Variety of types of men’s ties

One of the most popular accessories for men is the tie. However, the classic version does not always suit the stronger sex. However, such an element should be in the wardrobe of every man for going to official events, as well as for creating a business style of clothing. At the moment, designers have developed many types of ties for men, so everyone can find the option that suits him.

Especially popular are the models Bolo, bow tie, narrow tie and others. The article will consider in more detail the types of ties, their origin, as well as cases in which this or that element will be appropriate.

Classic tie

This is the most common look and goes well with classic clothing. At the moment, designers are presenting models with various widths and sizes. The main thing is to choose the right element in accordance with the suit: choose the width, material and, of course, color. Only in this case it will beneficially complement the image, and not spoil it.

Classic tie
It is important to choose the right tie to match the suit.

Narrow tie

This model has gained popularity among young office workers. It looks stylish and modern. If desired, it can be worn not only with business suits, but also in everyday life — designers classify it as casual. Suitable for men with a figure side — its width is about 5 cm.

Narrow tie
Combines with both a business suit and casual wear.

Windsor tie

The name of the accessory was given by the type of knot — windsor, which is the basis of the tie. The length and width of such an accessory is standard — perfect for both a business suit and special occasions. It is especially popular in the UK.

Windsor tie
Windsor tie is more suitable for business and evening suits.

The bow tie

If we are talking about a holiday, event or other official event, then an excellent solution would tie-butterfly… This accessory is traditionally worn with a tuxedo. Its name is due to its shape, which resembles the wings of a butterfly. Initially, this shape was obtained by using a simple scarf, the ends of which were tied in the shape of a butterfly. This model is now popular with leading events, showmen, etc.

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However, it is very important to choose the right size for such a detail: for slender men, it is better to choose small sizes of butterflies, and wider ones are suitable for large young people.

Bow tie combined with a suit
The bow tie is ideal for formal receptions and similar events.

Bolo tie

This look looks like a lace fastened with a beautiful brooch. In this case, the product is not necessarily made of fabric — it, in fact, can be a simple leather cord. Model Bolo became widespread among representatives of creative professions: it can be seen in the wardrobe of artists, musicians, poets. As an addition to it, they like to fix precious stones, metal parts or wood products.

Bolo tie with shirt
It is significant to take into account that the bolo should have a contrasting shade to the clothes.

Regatta tie

A very convenient version of a tie, on which a classic knot is tied in advance, so you no longer need to suffer with this difficult task. The regatta is put on with a simple elastic band that can be easily and easily hidden behind the shirt collar.

Often the tie of the regattas is part of the uniform.

Ascot tie

This variant has gained its popularity in European countries, especially where golf is widespread. Also, this kind of tie is perfect for a wedding event. The model was first developed in the 19th century, when frock coats came into fashion in most countries.

Now, the ascot tie is a traditional element of the formal men’s suit. In appearance, it looks like a cross between a classic tie and a scarf for the neck. The model is attached to the shirt with a pin or hair clip. It will look great at any time of the day, both at ceremonial and official events.

Ascot tie
Frequently worn with a vest made from the same fabric.

Shar Pei tie

Shar Pei is another type of tie that is suitable for special occasions, along with ascot and plastron. It is often used in weddings in the United States, where this model has become widespread. It is a versatile wardrobe item that can be paired with almost any style of clothing. In addition, in Scotland, this species is especially popular — it is part of the national costume.

Shar Pei tie
Shar Pei — a tie worn for a celebration, is a model similar to a neckerchief.

Tie plastron

For the first time, such a model was presented in France. It is somewhat similar to the ascot model, but it appeared much earlier. Originally plastron made of white fabric, and attached to the shirt with several pins. Now the technique has changed a little — a large knot of this model is fixed with a clamp. They wear it exclusively for wedding events.

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Designers prefer to make a plastron from silk, and the shades can be varied: it can be golden colors, gray or black colors. If you choose a cherry-colored model with small peas, then such an accessory will look stylish and at the same time unusual.


The plastron has sharp and wide edges, as well as a narrow middle, which is located in a knot under the collar.

Bow tie

This type is usually already sold ready-made — no need to spend additional time tying it. The set already has an elastic band, a knot and a clasp. This model differs from the version of the «butterfly» with a narrow base. Such an accessory can often be seen on service personnel: it is typically worn by waiters, bartenders, employees of an expensive hotel.

Bow tie
Frequently used as part of a uniform.


There are also unusual models that not everyone dares to wear, but they give a unique author’s style to the entire wardrobe. One of them is the Lavalier. This name is typical for a model with clear shapes, a small knot and a neat appearance. This is how it looks from a boutique window. This look is distinguished from many others by a wide ring where the knot is located — with the help of such an original solution, a unique image is created.

Lavalier tie
This type of tie was named after Louise Lavaliere, who was the first to wear a tie.

Another equally interesting option is kravat — among most people, it is known as a scarf. It is believed that it originally appeared in the Chinese army, but later the fashion for such an accessory reached European countries, Egypt and Rome. Nowadays, the headscarf is considered more of a feminine accessory, but some men are bold enough to add such an element to their outfit. Usually these are representatives of art and bohemians. On the shelves, you can find a wide variety of similar scarves that will look great with any outfit.

Cravat tie
Cravat tie.
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