4 parameters for choosing the perfect jeans

For the first time made in 1853, trousers made of thick fabric for working clothes of farmers have become a universal item of men’s wardrobe. Jeans can be worn: on a walk, on a trip and even at the workplace, if the dress code does not prohibit it. However, like any thing, they can look ugly if you choose them incorrectly. Therefore, before buying, you should find out how jeans should fit on a man, so as not to be disappointed in the purchased item the very next day.

Selection options

Before choosing jeans, you need to decide on the style, which is determined by the cut of the legs and the size of the fit. And also style.


The classic model is straight trousers with not wide, but not narrow legs. If you wear classic jeans with shoes or boots, they should overlap the shoes by a couple of centimeters. Neutral models are suitable for wearing at work, they look discreet. There are classic tapered patterns that do not fit the calves very much, but emphasize their shape. The most popular models for men of anybody type.


To know how to choose the right pants, you require considering two more important factors that are often overlooked when buying. First, this is the transverse size of the legs near the shoe. Jeans that are narrow at the shins cannot be called universal. Moderately wide models go well with sneakers, shoes and boots.

Also, when buying, it is advisable to clarify what material the jeans are made of, to make sure that the item is made of pristine denim. In stores that sell raw cotton, there are special shrinkage tables. You can use them to find out how many sizes the jeans will shrink after washing and wearing.

Models of men's jeans
Before choosing jeans, you need to decide on the style, which is determined by the cut of the legs and the size of the fit.

Depth of landing

Perfectly fitting trousers are not easy to achieve due to the fact that the figures of guys differ not only in size, but also in posture. The fit of jeans is the level at which their belt is in relation to the man’s waist. Distinguish:

  • High rise, where the belt covers the navel or is just above this point. To wear, you require having a pronounced waist; on men with a full figure, trousers with such a fit will not sit;
  • Mid-rise, in which the belt is just below the navel. The most common models that look good on anybody type. Regular fit options are preferred by men who are comfortable with new fashion trends. Universal fit does not interfere with movement, visually improves the figure;
  • Low rise, where the belt is located 8 cm-12 cm below the navel. In such models, the belt does not hinder movement, nothing presses in the abdomen and groin area.
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How to choose the right size

One of the most important buying criteria is choosing the right size for your jeans. The trousers should not hang and at the same time it should be easy to fasten. Since jeans are an American invention, their fullness and length are traditionally indicated in inches and determined using two parameters: length and half of the waist circumference. In this case, the length is considered from the place of division of the legs to the beginning of the foot. That is, it is the distance of the inner seam, which is denoted by the letter L or «Inseam». By measuring the circumference of the narrowest part of the torso, you can calculate the floor circumference of the waist, which is written on the product with the letter W.

You can choose jeans of the right size according to the trousers available in the wardrobe, which are comfortable to wear. To do this, measure the length of the inner seam and find the value for the waist circumference:

  • fasten a button on things and measure the distance along the waist, spreading the trousers on a flat surface so that the button is in the middle;
  • multiply the resulting value by two;
  • convert the result to inches by multiplying it by 0,39;
  • subtract one inch so that the purchased jeans fit well and do not fall off;
  • the end result is divided by two.

How to choose the right length

Not a single couturier will give an unambiguous answer on how to choose the right men’s jeans in length, since its required size depends entirely on the style. A very long model lends a messy appearance, and one might get the impression that the pants were bought in a hurry, even without trying on. Too short a model visually reduces the length of the legs.

Men in jeans
The length of men’s jeans depends entirely on the style.

In this case, the length primarily depends on the style that the guy wants to match. So:

  • Classic models have a straight or slightly tapered cut from the knee. There are several signs that such trousers are ideal in length: in front of the shoes or sneakers one fold appears no more than three centimeters in height, and at the back they are covered with fabric so that the edge does not touch the ground. Also, the distance from the edge seam to the heel should be within 1 cm-5 cm;
  • Tapered trousers are loved by modern fashionistas. Such models perfectly emphasize the male outlines, but do not tight the legs too much. Here you need to take into account that if sports shoes are worn with trousers, their length should be exactly before the sneakers or sneakers. When wearing skinny jeans with shoes or boots — up to ankle level;
  • products of very loose fit are worn only with sports shoes, the length should usually reach the sole or 0 cm lower.
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Choice by figure

Despite the versatility of the denim trousers, they don’t look very good on some men. The reason for this is the incorrectly chosen style relative to the figure. Therefore, in order not to look ridiculous in brand-new jeans, before buying, you require finding out the rules for selecting a model for different body types.

Men in jeans

In order to buy jeans that are right for you, you require taking into account the characteristics of your physique.

For thin

An ectomorphic physique characterized by a flat chest, narrow shoulders, and lean muscle fibers. For this type, classic patterns with a medium rise and straight legs are best suited. Such trousers will be comfortable to wear and will hide the thinness of the legs.

Loose and wide models will look like a «bag on a stick» on a thin guy. And Skinny’s slim pipes will draw attention to thin thighs and calves.

With a sports figure

For guys with a slender waist, muscular legs and a booty, denim trousers will suit, which will emphasize the advantages of proportions. Fit Skinny, regular classic or Slim Straight with a medium or low rise. Jeans of a very loose cut will hide the advantages of a beautiful figure, visually give the legs even more volume, so such models should not be chosen by men with a sporty figure.

Full of wide hips

Types with wide hips and large dimensions need an even leg width. Models of a free cut with a high fit are suitable for such men, which will sit comfortably while moving, will not move out, will not stretch. It is worth avoiding tight and tapered options, which will disadvantageously highlight all the shortcomings.

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To summarize

In addition to the correct selection of jeans in shape and length, you require knowing in what situations certain models are suitable. So, the classic options are suitable for daily wear. For formal occasions, tailor made to suit.

When examining the labels on the purchased item, you can come across the word «wash», which denotes the level of processing and the types of coloring that the product went through after sewing. So:

  • Raw denim gives products a rich, dark shade that will fade naturally;
  • Washed denim — jeans washed by the manufacturer after creation in order to wash off excess paint.

In branded stores and markets are presented: winter, summer, torn, narrow and wide models. In order not to get confused and not spend too much time trying on, you need to decide in advance on the option of jeans, starting from the physique and personal preferences.

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