Types of men’s caps — the rules for fitting to the oval of the face

The cap is a popular headdress today used by many men. He is loved for its convenience and original appearance, which allows you to form various interesting images. A logical and fair question arises of how to choose a cap in the shape of a head for a man. The answer to it will be discussed in this article.

Fashionable types, models and styles

Important! There are numerous types of men’s caps on the market today. If some time ago the choice was limited to a couple of models, today the situation has changed, many trends and tendencies have appeared

The most fashionable caps:

  • with bright colors and their bold combinations — today many people like to loudly declare themselves, intriguing baseball caps help them in this, the main thing is that they fit into the general style;
  • with original drawings — standard solutions or on order — most often these are images of your favorite characters from cartoons, games, masterpieces of cinema, portraits of great people, wise inscriptions;
  • with a straight wide visor — the visor in modern models bends less and less, it was replaced by a large element, noticeable from afar;
  • with rivets and rhinestones — they have been in fashion for a long time, but in modern products they are found almost everywhere;
  • from fabrics of natural origin — if some time ago jute was mainly used, today it can be flax, cotton.

Considering the main types of caps and their exact names (men’s), it is worth highlighting the following options:

  • eight-blade — a round hat with a small visor, the alternative name is «fool»;
  • the cap resembles a cap and is represented by a cap, which is decorated with a visor;
  • raglan is a triangular headpiece with a small visor, a timeless classic solution;
  • a German woman is a modern product that is ideal for men regardless of age, a cylindrical shape and any length of the visor makes the model original;
  • the duck is suitable for outdoor enthusiasts, provides a viewing angle;
  • the tracker resembles an ordinary baseball cap, there is a mesh in the back of the head, the front part is impressive;
  • bunnet — a classic model with a low rise and a flat top;
  • the baseball cap is popular among young connoisseurs of sports style.
Varieties of men’s caps.

Colors and styles

Like any other product, the cap is presented in a wide range of colors and styles:

  • men who prefer brutal notes choose classic hats in black, blue, red;
  • connoisseurs of brightness and extravagance prefer green, yellow, orange tones;
  • admirers of the classics stop at black, white, gray caps of a discreet style;
  • seekers of novelties choose models in several colors and with bright, flashy designs.
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The final choice depends on the style of clothing and the shape of the head, face. How to choose a baseball cap for a man will be discussed later.

How to choose a cap for different types of a man’s face?

Considering the question of how to choose the right baseball cap for the shape of a man’s face, it is necessary to determine your own type of appearance. The final answer to the question of how to wear a cap for a guy depends on the shape of his face, which can be determined based on the changes made.

Square face

The lines of such a face are straight, the length and width are the same. The ideal solution is loose round baseball caps with a high crown that can stretch the face in a vertical direction.

Rectangular face

This is a vertically elongated shape, the width at the forehead and chin is identical. In this case, low hats with a small visor will do.

Pear-shaped face

The chin in this case is narrow, and the forehead is wide, the cheekbones can also be quite large. Any model will do, but you will have to wear them on your side or back, as this will hide the irregular shape.

Oval face

The height is much greater in contrast to the width, the angular parts of the jaw are slightly rounded, and the forehead is much wider compared to the chin. This is a winning type of face, since its lucky owners can wear caps of any model without any restrictions.

Triangular face

In this case, the chin is very wide, and the distance between the cheekbones is small. The forehead with this type of face is quite narrow, which requires compensation due to a properly selected headdress.

Sports men's caps
Sports men’s caps.

Round face

This is almost the same type of face as a square one, but the lines in this case are rounded. In turn, the length and width are the same. Models with high crowns and small, straight-type visors are ideal. They can open the forehead and make the face look more angular.

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Diamond shaped face

The forehead and chin are narrow, the cheekbones and cheeks are wide enough. Almost the same caps are suitable as for an oval face — almost any, but not too narrow and without a curved visor.

How to determine size

Studying the question of how you can choose a cap according to the type of face for a man, it is worth understanding what size it is. Only then can you go shopping in search of the optimal model.

What parameters you need to know

To do this, you should pay attention to the following important points:

  • forehead width — the area between the points of bending of the eyebrows;
  • face height — the distance between the line of the beginning of hair growth and the lower chin area;
  • the space between the cheekbones, the extreme points of the bones;
  • chin line — from its tip to the corner of the jaw bone, the indicator must be doubled.

Choosing a cap according to your individual style

Considering the question of how to choose the right men’s baseball cap, you should definitely take into account the individual style of the stronger sex:

  • for lovers of the classics, denim caps in dark blue and black without unnecessary patterns and rivets are suitable;
  • if we are talking about men of honorable age, they should choose an eight-piece in a discreet gray or brown tone, such hats look stylish on young people wearing a beard;
  • conservatives will like the cap or raglan, as it perfectly emphasizes the pluses of the face and hides the flaws;
  • lovers of active walks and cycling will certainly like a trucker and a bicycle, a classic baseball cap or a bunnet may also be suitable.
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What to look for when choosing

Despite the abundance of types of baseball caps for men on the modern market, it is worthwhile to correctly approach their choice, otherwise you can make a mistake and buy the wrong product. Other than face shape and style, these are the main factors to consider:

  • seasonality — we are talking about humidity and ambient temperature, for winter time you need to choose models with insulated inserts or from dense natural materials, in summer the headdress must breathe;
  • the material of manufacture depends on the purpose of the cap, because there are light and denser models, there are products on sale with a mesh, a layer that does not get wet.

Thus, the answer to the question of how to choose and wear a cap with short or long hair for a man of any age is now clear. Modern models are of several types, and you require choosing them, taking into account numerous criteria. Only in this situation will the headdress look good and will last for a long time.

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