What are the types of men’s wallets?

The bulk of men are indifferent to any wardrobe items that are not useful and do not differ in functionality. However, not everyone accepts carrying money in a jacket or trouser pocket, so they use a special accessory for this purpose. There are different types of men’s wallets that are designed to store money, cards, and other little things. We will talk about the varieties, materials and optimal sizes of these men’s accessory today.

Modern wallets serve not only as a means of storing money, but can also speak eloquently about a man’s status. Therefore, in order to get the right model, it is necessary to consider the man’s lifestyle, his style of clothing and place of work. You can learn more about the characteristics of wallets by reading this article.

What are the names of men’s wallets?

Often buyers are interested in what is the name of a man’s wallet according to the rules?

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This accessory for storing money is typically called a purse, which in French means porter «to carry» and «monnaie» «money» or wallet, from the word «paper». But in general, the name purse, purse or wallet are synonymous.

Any product in which paper money is stored is called a wallet; it does not have a compartment for coins. A wallet for storing straight bills is not called a wallet. Most typically, a women’s accessory is called a purse, and a purse for a man. Although any combination is allowed.

Material of manufacture

When buying anything, you need to pay attention to the fittings, the evenness of the seams and the quality of the material. Manufacturers in the process use: dense fabric, nubuck, eco-leather or natural leather.

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Reputable firms use only leather and the best fittings for their purses, which are most often made by hand. A cheaper material is also suitable for mass production.

The quality of a product is strongly influenced by the quality of the material from which it is made. That is why it is recommended to pay attention to branded calfskin wallets. It looks thinner and neater in comparison with pigskin, and has no less wear resistance!


Manufacturers produce different types of purses, which differ from each other not only in appearance, but also in functionality. Some are designed only for paper bills, while others have a compartment for coins, bank cards, business cards and documents. All men’s wallets can be divided into:

  • Chest pocket wallet. This species has a large size, while its thickness is minimal. It fits perfectly with paper bills and bank cards. This wallet is most often worn with a business suit;
  • bi-fold wallet. This is the most popular type of men’s wallet, in which money is kept folded in half. Because of this, the size of the accessory becomes very compact. It goes well with both casual and classic clothing;

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It is very important that the wallet matches the style of clothing and colors with the overall image. Therefore, it is recommended for a man to buy such a personal accessory only to close friends and wives. Otherwise, there is a high probability of acquiring a useless thing that will simply lie in the closet on the shelf.

  • Triple-fold model. Men rarely prefer such wallets, because they hold a small amount of bills, but there is a separate compartment with vertical pockets for cards and business cards;
  • cardholder with a clip for notes. This compact wallet is perfect for those guys who value minimalism and prefer functional things.

Important! For some of the stronger sex, it is very important that the wallet has a compartment for business cards. If a man’s job involves communicating with a large number of people, then this fact should be taken into account!

What should be the size of a man’s wallet?

In each country, the size of banknotes is different, so the size of the wallet is also different. There are no generally accepted standards. We can only say that men’s wallets are more compact than women’s, and most often representatives of the stronger sex prefer one-fold wallets. This option is the most convenient, compact and suitable for any look.

Men’s wallets come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They are made by manufacturers from many materials. The classic version is a black wallet, but ideally a man should have several models of this accessory for every occasion. But in most cases, one wallet of a standard black or dark brown color is enough. This option will suit both a classic suit and ripped jeans and a T-shirt.

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