple version is possible, suitable for thin fabrics. In this case, the width of the initial hem is 1.5 cm, the next are wider by 0.5 cm.
  • Tapered cuff
    Tapered cuffs on jeansSuitable for summer men’s jeans, light negligence, sloppiness and asymmetry looks good. To do this, a pinch of the fabric is made from the side or back, then the lower hem is 1.5 cm and another one by 3-4 cm. In this case, you do not need to use an iron, on the contrary, slightly crumpled folds will look better.
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If the result is wide and high, there should be no accessories between the edge and the feet: either an ankle and low sneakers / boots, or a high bootleg (preferably brutal men’s lace-up boots). Eye-catching socks (no matter what color) will be inappropriate, the maximum is a low rise hidden inside the sneaker. If there is a lot of fabric or the cuff does not hold well, it is allowed to hem the edge discreetly.

Examples of images with rolled up jeans

Jeans cuffs became fashionable in the 60s of the last century in America. Initially, they were considered a sign of a hooligan, careless style, therefore they were used by various informal groups. Now this detail of the male image has been modernized, emphasizing the street image or glamorous. The overall impression will depend on the rest of the clothing.

Stylish images of men in jeans with cuffs

The versatility of jeans with cuffs allows you to combine them with any elements, up to classic jackets.

Fashionable looks with rolled up jeans:

  1. Depending on the season.
    1. In winter, rolled up jeans are complemented by high warm boots, a casual jacket or parka, interesting hats, voluminous scarves.
    2. In the summer with thin jackets, T-shirts, «alcoholics».
    3. In spring and autumn with embossed sweaters with a throat, knitted jackets.
    4. Looks good with oversized shirts, «torn» models.
    5. A good addition: tuck the sleeves on a jacket or shirt, bulky watches or wide men’s leather bracelets on the wrists.
  2. The right shoes.
    1. If the collar is high: winter boots, summer sandals, flip-flops (on the beach).
    2. For medium and low: slip-ons (strictly without socks), casual shoes (the edge of the fold converges with the edge of the shoe), sneakers, classic sneakers (with low toes).
  3. Colours. Jeans are an informal form of men’s clothing. Versatility allows you to combine them with any elements, up to classic jackets.
    1. Fashionable shades: black, wine and burgundy, warm pink (yes, men can too), gray graphite, deep purple.
    2. Warm colors are in priority: beige, brown, mustard, sand.

Men in colored jeans

Warm colors are in priority: beige, brown, mustard, sand.

The main thing to start from: the proportions of the male body and the style of jeans. Modern tailoring options are preferred. There will be no problems with cuffs on such models; guys of any size and height can use them in combination with other suitable wardrobe elements. It is recommended to wear such jeans for informal meetings and walks. They are not suitable for office and formal meetings.

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